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Very easy process from start to finish, Mortal Coil Serpentry responded quickly to the initial inquiry and was there to answer any questions along the way. I will definitely recommend them to my friends and coworkers
Thanks Jacob for being such an excellent customer! We wish you many happy years with your new animal!
Rating by j***y for "Laura Bullion" 2022 Female Scaleless, 66% Het. Amel Texas Rat Snake Western Rat Snake ($250.00)
My inquiry and questions were answered in a timely manner. The contract agreement was a nice professional touch. Fast Shipping! The box itself was packaged perfectly. The animals were healthy, alert, and gorgeous! I can’t wait to watch them grow!
Thanks Aaron! We were very glad to get them to you. We hope you'll post LOTS of pictures!
Rating by a***k for "Aleister" 2023 Male Hypo Het. T+, Calico Chinese Beauty Beauty Rat Snake ($400.00)
This was my first purchase on MM, I purchased his other MBKS, and decided to get this baby also! So pleased with these babies. They are so healthy, great temperment, and cannot wait to do more business in the future! Thanks so much!
Thank you so much!
Rating by p***e for "Ona" 2023 Female Mexican Black Kingsnake ($200.00)
I picked this wonderful little Beauty up in person and she is perfect in every way. She has already taken 2 pinkies for me. Quick response time, good customer service, and an overall very pleasant experience!
Thanks so much! We hope you'll come and see us next time you're ready to add to your collection again!
Rating by s***d for "Celeste" 2023 Female Vietnamese Blue Beauty Beauty Rat Snake ($400.00)
My first purchase here on MM, and this was a great experience! He provided care guides, and was a pleasure to work with, that I even purchased another baby at the same time. I highly recommend. Thanks so much!
Rating by p***e for "Aya" 2023 Female Mexican Black Kingsnake ($200.00)
I purchased a Mexican Black Kingsnake. Communication was fast, and amazing. I had an issue with my terrarium being delivered, and they offered a later shipping date without hesitation which was life saving. My snake arrived safe and healthy.
Rating by g***r for "Olivia" 2023 Female Mexican Black Kingsnake ($200.00)
I picked up my girl in person at a predetermined location. She exceeded all expectations. More beautiful than I could’ve imagined.
So glad you're happy with her! Looking forward to watching her grow with you!
Rating by h***9 for 2022 Het. Albino Het. Anery 32.0125% Kalaotoa/32.0125% Jampea Reticulated Python ($700.00)
I cannot say enough good about mortal coil. My Anery het albino sd retic came packaged amazing and in great shape, every question I had was answered and they even shipped last minute when I paid her off, they allowed a payment plan
Thank you so much Joshua for purchasing this dwarf girl from us. You're going to do awesome things with her and we can't wait to see how she progresses with you.
Rating by t***1 for 2022 Anery Het. Albino 32.0125% Kalaotoa/32.0125% Jampea Reticulated Python ($1,200.00)
Received a beautiful, young Vietnamese Blue Beauty at a great price. He arrived healthy and calm. Communication was great and shipping was prompt.
Rating by s***s for Vietnamese Blue Beauty Beauty Rat Snake ($350.00)
Beautiful snake , great communication.
Thanks Alexandria!
Rating by a***2 for Het. Snow 50% Het. Stripe Corn Snake ($50.00)
The male was even better in person than the photos, Adam was very responsive with messaging, the retic arrived in perfect shape and fed within hours of unpacking. Will definitely be doing business with Mortal Coil Serpentry again.
Rating by s***h for 2022 Anery Het. Albino 32.0125% Kalaotoa/32.0125% Jampea Reticulated Python ($720.00)
100% positive experience! Adam is very professional & happy to answer questions about his available animals. It's obvious he cares about both the wellbeing of his animals & customers being happy. Our girl arrived well packaged & healthy. Thanks Adam!
Thank you! We're so glad you're happy with her. We wish you many years of happiness with her and hope you'll come to us again!
Rating by c***n for 2022 Lavender Albino Het. Anery 32.0125% Kalaotoa/32.0125% Jampea Reticulated Python ($1,500.00)
Awesome seller. Highly recommend. Snakes arrived healthy and happy.
Thanks Blake!
Rating by b***8 for SALE! PAIR Scaleless And Het Scaleless 100% Het Amel Western Rat Snake ($550.00)
Very professional, and responsive. Reasonable prices for high quality animals.
Rating by r***4 for 2022 Normal Het. Snow 32.0125% Kalaotoa/32.0125% Jampea Reticulated Python ($550.00)
Beautiful snake, excellent communication with seller. Everything arrived on time and snake is VERY friendly.
Rating by c***n for Pastel Dream Het. Anery, Het. Kahl Boa Constrictor ($250.00)
Amazing loved dealing with this breeder. I would and will buy again.
Rating by t***p for Pastel Dream Het. Anery, Het. Kahl Boa Constrictor ($250.00)
Very good communication, packaging was good, very good at answering questions. Would recommend!
Rating by j***2 for 2021 37.5% Dwarf Het. Genetic Stripe Reticulated Python ($400.00)
Amazing customer service! Answered all of my questions and contacted me throughout the shipping process. The snake arrived in excellent health. I highly recommend their services!
Rating by j***f for Hypo Het. Kahl Boa Constrictor ($250.00)
purchased and had delivered within the same week. Beautiful animal extremely happy with the service and communication.
Thanks Jacob! So glad we were able to make this happen for you.
Rating by j***2 for Pastel Dream Het. Anery, Het. Kahl Boa Constrictor ($225.00)
My baby boa was better than I could have imagined. Better than he pictured. She was sweet as pie and is now getting adjusted to her new environment. Best pet by.
Thank you, Shantavia! We hope you'll continue to enjoy her for many years to come.
Rating by m***3 for BLACK FRIDAY SALE! Normal Het. Kahl Boa Constrictor ($135.00)
I had a wonderful experience with mortal coil Serpentry. I purchased a beautiful little girl with good weight on her for her age for a great price. The seller was responsive and helpful. I love my new baby.
Thanks Jessica. We hope you'll continue to enjoy your new companion for many years to come and think of us again when you're ready for your reptile family to grow.
Rating by j***5 for SALE! Normal Het. Kahl Boa Constrictor ($125.00)
Mortal Coils is very pleasant people to work with, with a great selections of snakes. I have no complaints with my experience with them, everything was perfect and snake was perfect on arrival.
Thanks Chris! We wish you many long and happy years with your new snake and hope you'll keep us in mind for your next.
Rating by a***s for SALE! Normal Het. Kahl Boa Constrictor ($125.00)
Picked up normal male boa from breeder. Very nice knowledgeable guy, with some great boas. Would recommend.
Rating by w***0 for SALE! Normal Het. Kahl Boa Constrictor ($125.00)
She’s absolutely beautiful, and an awesome addition! Adam was helpful, and communicative. A great experience all around
Rating by t***t for Vietnamese Blue Beauty, Pet Quality Beauty Rat Snake ($300.00)
Owner was nice and responded to messages fast. The snakes were packaged professionally and arrived on time and healthy. I would definitely purchase from them again if they have any species/morphs that I’m adding to my collection!
Rating by e***a for 2020 1.1 Texas Rats Amel And Amel Scaleless Hets Western Rat Snake ($400.00)
The seller had quick responses, the communication was great, and a great looking snake. There wasn't a single issue with the purchasing process. Thank you!
Rating by e***h for Pastel Dream Kahl Het. Anery Boa Constrictor ($400.00)
Very, very good communication and my boa constrictor arrived safely and with ample heat! I'll be sure to recommend y'all to my friends interested in adopting reptiles.
Rating by p***m for Kahl Sunglow Boa Constrictor ($400.00)
Great communication, timely transaction, quick shipping and snake was packaged well.
Rating by m***z for Pastel Dream Anery BLACK FRIDAY SALE! Boa Constrictor ($115.00)
AMAZING transaction. Adam was fantastic from start to finish. Constant updates and communication. Animal was packaged perfectly is alive and healthy, even though FedEx messed up on their end. Thank you MCS! 10/10 recommend.
Rating by n***n for Normal Het. Kahl BLACK FRIDAY SALE! Boa Constrictor ($75.00)
Adam is a super awesome he worked with me and was super responsive the girl has sent me is gorgeous and healthy. I could not be happier with this purchase
Rating by w***f for ON SALE! 100% Het. Snow 32% Kalatoa/32% Jampea Reticulated Python ($700.00)
Seller kept in constant contact, and worked with me on shipping directly to avoid me having to drive an hour to the hub. The boa arrived perfect and healthy. Would recommend!
Rating by h***r for Hypo Het. Kahl Boa Constrictor ($120.00)
I am very happy with all aspects of this transaction. The seller is very concerned about the health and welfare of his animals even after they have left his care.
Rating by u***1 for 100% Het. Snow 32% Kalatoa/32% Jampea Reticulated Python ($850.00)
Super pretty boa, delivered efficiently, and communication was great!
Rating by c***s for CYBER WEEK!!! Pastel Dream Anery Boa Constrictor ($100.00)
Incredibly happy with response time, customer service, communication, flexibility, health and handability of boa, and price. Will be returning to Mortal Coil for any future purchases.
Rating by b***1 for Pastel Dream Ghost Boa Constrictor ($300.00)
Absolutely amazing! Great communication!
Rating by a***1 for Pastel Dream Anery Boa Constrictor ($225.00)