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Smaller hobby breeder of bearded dragons, corn snakes and ball pythons of various morphs. Message or text for link to our website as well as find us on Instagram and facebook. We are a licensed business and only charge actual shipping cost with no tax on shipping. When you purchase from us you become an extension of our family and we appreciate all updates on animals purchased through us! Make sure to check out our facebook page we do several give away dragons each year! I do occasionally bulk sale if you are looking to bulk buy email me the number you are looking for I'll let you know what I have.

Store Policy
Shipping prices vary based on your location and what the shipper charges. If you are not present to receive your animal when shipped All guarantees are void..... Payments are accepted via paypal, chase quick pay, and square trade Cash app etc. Visit the website to purchase directly if there are no links for purchase available email or text me. I do not hold or ship without a payment/deposit to hold a dragon a min payment of $50 (deposit amount depends on the cost of the dragon and is stated in the ad if deposits are being accepted) must be made then the dragon will be held for 2 wks and balance must be paid at 2 wks, deposits are none refundable but can be transferred to a different purchase with notice and agreement (every purchase has a 10% deposit to it). Shipping is done via shipyourreptiles over night with fedex. We provide live guarantee on our shipments. We do not offer refunds once payment is received unless there is doa (dead on arrival or some health issue). You must be present at time of delivery for any guarantee to stay valid (if fedex notes no one available to receive all guarantees are void!) If you contact us with a doa or a death within the guarantee time frame be ready to provide full body images of the dragon we can do nothing without these photos (front, back, stomach and rear images as well as images of both sides). Dragon must also have been seen by a vet prior to death for guarantee. We will also require photos of the enclosure the dragon was housed in for a health guarantee if your enclosure is setup incorrectly you will not receive any compensation as in most cases the death is due to incorrect housing and care. We do not accept payment until all questions are answered and purchasing party is sure they are ready to proceed with the purchase as funds are spent toward the care and housing of the dragons once received. We encourage buyers to ask any and all questions and not to purchase a dragon until fully certain with not only us but any breeder!

We do not discount for tail nips as they occasionally happen and do not affect the quality of the dragon. Full body photos are provided and dragons are delivered as shown in photos. We do not guarantee the sex on any dragon under 5 months of age.

We see our customers as an extension of our family and hope that after the purchase of a reptile through us they will continue to stay in touch and keep us updated on the growth/development of that dragon for the life of the dragon.

Some dragons are posted but may not be of shipping weight as of yet. I will inform you if the dragon is not able to be shipped as none are shipped under 10 grams and some times we still hold them till they are larger then that to ensure they can handle being shipped. If at any time a refund is warranted understand unless there is a DOA a 20% processing fee for return will be charged so your refund will be x amount - 20% processing fee hence if you paid 500 refund will be 400 (500 * 20% = 100 500-100 = 400).

We only ship within the USA we do not export to other countries. For more on our policies please see either the website or facebook page.

Effective January 15, 2021, MorphMarket's Default Store Policy specifies any terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.