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I don’t normally don’t type reviews but let me tell you this is fr! First time purchasing a snake and i love it! Snake is healthy and beautiful. The breeder helped me a lot too. I love him period.
Rating by c***8 for Normal Ball Python ($25.00)
Answered all of my questions, very speedy response time and was overall an amazing experience. I wish every breeder was like this guy! HIGHLY recommend!!
Thanks for the feedback!
Rating by l***3 for Banana Enchi Ball Python ($185.00)
John was very prompt with response times. He was relatively local so he met up with us for the actual sale. Very nice. Knowledgeable and all around great to work with. We will definitely be looking forward to dealing with him in the future!
Rating by t***g for Axanthic VPI Ball Python ($185.00)
Could not be happier with my experience. Responses were always solid information in a reasonable amount of time and the snake could not be more perfect. 10/10 would buy another snake through Outregius, excellent customer service, excellent experience
Rating by d***n for Super Mojave Ball Python ($265.00)
Great communicator, knowledgeable, and highly recommended. The best part, he’s a Marine brother. Ooh rah!!!
Rating by r***2 for Clown Ball Python ($250.00)