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Amazing service from start to finish. Progress photographs along the way and a call after our male BP arrived to make sure he arrived safely.
Thank you...... 🙏🙏🙏
Rating by t***y for Cinnamon Banana Pastel/poss.Het Green Ghost Ball Python (£190.00)
Sensational Seller! More than what I expected! A*****
Thank you 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Rating by g***6 for Mojave Ball Python (£60.00)
Very informative seller keeping me updated at every step. Animal arrived in top condition and now in quarantine. Not yet sexed but absolutely no reason do doubt MyHerpShed's experience. Top quality animal, top quality seller, seamless experience.
Rating by w***e for Mahogany Ball Python (£310.00)
Beautiful snake !
Rating by a***a for Banana Mojave Pastel Possible Het Green Ghost Ball Python (£180.00)
Fabio is a credit to the hobby. He provided me with regular updates and videos/photos and was just a pleasure to talk to. I would highly recommend my herp shed fantastic service from beginning to end.
Thank you for the great review and for shoping at My Herp Shed, The pleasure was all mine...🙏🙏🙏🙏
Rating by k***r for Mahogany Pastel Ball Python (£260.00)
We recieved this gorgeous guy today and are thrilled to bits. Amazing service and regular updates. They are fantastic people who have gone above and beyond for us. I would highly recommend as sellers, very genuine and kind. Thanks so much guys 😀
Thank you 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Rating by r***s for Mahogany Ball Python (£225.00)
he has passion about his snakes witch i love he cant be helpful enough for you your his snakes and they are very well cared for and i deathly recommend him and will be going back
Thank you...🙏🙏🙏🙏
Rating by b***u for Lesser Bee Ball Python (£120.00)
Great communication. Beautiful, well cared for snake. Thanks
Thank you...🙏🙏🙏
Rating by k***8 for Banana Pastel Cinnamon Ball Python (£200.00)
Thanks Fabio. Great transaction.
Rating by u***s for Pastel Cinnamon Ball Python (£130.00)
Awesome seller, very informative with a great collection
Rating by m***s for Lesser Pastel Ball Python (£100.00)
Fab, the breeder, was very helpful and friendly. He kept me up to date with our snake with regular videos and pictures. He was an absolute pleasure to buy from
Rating by s***1 for Butter Pastel Ball Python (£80.00)
Great seller, very responsive and very easy to work with. Snake was brilliant quality and ij great health. Really happy would definitely buy from again
Rating by t***5 for Woma Ball Python (£60.00)
Fabio at Myherpshed couldn’t be anymore helpful if he tried. Absolutely stunning collection and a top fella to go with it. If your debating buying something from Myherpshed you will not be disappointed from start to finish. Thanks Fabio.
Rating by d***3 for Super Pastel Spot Nose Ball Python (£110.00)
Very happy, stunning snake and very helpful seller
Rating by d***l for Banana Queen Bee Ball Python (£240.00)
The seller was excellent! They kept our reptile on hold for us, sent us update pics and vids in that time and when it came time to pick him up, the seller met us in person - care sheet and feeding/shed schedule included! Wonderful experience!
Rating by p***u for Banana Pastel Possible Vanilla Ball Python (£180.00)
Beautiful, healthy Royal. Cannot recommend more.
Rating by i***n for Banana Mojave Ball Python (£160.00)