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Brilliant communication, exceptionally good quality Gecko. Couldn’t be more pleased, rate the seller highly
Rating by j***n for Young Adult Nethrurus “Red” Levis Levis Breeding Size Knob-Tailed Gecko (GB£300.00)
Lovely person to talk to, very helpful and responds very sharply. The hog was shipped Wednesday arrived Thursday, early morning and he was secured nicely so that he didn't slide around during travel. He looks even more stunning than the photo as well
An update from my last review! Both hognoses I bought from him eat well. No issues from them or the seller. We continued talking after the sale and he was still lovely to chat to!
Rating by r***s for 100% Het Sable, Caramel 66% Het Hypo (Toasted Caramel / Permafrost) Western Hognose (GB£475.00)