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I caught my first snake in 1958 and started breeding them in the early 1980s. A few years later I formed Prairieland Herpetoculture. In the late 1980s I began working with several species of O. taeniurus and began to delve into Asian rat snakes more broadly. I first bred E. mandarinus in 1990 and O. moellendorffi in 1991 each from wild imports. In the early 1990s I began to produce calico Chinese Beauties (O. t. taeniurus). Some years later, I acquired several hypo Chinese Beauties ("Hypo" being what the importer called them at the time.) and by 2004 I was producing hypo calicos, as well as hypos and calicos. Unless otherwise indicated, the snakes presented here are each produced by Prairieland Herp. Thanks for your interest!

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A non refundable 25% deposit will hold orders for not more than 30 days. Orders are shipped overnight Tuesday and Wednesday to FedEx staffed ship center. Live arrival is guaranteed upon purchase of insurance @ $2.50 per $100 value. Contact must be made within 24 hours to resolve any issues. Deceased animal claims must be accompanied by photos. Due to a recent incident it seems I have to state the obvious. I will make every effort to ship when it is convenient for the recipient. However, there may be factors that are out of my control. The wellbeing of the animals is my prime concern, and shipping is at my sole discretion.

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