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Great people to work with! Answered all of my crazy questions with no hesitation. Will definitely get our next beardies from you!
Rating by t***r for WHOLESALE Assorted Morph Bearded Dragon Lot Central Bearded Dragon ($175.00)
Wonderful, fast, friendly service
Rating by z***p for Mojave Het Pied Ball Python ($60.00)
Pet arrived very quickly and well packaged and in good shape
Rating by w***9 for Bearded Dragon Normal Central Bearded Dragon ($79.99)
Beautiful Leopard gecko
Rating by d***2 for Tremper Giant EmerienX Leopard Gecko ($124.00)
Some of the best shipping on an animal I've ever seen! Came packed very well. Arrived super fast, was shipped out the same day I ordered. Ryan was super responsive and polite. Also the toad came in active and in great health.
Rating by p***s for Colorado River Small Toad ($60.00)
Everything went smoothly once payment site was working.
Rating by m***1 for Chubby Frog (Painted ) Bullfrog ($20.00)
Quick communication and shipping. Beautiful healthy gecko!
Thank you so much! If you ever need anything from us going forward don't hesitate to reach out!
Rating by e***7 for Tremper Emerine X Het Eclipse Super Giant Leopard Gecko ($104.00)
Beautiful little gecko! Wonderful interaction and they went way out of their way to make sure I was happy and got the animals I wanted. I'll be back!
Rating by l***x for Tremper Super Giant Leopard Gecko ($87.00)
Wonderful interaction and they went way out of their way to make sure I was happy and got the animals I wanted. I'll be back!
Thank you so much! We're so happy you're happy with your animals!
Rating by l***x for WY Tremper Het Eclipse Super Giant Leopard Gecko ($87.00)
Healthy gecko, just as described. FAST shipping. Thanks :)
Thank you so much! Let us know if you need anything else!
Rating by s***s for WY Snow Het Eclipse Super Giant Leopard Gecko ($76.00)
Received a very healthy dragon, I absolutely love him. He was eating the first day he came home. Seller responded quickly, it was a great experience overall.
Thanks for your business
Rating by p***w for Red Dunner Central Bearded Dragon ($124.99)
Beardie came to day we had planned, well packaged. seemingly healthy (although hes of course stressed of his new location), seller had good communication even with my constant questions and worrying about a live animal being shipped in the mail.
Rating by t***h for Red Dunner Central Bearded Dragon ($124.99)
Extremely communicative and kind. I had so many questions and they were very patient with me during the process!
Rating by j***3 for Hypo Witblits Central Bearded Dragon ($224.00)
Very responsive, answered all my questions. Dragon arrived on time and in good condition. I would buy again
Thank you for your business!
Rating by h***h for Red Central Bearded Dragon ($74.99)
I am stunned at all my babies I purchased from this seller, which were 4! Hands down the calmest bearded dragons I have seen! They are extremely happy with their bio-active enclosures! I will definitely order from this breeder again!
Thank you for your business!
Very happy once again, received my other two & once again everyone is very healthy & are very very calm! 10 ⭐️‘S 100% seller!
Rating by k***6 for Hypo Dunner Central Bearded Dragon ($124.99)
Dragon is even more impressive in person. Would purchase from again.
Thank you for your business!
Rating by b***y for Red Central Bearded Dragon ($99.99)
My dragon arrived the day after I paid for him. Seller was very helpful in assisting to make sure he thrived when he got here since I’m a first time BD owner. Credible and excellent business person. Dragon I’m great condition.
Thank you for your business! Don’t hesitate to ask more questions if you have them!
Rating by j***5 for Hypo Leatherback Witblits Central Bearded Dragon ($269.99)
Everything was great and all spiders arrived alive and wel. Sadly though they weren’t packaged that great and I discussed this with the seller so hopefully it never happens again. Just as an fyi, 2 were out of containers, luckily ok though.
Rating by r***7 for WHOLESALE Pink Toe Tarantula ($20.00)
Purchased multiple animals (40+) from Ryan, and he threw in a few extra surprises! Animals all came in great, packaging was secure, communication was spot on. Would definitely work with him again.
Thank you so much for your business!
Rating by f***s for Mountain Horned Dragons Other Lizard ($30.00)
I received my my young zero bearded dragon today and absolutely love her. Will definitely buy from Ryan again in the near future.
Thank you so much for your business! I'm so glad you love her!
Rating by w***s for Zero Central Bearded Dragon ($269.99)
My bearded dragon arrived with no signs of stress (i.e. stress marks, black beard, etc.) and the overnight shipping was quick and efficient. Seller was very responsive, and obviously did a great job raising my girl with proper husbandry.
Thank you so much for your business! Enjoy your new girl!
Rating by e***h for Witblits Central Bearded Dragon ($249.99)
Great communication and service 👏
Thank you for your purchase! Please let us know if you need anything else!
Rating by k***e for Natalia Mountain Horned Dragon Other Lizard ($100.00)
Amazing respond back time, and helped me with all my questions!! 1000% recommend buying from
Rating by h***c for Palmetto Corn Snake ($400.00)
Purchased this as my first spider. Seller was efficient with communication and shipping, the spider was active and eating after receiving her!
Rating by s***3 for Regal Jumping Spider True Spider ($30.00)
Got a nice healthy ball python. Quick to answer emails and shipped immediately. Gave 4 stars on shipping because they forgot to tape the deli and she was loose in the box when I received her but all was good. Just a slight mental error.
Rating by c***e for Spotnose Het Clown Ball Python ($175.00)
Gorgeous adult Sunbeam snake! These guys know how to properly pack a snake for shipping. Snake looks healthy and vibrant. Will buy from again in the future. Thanks PSU.
Rating by t***n for Sun Beam Snake Other Colubrid ($100.00)
Great experience! Will shop with them again.
Rating by r***1 for Red Eye Crocodile Other Skink ($250.00)
Arrived on time, looks healthy
Rating by s***0 for Big Juvie Savanahs Savannah Monitor ($75.00)
First initial communication was decent once package was shipped and payment was received it was smooth sailing snake was much more younger like legit out of the egg than I expected
Rating by a***1 for Blood Red Babies Corn Snake ($60.00)
Rating by e***s for High Color Solomon Island Ground Boa ($125.00)
Seller was fast with responding with my questions. It was exactly what I wanted. Had it shipped to me within a one day. Happy and Healthy Hognose. Very impressed with my purchase and with the Seller.
Rating by m***9 for Giant Madagascar Hognose Malagasy Giant Hognose ($300.00)
It was a great experience working with him. I had a lot of questions that he had a lot of answers to. The monitor was very healthy from the first day
Rating by j***3 for Mangrove Monitor ($150.00)
Only thing was the packaging...they were all in the same bag but all were alert and active
Rating by j***n for Central American Wood Turtle ($30.00)
Very fast response, turtles came healthy and immediately started eating. A+ seller
Rating by b***r for 100% Het Albino Sideneck Trio Side & Snake-necked Turtle ($400.00)
Was a great experience purchasing my new Brazilian rainbow boa.. thanx again guys.. I will be back for sure! Cheers...
Rating by b***s for Brazilian Rainbow Boa Water Snake ($325.00)
All good 👍
Rating by d***o for Teal Pacman Horned Frog ($45.00)
Great seller and quickly responsive to any questions.
Rating by h***5 for Small Tokay Gecko ($65.00)
Simply awesome.
Rating by l***7 for Patternless Pacman Horned Frog ($100.00)
Rating by l***7 for Larger Green Pacmans Horned Frog ($50.00)
Great seller. Centipede was exactly as shown in photos. Would definitely buy from this seller again.
Rating by j***z for Solomon Island Large Centipede ($150.00)
Nice and easy but trusted aswell.
Rating by p***2 for CBB Black Dragon Other Lizard ($3,800.00)
The package was just as described it was really packed and snake is very cute
Rating by j***l for Normal Import Males Ball Python ($50.00)
The seller answered back after my first inquiry and he even checked the whether and shipped it Monday and arrived Tuesday, however everything was positive and easy I just wanted a little more interaction with the seller, all in all it was easy & fast
Rating by o***0 for Normal Import Females Ball Python ($60.00)