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Rance Meier
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Sep 25, 2016
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I first became involved with snakes as a kid exploring the creeks in Enid, Oklahoma, and also on the sun-baked Kansas prairie, where I collected rattlesnakes, and on occasion my mother would even join me!

I moved to Alva, Oklahoma, for two years of college, and then transferred to Tulsa where I continued my studies. I eventually moved to Oklahoma City where I could both work full-time and finish college. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Central Oklahoma and got a job with American General Finance. It didn’t take me long to realize forty-hours per week in a windowless office weren’t going to cut it!

Today, I am a full-time firefighter with the Oklahoma City Fire Department. Not only is this a truly amazing and rewarding career, but it also affords me a lot of time to focus on my reptile hobby. Other interests I have are flying; noodling (a type of hand-fishing); and traveling, especially to South America.

My love for reptiles brought me to Oklahoma City in 1995, where I accepted a job with Bob Clark, the man who virtually single-handedly pioneered the captive propagation of pythons. I worked for Bob Clark Reptiles all through college, and for several years after.

I grew up catching any reptile I could get my hands on, and I thought I had some herpetology skills. However, I was quickly humbled by Bob Clark’s abilities when I stepped into his shop and saw row after row of ten-, fifteen-, and twenty-foot pythons weighing up to 250lbs! Over the years of working with Bob and his snakes, I have learned more than I ever could have imagined — skills and knowledge that I use with my small collection of pythons today. Over the many years I worked for Bob, we became very good friends, and remain so to this day.

My life among farmers, ranchers, oilmen, and firefighters has influenced my strong work ethic. Throughout all unfortunate circumstances and hard luck, one thing remains evident: those who have been honest in their approach to situations, who are well-informed of their options, and who stand determined to see a project through to the end will emerge at last with success. The Monarch Project is one of those successes!

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