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Last week I started the conversation about buying 1 snake that quickly changed to 3 😆 The whole process was smooth and fast. Excellent packaging and animals are healthy I wouldn’t hesitate to buy from them again
Rating by p***4 for Guyana True Red-tailed Boa Constrictor ($275.00)
They were easy to work with, and the animal showed up fine. Thanks again. Robert
Rating by b***h for Guyana True Red-tailed Boa Constrictor ($250.00)
Process was quick and painless. Animal arrived on time and as described.
Rating by c***8 for Anery Scaleless Het Snow Corn Snake ($450.00)
Grate seller can’t wait to do business with the company again.
Rating by i***m for Motley Het Snow Boa Constrictor ($300.00)
Schweet!🍭 Noice!🙋🏼‍♀️ It’s what’s up!☝🏼☝🏼☝🏼 Very pleased!💃🏻🤴🏻💪🏼
Rating by a***g for Yellow Headed C.A Dwarf Gecko Other Gecko ($25.00)
Purchased on their website and within a couple days I received a call letting me know my new baby was being shipped out! She arrived safely and looks healthy. I'd purchase from them again.
Rating by b***2 for Leopard 66% Het T+ Boa Constrictor ($450.00)
Received beautiful and friendly animal, great seller communication and service!
Rating by m***r for Ladder Other Rat Snake ($250.00)
Great animal. Thanks Yesenia
Rating by b***s for Motley Leopard (Blackberry) Het Albino Boa Constrictor ($600.00)
Animal as described great communication good seller
Rating by t***3 for Bluetongue Skink Other Blue-Tongued Skink ($250.00)
Received chameleon and so far is in good health! Glad to have finally found a male.
Rating by d***r for Carpet CB Chameleon ($225.00)
Fantastic communication and customer service, beautiful & healthy animals, feeding enthusiastically and settled in nicely. Seller was very responsive and made a point of selecting unrelated pairs for me, of this very rare species in the U.S. hobby.
Rating by m***r for European Four Line Snake Other Colubrid ($350.00)
Received my Peacock Gecko healthy and doing well. Excellent communications and assistance throughout the process. I would recommend New Moon Reptiles.
Rating by s***l for Carpet CB Chameleon ($225.00)
communication was great my sav arrived on time and healthy
Rating by h***5 for Baby Savannah Monitor ($50.00)
The snake I received and the snake in the advertised pictures are two completely different animals. I asked the seller multiple questions and received no reply. I called the seller and was treated as an annoyance. Animal arrived alive.
Rating by m***y for Pied Ball Python ($300.00)
My new snake is absolutely gorgeous! They were very good about responding and answering my questions. I also got to choose the delivery date to make sure I was home which was super nice. I'd definitely recommend getting a critter from them!
Rating by s***t for Albino Pied Ball Python ($450.00)
Great service , Nice healthy lizards! Will surely buy again .
Rating by p***0 for Eastern Collard Lizard Other Lizard ($100.00)
I received my Eastern Painted Turtle without any problems! I am waiting to make sure he is healthy over the next few days. He looks super healthy and he loves his new tank. I would recommend New Moon Reptiles!
Rating by l***e for Eastern Painted Turtle ($30.00)
I'm so Happy I found this community. Everything was excellent from questions to shipping. All needs met. Little turtles arrived healthy and active. Thanks Morph
Rating by g***3 for Eastern Painted Turtle ($30.00)
Austin is a rock solid man iam will have plenty transition
Rating by j***7 for Earth Golden Tiger Tarantula ($110.00)
Ordered at 3pm yesterday and arrived by noon today. Well packed and healthy. Thank you.
Rating by d***1 for Florida Blue Cb Garter Snake ($70.00)
Awesome customer service, great selection, shipping and prices! Will buy from again for sure!!
Rating by t***4 for Sakishima Glass Lizard Other Lizard ($150.00)
Hey guys just bought a monitor for New Moon Reptiles. I highly recommend buying from them they not only have healthy animals but also answer any question you may have within 30 mins. I am extremely happy with my new monitor thanks.
Rating by t***9 for Baby Water Monitor ($200.00)
Very quick ship time for my snake! Staff was very helpful with my questions
Rating by b***7 for Pied Ball Python ($375.00)
Frogs look good!
Rating by g***o for Strawberry Poison Dart Frog Strawberry Poison Frog ($60.00)
Great Mountain Horn Lizards. Thanks
Rating by m***o for Mountain Horn Lizard Other Lizard ($25.00)
Hondos are doing great and absolutely beautiful. Thanks again.
Rating by r***7 for Extreme Falcon Hypo Tricolor Vanishing Patternless Honduran Milk Snake ($425.00)
Inquired and question was answered then I was directed to their website to order. ordered more than just what I had inquired about. They do stick to their shipping terms and shipped the same day, without any confirmation, despite Temps in low 20's,
Rating by h***9 for Red-Eyed Tree Frog ($30.00)
Ive only gotten one snake from them but he came in excellent condition and had the most beautiful coloring, he was packaged very securely with a heat pack in place. I picked him up and he was warm to the touch after a cross country travel! :)
Rating by g***k for Halloween Puebla Pueblan Milk Snake ($200.00)
picked me out a nice mature f that weve been looking for about a year now. great pack job, fast shipping hitting the perfect weather window. easy on bull transaction, my 2nd purchase with them- no worrys here!!
Rating by h***r for Homeana Hinge-back Home's Hinge-back Tortoise ($150.00)
I wanted to thank Newmoonreptiles for the beautiful green tree python. He came warm and healthy. I want to thank Jose personally for all his help, he answered every question I had leading up to the purchase and after. I will defiantly recommend! A+++
Rating by d***o for BIAK Green Tree Python ($500.00)
1st baby snake shipped against my request through 30-32 temp since they said they were fine with it, fed 24hrs prior, with heat pack on box side directly against deli. My first DOA. 2nd shipped properly timed to all temps, with heat and cryo packs.
Rating by t***a for Radiated Rat Snake Other Rat Snake ($175.00)
Excelente communication and animals were exactly as described shipping was on time I will be doing business with them again thank you
Rating by p***1 for Snake Brooks' Kingsnake ($100.00)
Fantastic dealing New Moon Reptiles. Will definitely purchase again!
Rating by b***r for Patternless Axanthic Bullsnake ($400.00)
I have no complaints whatsoever! I ordered two mossy frogs and the arrived healthy and promptly.
Rating by c***n for Mossy Tree Frog CBB Mossy Frog ($100.00)
Hey it couldn't have gone much better I now have a beautiful red rat snake He arrived live and will Thank You Chris
Rating by a***r for Red Rat Snake Other Rat Snake ($90.00)
I highly recommend New Moon to all. The Red Eye Tree Frogs are better than expected, and the Brown Anoles are awesome. Great communication and excellent shipping. Will recommend and use in the future.
Rating by t***s for Red-Eyed Tree Frog ($30.00)
This was my second purchase from New Moon and I have been very pleased. Shipping was immediate and both snakes arrived looking great.
Rating by m***2 for Sunkist Tessera Corn Snake ($125.00)
This isn't the first time sellers don't use the morphmarket communication system...not sure why...I found them on fb after 2 unanswered msgs here.
Rating by s***r for Mexican Tiger Other Rat Snake ($650.00)
Excellent transaction. Everything went smooth and great communication. Definitely would buy again.
Rating by c***s for Hypo Redfoot Tortoise Red-footed Tortoise ($7,500.00)
Everything was great and snake was healthy when it arrived. The only thing I would of liked to have also gotten would of been a little more information on the snake like what date it hatched and its last feeding and shed etc.
Rating by d***e for Okeetee Corn Snake ($100.00)
Really great packaging, great communication. Unfortunately, as WC tortoises sometimes do, one of my babies died suddenly. New Moon sent me a replacement promptly! Very happy with the health, weight, & look of these 3. Would buy from them again!!
Rating by r***h for Home's Hinge-back Tortoise ($150.00)
I'd buy from here again hopefully soon if I can convince my wife on the next buy lol
Rating by a***5 for Albino Scaleless Ph Hypo Blood Snow Corn Snake ($620.00)
Great support, easy and hassle free
Rating by v***d for Green Bottle Blue Tarantula ($85.00)
No real description, but had what I wanted. Comms were quick but brief. Payment and shipping were super fast. Tarantula sling was great shape, fire skink seems to have dropped tail at some point and was in full shed, otherwise was alert. Good overall
Rating by j***4 for Gooty Sapphire Ornamental Tarantula ($110.00)
Absolutely gorgeous baby boa. Arrived quickly and safely. Seller was great to work with, would definitely recommend.
Rating by f***b for Colombian Boa Boa Constrictor ($150.00)
Excellent ...
Rating by n***0 for Colombian Boa Boa Constrictor ($150.00)
Great communication, fast shipping and overall smooth transaction! I'll be back in the future! A++++
Rating by j***3 for High White Corn Snake ($150.00)
Everything went great. I called them, they answered. I made the purchase through their website and they shipped same day. The tortoise arrived as described. Everything was great. Will do business with again.
Rating by g***s for Marbled Cherry Head Tortoise Red-footed Tortoise ($850.00)
Prompt and smooth transaction. Thanks!
Rating by h***g for Green Anole ($7.00)
The seller responds my questions quickly. And also a responsible seller.
Rating by t***u for Red Cheeked Mud Turtles Mud & Musk Turtle ($70.00)