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Wonderful to work with. We will buy from her again...
Rating by w***s for Proven, Bright Super Pastel 100% Het Clown Ball Python ($999.00)
Great people who love the Hobby and their animals I would have no problem purchasing another animal from them and highly recommend them.
Rating by h***w for DH Desert Ghost Clown 50%ph Caramel Albino Ball Python ($500.00)
I got this one and another OD poss het clown and a male yellowbelly OD poss het clown all look amazing and healthy.
Rating by b***s for OD 66%ph Clown Ball Python ($125.00)
Great communication easy to work with and shipping was arranged perfectly.
Rating by b***5 for 100% Double Het VPI Snow Female Ball Python ($149.00)
Great snake and good people!
Rating by j***0 for 100% Double Het Piebald & Albino Ball Python ($99.00)