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Answered all questions, worked with me on shipping times to ensure I am home to receive. Arrived in great shape as pictured, as far as genes being from a very large Breeder I have no doubts, and will find out when breeding him.
Rating by c***s for Banana Pastel Mojave Asphalt/Yellow Belly Ball Python ($800.00)
Amazing sell. Will buy from again!
Rating by j***s for Enhancer (Desert Ghost) G-Stripe 100% Het Clown Ball Python ($10,000.00)
Another awesome snake from Billy! I love buying from Mutation Creation, every time I do I end up talking to Billy for ages, I learn so much from him, the knowledge gained is worth even more than the snake! Love shopping with MC!
Rating by s***7 for Mojave 66% Het Monsoon Ball Python ($1,750.00)
Awesome snake from MC, great deal too! When you buy a snake from Billy, you don’t just get a new snake, Billy talked to me for like an hour when I picked this guy up, answered all my questions, showed me a bunch of cool snakes! Great experience!
Rating by s***7 for Butter Enchi Fire Jungle Woma Het Tri-Stripe Ball Python ($800.00)
Billy and his team made things pretty easy. Great bunch of people to deal with. Snake arrived just the same as the pic online but of course even better in person. It ate the next night after opening the box. My 10 year old boy is just pumped. Thanks
Rating by t***b for Hurricane Het Clown Ball Python ($1,500.00)
As always it's been a pleasure doin business with big boss billy and the team at mutation creation. Talk again soon.
Rating by w***c for Clown Het Hypo Ball Python ($1,000.00)
smooth and easy transaction. gorgeous snake just as described. cant go wrong with these guys, straight fire
Rating by t***1 for Black Pastel Black Head Ball Python ($1,600.00)
Of course… top quality and great communication from billy and his team. Wouldn’t hesitate to purchase again! Thank you to the mutation creation team!
Rating by b***s for Freeway Het Pied Ball Python ($2,400.00)
Excellent - great support, solid value, super-smooth transaction, top-tier animals. Billy is the best!
Rating by b***r for Ivory Pied Ball Python ($1,500.00)
Great Seller A+++
Rating by s***s for Banana Het Clown Ball Python ($2,000.00)
Mutation creation is an awesome place. Billy is wicked, his animals are top quality. Couldnt be happier, as usual when dealing with them.
Rating by h***s for Pastel Enchi DH Clown/VPI Axanthic Ball Python ($1,000.00)
These snakes are so beautiful and healthy. I can’t wait to buy more snakes from mutation creation
Rating by n***9 for Super Pastel Asphalt 66% Het Enhancer Poss DH G-Stripe/Cryptic Ball Python ($1,000.00)
Beautiful snake ! Would definitely recommend!
Rating by k***s for Hypo Het Piebald Ball Python ($600.00)
Perfect transaction. Billy was a pleasure to deal with! Top notch example of an Asphalt. Can't wait to do business with MC again!
Rating by s***s for Asphalt Ball Python ($450.00)
Love this guy! Buy snakes from him!!
Rating by m***g for Freeway Het G-stripe Ball Python ($3,500.00)
Overall a great experience. Stunning snake!
Rating by s***d for Pastel Enchi Ivory Ball Python ($800.00)
Amazing animal thank you.
Rating by c***s for Spotnose Clown Ball Python ($1,000.00)
Billy was incredible to deal with, his communication went above and beyond and we were even invited to tour the facility. Stand up guy, incredible animals and a great team at MC.
Rating by s***a for Pastel Yellow Belly Piebald 50%Het Lavender Ball Python ($1,750.00)
Always wanted a lesser clown and she is stunning! Thanks.
Rating by s***d for Lesser Scaleless Head Clown Probable Vanilla Ball Python ($3,500.00)
Thanks Billy greatly appreciate the new female. awesome customer service and great animals.
Rating by s***s for Freeway Het Piebald Ball Python ($4,250.00)
All questions answered, all messages received a timely response, snake arrived bigger than advertised and exactly as pictured.
Rating by p***s for Pastel Butter Enchi DH Ghost/Clown Ball Python ($1,250.00)
Very happy with my purchase, showed up in a timely manner Billy and MC crew are great
Rating by k***s for Pastel Leopard Freeway 66% Het Clown Ball Python ($2,000.00)
Gorgeous animal! Awesome customer service! Will easily do business again.
Rating by m***s for Pastel Leopard Ghost 50% Clown Ball Python ($900.00)
Amazing female! Can't wait to prove her out! Easy import and great customer service.
Rating by m***s for Bumblebee Pinstripe Special Pos Het Monsoon Ball Python ($2,500.00)
Great, smooth transaction. Billy always answered any and all questions. Very professional and great shipping.
Rating by p***s for GHI Clown Ball Python ($1,200.00)
The snake is beautiful very happy with her and will buy from them again. Communication through morphmarket was a slight problem but after emailing through the site everything went very smoothly.
Rating by a***2 for Spider YB Ghost Ball Python ($1,000.00)
Beautiful animal, had to wait for a few months to ship to the USA but well worth the wait. The snake arrived perfectly packaged and was clearly NOT just maintenance fed, which is much appreciated! Thanks and we will be back :)
Rating by r***s for Banana Asphalt/YB Het Piebald Ball Python ($900.00)
One can really appreciate the passion that goes into making this very high-end animal. The respect and care that went into this endeavor are very much appreciated. Billy is simply one of the best.
Rating by n***h for Pastel Enchi Yellowbelly Clown Ball Python ($2,500.00)
Rating by p***7 for Orange Dream Calico Yellowbelly Ball Python ($1,250.00)
Rating by p***7 for Super Pastel Vanilla Fire Poss Asphalt Ball Python ($1,250.00)
snake arrived in perfect condition
Rating by q***p for Albino Lesser Spider Ball Python ($1,250.00)
THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!
Rating by p***7 for Banana Pewter 50% Het Piebald Ball Python ($1,200.00)
Beautiful OD Het Clown BP. Arrived warm and well packaged. Long times between messages, but questions were answered.
Rating by b***t for Orange Dream Het Clown Ball Python ($500.00)
Fantastic communication; beautiful animal.
Rating by b***y for Mojave Axanthic Het Piebald Ball Python ($1,500.00)
Billy at Mutation Creation produces awesome snakes and I am very pleased with the male I received! I had to wait a bit to get him as he only ships a few times a year to the US, but well worth the wait! Highly recommend!
Rating by a***s for VPI Snow 66% Clown Ball Python ($1,200.00)
Animals arrived healthy and well. The only issue I had was not having an tracking number until the animals arrived at the shipping center for pickup. However, the sender did let me know when the snakes were shipped.
Rating by b***8 for ODYB Calico DH Dreamsicle Ball Python ($2,500.00)
Amazing Breeder !!! Quality Animals.
Rating by r***s for Black Pastel Lavender Het Piebald Ball Python ($1,500.00)
My highest recommendation for Billy and Mutation Creation Canada.Billy is courteous and professional. A real pleasure! My snake arrived fast, healthy and exactly as described. Will happily buy from Billy again.
Rating by a***a for Banana Genetic Stripe 50% Enhancer Ball Python ($400.00)
Excellent service and quality animal as promised. Will do business with Mutation Creation again.
Rating by k***s for Ghost Piebald Proven Breeder Ball Python ($1,200.00)