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Rating by w***n for Albino Red Ear Sliders Slider Turtle ($75.00)
Item arrived safe and sound and as described. No complaints. Would use them again.
Rating by k***m for Common Musk Mud & Musk Turtles ($35.00)
Would definitely recommend. Could not be happier with my baby redfoot tortoise! I am also very thankful with Nauti-lass for being so patient and helpful with all of my questions, thank you again!
Rating by a***3 for Redfoot Tortoises Red-Footed Tortoise ($119.00)
Had a great experience and had great feedback with all questions. I will most be definitely coming back one day!
Rating by g***n for Ornate (Desert) Box Turtles ($149.00)
Great seller, Turtles look great and healthy, fast response
Rating by p***d for Texas Map Turtles ($69.00)
Great company. Turtle came healthy and very active.
Rating by c***5 for Southern Painted Turtles ($39.00)
I couldn't be happier with our purchase of 4 baby redfoots! Communication was great and when I asked if they could arrange for them to be delivered on my birthday, They did it!!! Amazing seller...Thank you so much!!
Rating by d***3 for Redfoot Tortoises Red-Footed Tortoise ($119.00)
Received my little musk a few days ago. Healthy little guy and already so personable! Definitely will be purchasing again very soon. :)
Rating by k***s for Common Musk Mud & Musk Turtles ($35.00)
Very happy with my new baby Indian Star tortoise. Excellent communication. Thanks!
Rating by t***n for Indian Star Tortoises ($495.00)
Will buy again
Rating by e***n for Greek Iberia Tortoises Greek Tortoise ($195.00)
Beautiful little tortoise! Seems very healthy and inquisitive. Would definitely purchase from here again
Rating by s***8 for Hermann's Tortoises ($195.00)
They arrived healthy. Both are eating well.
Rating by j***u for Eastern Box Turtles ($149.00)
Well packaged, fast shipping…nice tortoises.
Rating by m***z for Cherryhead Tortoises Red-Footed Tortoise ($199.00)
This was a great experience Seller's communication was stellar, packaging was great, and the animals healthy.
Rating by l***n for Common Musk Mud & Musk Turtles ($35.00)
Seller answered all my questions in a timely matter. We got our 2 babies today,and they are adjusting well. Highly recommend this seller.
Rating by l***h for Razorback Musk Turtles Mud & Musk Turtles ($55.00)
This was my first time purchasing an animal online. I checked out the ratings and reviews and felt confident enough to go through with the purchase of a Hermann's tortoise. He was shipped the next day and I picked him up at FedEx and he was warm
Rating by a***3 for Hermann's Tortoises ($195.00)
Great communication and everything nice and smooth.
Rating by h***c for Eastern Box Turtle ($149.00)
Great customer service
Rating by b***r for Leopard Tortoises ($195.00)
My little box turtle arrived alive and well and is beautiful! Couldn't be happier. Steven
Rating by m***s for Ornate (Desert) Box Turtles ($149.00)
I ordered this turtle and picked it up in person at a reptile show. The seller was very nice and professional. He let me pick out the exact turtle I wanted. I am very happy with the new addition to my family and would recommend this seller to anyone.
Rating by s***e for Common Musk Mud & Musk Turtles ($35.00)
All I can say is wow!!! These two little ones are perfect the pictures don’t even do justice. Great breeder answered all my questions and come through 1000% definitely will be back and a long time customer.
Rating by t***1 for Leopard Tortoises ($195.00)
Thank you for a great experience and transaction. Received the exact Tortoise Hatchling we wanted. Thank you.
Rating by d***m for Redfoot Tortoises Red-Footed Tortoise ($119.00)
Recommended seller 💯 in every aspect
Rating by l***r for Spiny Softshell Turtles ($29.00)
I’m very pleased with my new turtles. Nauti-Lass Ponds & Critters had great communication, quick service and beautiful live stock.
Rating by b***o for Cagle's Map Turtle ($49.00)
Thank you, turtle was healthy. Would buy from again!
Rating by k***m for Common Musk Mud & Musk Turtles ($35.00)
Great service.
Rating by t***m for Cherryhead Tortoises Red-Footed Tortoise ($199.00)
I received my turtles today, and I'm very happy. I will definitely buy from Nautilus again. Thank you
Rating by t***2 for Eastern Painted Turtle ($35.00)
I purchased a musk turtle and the transaction shipping and receiving all went very well. The turtle is in perfect health and was well protected and happy while shipped. I would absolutely buy from this seller again.
Rating by o***o for Common Musk Mud & Musk Turtles ($35.00)
Our cherry head tortoise arrived on time at the facility. The package looked like it was transported with care. We've had the tortoise for almost a week, she is very healthy and active. 100% good experience with this seller. Highly recommend.
Rating by n***o for Cherryhead Tortoises Red-Footed Tortoise ($199.00)
Really attentive. Any questions I have, he responded quickly. On time with shipping. Glad that I bought the Hermann tortoise from him.
Rating by n***2 for Hermann's Tortoises ($195.00)
I had a great expieriance and I am completely happy with our tortoise .
Rating by s***b for Redfoot Tortoises Red-Footed Tortoise ($119.00)
Beautiful turtles and excellent service.
Rating by t***2 for Eastern Painted Turtles ($29.00)
Perfect, Received my animals in perfect health. Very well packaged. Will purchase again.
Rating by b***3 for Cagle's Map Map Turtle ($55.00)
I got two common musk hatchlings. They arrived on time and safely. Everything went according to plan. Definitely recommend them for water turtles!
Rating by a***0 for Common Musk Mud & Musk Turtles ($35.00)
My purchase couldn't have gone better. I would purchase again and feel confident everything would go well. I was most impressed with the packaging and how my turtles had the proper heat and overall comfort on a cold shipment in Nov.
Rating by w***0 for Western Painted Turtles ($29.00)
I’m so happy with my order and Herman’s tortoise
Rating by h***n for Hermann's Tortoise ($185.00)
Wonderful communication and helpful! Didn’t seem bothered by my questions and offered to answer any questions we may have in the future. Thank you!
Rating by j***7 for Pink Belly Sidenecks Side-Necked Turtle ($55.00)
Great service and arrived on time in perfect health
Rating by d***1 for Western Painted Turtles ($29.00)
Very happy with our little red foot! Would definitely order again.
Rating by s***a for Redfoot Tortoises Red-Footed Tortoise ($119.00)
I would recommend them to anyone. Went very smoothly.
Rating by h***o for Ornate (Desert) Box Turtle ($149.00)
Easy to deal with. Fast response. Would recommend anytime! Thanks so much!
Rating by a***9 for Central American Ornate Wood Turtles ($69.00)
They got right back to me. Animals arrived healthy and on time. Weather was taken into consideration when planning to ship. I will use again!
Rating by j***y for European Pond Turtles ($49.00)
I inquired about buying a pair of Rio Grande Cooters, they informed me that they only had one left which was fine. Once we confirmed my nearest s Fedex hub, they sent the little beauty to me in excellent condition. Thanks Nauti-Lass
Rating by r***s for Rio Grande Cooters Slider Turtle ($39.00)
Great service and the turtle looks awesome
Rating by j***2 for Central American Ornate Wood Turtles ($69.00)
Excellent Seller. I got exactly what I ordered. All arrived alive with a healthy appetite. They are all doing Beautifully! A+ 5 out of 5 stars Highly Recommend. I look forward to buying many more turtles here.
Rating by b***o for Ouachita Map Turtles ($29.00)
I had no problems and got exactly the cute turtle I wanted!
Rating by j***o for Mississippi Map Turtles ($25.00)
Money well spent?
Rating by m***c for Florida Snapping Turtles ($29.00)
Healthy turtles and good communication! Will be buying from this seller again!
Rating by j***s for Razorback Musk Turtles Mud & Musk Turtles ($49.00)
Just got a hatchling Hermanns tortoise. Quick easy responses to questions. Packaging was done well and the tort arrived healthy and energetic. Some mites were in the packing moss but a quick response solved that problem. I would buy from this seller.
Rating by c***k for Hermann's Tortoise ($185.00)
Easy, quick, trustworthy
Rating by p***n for Leopard Tortoise ($175.00)