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Excellent and fast communication, sent further pictures in line with requests and then extremely accommodating and helpful too - fantastic!
Rating by m***o for Pied Het Albino Ball Python (£345.00)
Wonderful seller ! Even more wonderful snake ! Seller was extremely helpful and answered all of my silly newbie questions. Responses were very fast. Snake seems in beautiful health. Fit, healthy and alert. Very very impressed with her.
Rating by h***7 for Cinnamon G-Stripe Ball Python (£225.00)
Excellent communication and supportive with knowledge and care sheets etc. absolute pleasure to do business with 😊I will be back for another
Rating by s***k for Super Pastel YB Enchi Ball Python (£150.00)
Great communication, very helpful and answered all my questions, very happy with the snake, would definitely buy from Pete again
Rating by t***m for Pastel YB Enchi Ball Python (£125.00)
Very nice guy with a superb set up . This breeder is the real deal. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Rating by s***e for Albino Het Pied Ball Python (£150.00)
Pete was great always happy to give advice! Lovely girl I’m very happy with her she’s healthy and stunning
Rating by e***s for Pastel Super Gravel Ball Python (£900.00)
Fabulous guy with amazing ball python knowledge and some beautiful snakes I definitely will be getting more off Pete
Rating by a***r for Ivory Ball Python (£150.00)
Really helpful and quick to reply. I would definitely use them again.
Rating by b***7 for High White Pied Female Ball Python (£295.00)
Lovely royals.. Will most likely be back again...
Rating by k***5 for GHI Enchi Mystic Potion Ball Python (£225.00)
Amazing seller and extremely helpful. I ordered 2 snakes from him and both showed up healthy and alert. Would definitely recommend :)
Rating by m***n for Toffino Ball Python (£250.00)
Very responsive loverly guy, couldn’t do enough for me and I had my snake within a week, delivered! So happy will definitely be doing more business with him! Ty very much Peter!
Rating by a***s for Pastel Ivory Ball Python (£275.00)
Rating by s***6 for GHI Mystic Potion Ball Python (£225.00)
Seller is absolutely brilliant and very considerate. Learned a lot in 10 minutes talking to him and even gave me a detailed care sheet. Definitely recommend to others
Rating by s***n for GHI Mystic Potion Ball Python (£225.00)
Pete was great and very knowledgeable, you can tell he loves doing what he does. Fantastic all the way through the process. Very happy with our new addition. Thanks Pete
Rating by r***s for Coral Glow Het Piebald Ball Python (£165.00)
Really happy with my new addition and for the outstanding and understanding service provided by Pete. Thank you so much. A pleasure and honour to see your hard work today 😊
Rating by s***s for 66% DH VPI Axanthic Pied Ball Python (£50.00)
I just missed one just like this and the seller was kind enough to let me know when another was ready. Lovely snake as described, she fed on day 2 following delivery. The next day delivery service was appreciated and reduced stress on the animal.
Barry was a pleasure to deal with as a customer really appreciated
Rating by a***d for Albino Het Pied Ball Python (£195.00)
highly recommended
Rating by d***h for Albino Het Pied Ball Python (£195.00)
Extremely great experience for a first time owner! Got this wee female albino royal who is very healthy, curious and immediately took her rat the week after I got her! 10/10 Still need to convince my partner for a 2nd bab
Rating by n***n for Albino Ball Python (£165.00)
Pete was great! Could have stayed all day and spoken to him about his snakes and his set up!! My new snake is ace!
Rating by s***f for Bumblebee Enchi Mojave Ball Python (£245.00)
Thanks Pete for such an amazing animal, great communication, quick responses.
Rating by g***s for Highway Het Pied Female Ball Python (£900.00)
Great communication. Very friendly and quick responses. Great little snake arrived exactly as described and doing amazingly. Will definitely look at Puddy lane pythons again when I decide to get another :)
Rating by c***e for GHI Enchi Ball Python (£145.00)
Was able to collect today at relatively short notice from  Peter at his home in Stoke on trent, he was lovely and very welcoming his communication skills and how fast he replied was brilliant he showed us the parents and some of his collection A***
Rating by c***s for Albino Pied Male Live Feeder Ball Python (£395.00)
excellent service communication and full documentation what more would you want
Rating by s***o for Albino Black Pastel Ball Python (£195.00)
The snake is healthy and hand tame, arrived well packaged and warm. Seller was lovely, would definitely recommend.
Rating by h***s for Super Pastel Ball Python (£95.00)
Cannot rate Puddy Lane Pythons high enough. I had regular updates and nothing seemed too much trouble. My python arrived safely and had certification of morph & weight. Im definitely a 110% satisfied customer.
Rating by c***w for Pied Ball Python (£250.00)
The royal I received was clearly well started, & very healthy. When I took receipt of the snake (within days of payment), it was really well packaged and warm. It was a pleasure to deal with Pete & I would definitely recommend him as a breeder.
Rating by r***r for Black Pastel Albino Ball Python (£225.00)
Very knowledgeable seller, extremely happy with my purchase, would highly recommend. I will definitely be buying again soon. Thanks Pete.
Rating by a***b for Coral Glow / Banana 100% Het Piebald Ball Python (£195.00)
A perfect Snake with a perfect sale. Location was easy to find and very welcoming. Thank you very much!
Rating by n***n for Enchi Firefly Possible Mystic Ball Python (£175.00)
The whole experience of purchasing from Puddy Lane Pythons has been nothing but positive. Constant communication from Pete was very reassuring. The snake looks beautiful and healthy. Would not hesitate to use again and would highly recommend.
Rating by s***d for Black Pastel Albino Ball Python (£225.00)
I received my Ball Python healthy and mite free. The shipping time was exact and I had clear communication from Pete all the time. Can't wait to buy again! :)
Update: She is settling in perfectly and letting me get close. Lovely girl :)
Rating by l***e for Pastave Ball Python (£80.00)
Puddy lane pythons is superb. Very quick and professional service. Snake came with certificate/sticker/Care sheet. In perfect condition.Pete is great bloke and so easy to deal with. Would definitely recommend.
Rating by b***s for Banana Fire Clown - Ready To Breed Ball Python (£795.00)
Again very helpful and knowledgeable hence me being a returning customer many thanks!!
Rating by s***z for Albino Ball Python (£120.00)
Top bloke Amazing snakes will definitely be going back for more in the future
Rating by m***1 for Pied Ball Python (£295.00)
Excellent wee female Albino. First-time snake owner. In the first week I have observed Rayla to be bright, curious and confident even when I have had to move her head back into the enclosure. Very helpful seller who met all of my needs. Will return!!
Rating by r***7 for Albino Ball Python (£150.00)
Well worth the drive, shes a beautiful example. Again the offer of aftercare came with it which is important. Highly recommended many thanks 😊
Rating by s***z for 100% Het Pied Ball Python (£65.00)
Lovely snakes, good communication. Will happily buy from again
Rating by c***1 for High Contrast Albino Het Pied Ball Python (£175.00)
Pete is an absolute pleasure to do business with, such a great bloke and very knowledgeable couldn’t recommend him enough!!
Rating by c***e for Albino Black Pastel Ball Python (£225.00)
Lovely animal arrived a bit cold but otherwise imperfect health doing well now thank you
Rating by l***s for Pastel Banana Ball Python (£195.00)
I had an excellent experience with Pete, very professional with fantastic quality and response time.
Rating by m***s for Cinnamon G-Stripe Adult Female - Pet Only Ball Python (£200.00)
Great animals, very good service. Comes with breeding certificate, sticker + 20% discount on future purchases. Totally recommend
Rating by r***s for Cinnamon Genetic Stripe Ball Python (£245.00)
Good communication and snake is exactly as described. Thank you 😊
Rating by f***9 for Coral Glow / Banana 100% Het Piebald Ball Python (£195.00)
snake was exactly what was stated.Would highly recommend this seller, very easy to deal with.And very professional with all the relevant paperwork
Rating by r***s for Albino Pied Ball Python (£495.00)
great seller; communication fantastic with quick reply, well recommended
Rating by s***c for Albino 100% Het Piebald Ball Python (£175.00)
Great communication throughout
Rating by s***n for Mojave Enchi Fire Female Ball Python (£195.00)
Pretty patient dude, was worth the money.
Rating by a***k for Super Mojave Male Proven Breeder Ball Python (£195.00)
An experienced breeder of many years. Friendly, informative, has 1st class breeding equipment and extremely well looked after animals. I'd buy from this professional again, anytime.
Rating by j***s for GHI Mojave Juvenile Male - Ready To Breed Ball Python (£250.00)
Very responsive and answered all questions from my being a first time keeper. Also told me to contact him if i have any problems or questions. Overall a great seller I would definitely recommend buying from pete at PJC ball Pythons. 5 stars.
Rating by j***6 for Pewter Bee Baby For Sale Ball Python (£75.00)
Nice guy, would buy from him again.
Rating by j***k for Piebald Ball Python (£250.00)