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Redridge Reptiles is a family owned and operated reptile collection, producing quality captive bred reptiles. We specialize in Western Hognose morphs but also work with some other interesting species. We only sell well-started animals that are consistently eating unscented frozen/thawed prey, unless otherwise noted.

Store Policy
*** Family owned and operated *** Live arrival guarantee ***

Full payment for animal(s) in addition to the cost of shipping is due before any animal can be shipped. Payment plans or short-term holds are considered on a case-by-case basis. We currently accept PayPal, Venmo, or Cashapp. Holds and payment plans require PayPal, for invoice for tracking purposes.

We only ship FedEx Priority Overnight, once a week, typically on Tuesday for Wednesday arrival. Due to local laws in these areas we cannot ship Western Hognose to Colorado, Illinois (without proof of your permit), or Iowa.

We offer a live delivery guarantee on every animal. Our live delivery guarantee is voided if the the buyer provides incorrect shipping information, is not present to receive the package, or does not pick up the animal from a shipping hub same-day if pre-arranged to be held there. The live arrival guarantee expires once the animal is alive in your possession. In the unlikely event of a DOA, the buyer must notify us with a photo within two hours of receiving the package. Full refunds will provided for the cost of the animal only, and not shipping costs.

Payment for animals constitutes express acceptance of all terms herein contained. This agreement is deemed to be the final, complete, and exclusive expression of the agreement of the parties. Any modifications or variances to the terms of this agreement must be in writing and signed or otherwise adopted by Redridge Reptiles. All sales of live animals are final. Redridge Reptiles makes no warranties as to temperament of any animal it sells. As such, by tender of the purchase price, buyer is deemed to have assumed the risk of any danger posed from actions, including but not limited to bites, illness, infections, allergies, scratches, or lacerations caused by the animal. Redridge Reptiles will not be responsible for any veterinary costs incurred by the buyer for the maintenance and upkeep of the animal. Redridge Reptiles will, as time allows, provide support for any acclimation issues or questions.