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Mar 18, 2016
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REHKER REPTILES is owned and operated by Michael Rehker and is a reptile breeding facility that specializes in genetic color and pattern mutations in ball pythons. I have been keeping and breeding various reptiles for over 20 years, and hatched my first clutch of pastel jungle ball python eggs back in 2003. I also promote wildlife conservation, education and research...and am a proud advocate of the USARK.

Rehker Reptiles is located just south of Nashville, Tennessee. Care of the animals is priority one, so my collection is given the utmost attention and remains at a manageable level. I pride myself at having a collection full of top quality, healthy animals with a diverse genetic background. Honesty, trust, and loyalty to my customers are always important to me as well as the quality of my animals. Please don't hesitate to email me if you have questions or if you are interested in an animal.

Customer service is very important to me, and I've worked hard to gain and maintain the good standing I enjoy in the herp community. You will be treated with respect, honesty, and integrity. I selectively breed for the best examples of each trait, producing offspring of the highest caliber and worthy of your investment.

Currently my focus is on ball pythons, but other species will be available in the future. Emails, texts, and calls will be returned as quickly as possible. If you do not hear back from me within 24 hours of sending your message, please try again, as chances are it slipped through the cracks or I did not receive it.

Fascinated with cold blooded creatures for as long as I can remember, it's been a true passion of mine to study, keep and breed a large variety of reptiles throughout my life. I've been keeping reptiles since I was a young kid, with my very first reptile pet being a southern black racer that was given to me by a friend. After watching that beauty thrive in captivity in my bedroom, I was hooked and knew I wanted to be herper. From there I acquired and kept a variety of species including tegus, blue tongue skinks, ball pythons, bearded dragons, crested geckos, blood pythons, womas, bullsnakes, leopard geckos, chameleons, hognose & tricolor hognose, boa constrictors, chondros, Amazon tree boas, emerald tree boas and a few others. I've had the pleasure of working in the Unseen New World exhibit house (herpetology department) at the Nashville Zoo. Over the years I've been very successful at raising and keeping many species and have decided to focus on one of my all time favorites - ball pythons. The genetic diversity found in ball pythons is incredible and keeps me excited to keep producing these amazing animals. The unlimited morphological possibilities make the ball python not only a sound investment, but a truly beautiful one at that.

Store Policy
Please read the following carefully. By purchasing an animal from Rehker Reptiles, you agree to the following:

All prices are negotiable. Reasonable offers only.

Different payment plans are available. All deposits are non-refundable. Contact me for more information. All payment plans require a non-refundable 25% deposit. Animals will be shipped after complete payment has been received.

I ship Mon - Wed via FedEx for next day arrival.
Sex / Health / Genetics Guaranteed
Tons of referrals, just need to ask. Or you can do a search on the FaunaClassifieds BOI.
Please email me at for more information.

TO YOUR DOOR SHIPMENTS- It is the buyers responsibility to be present to receive the package or designate somebody to be present to receive the package once a shipping date has been agreed upon. I do not guarantee live arrival on shipments to your door under extreme weather conditions, under 40 or over 90 degrees Fahrenheit, unless stated otherwise. Live arrival guarantee is void on shipments not signed for and received on the first delivery attempt.

TO YOUR LOCAL HUB SHIPMENTS- It is the buyers responsibility to pick up the package at the hub promptly. Packages held at hubs are usually available for pickup around 9-10am so live arrival guarantee is void on any packages not picked up within 3 hours of being available for pickup at the hub, unless stated otherwise.

I guarantee that any animal sold as a male or female has been properly sexed. In the event you receive an animal that has been incorrectly sexed we will be glad to provide a shipping label to return the animal. Upon arriving alive and healthy back at our facility and being proven incorrectly sexed a replacement animal will be sent at our cost. If an acceptable replacement is not available then a full refund shall be issued.

We will gladly work out short term payment plans with you if you can not pay in full right now.
Payment plans typically require a 25% non refundable deposit. We do not hold animals without a deposit. All deposits are non-refundable.

*under $500 = 25% deposit and the balance paid off in 2 weeks

*$500-$750 = 25% deposit and the balance paid off in 30 days
-the remaining balance will be split in half and will be due in 2 equal payments. The first at the 2 week mark and the second on or before the 30-day mark.

*$751-$1000 = 25% deposit and the balance paid off in 45 days
-the remaining balance will be split in 3 and will be due in 3 equal payments. The 1st due at the 2 week mark, the 2nd due at the 4 week mark, and the 3rd due on or before the 45-day mark.

*over $1000 = 25% deposit and the balance paid off in 60 days
-the remaining balance will be split into 4 and will be due in 4 equal payments. The 1st due at the 2 week mark, the 2nd due at the 4 week mark, the 3rd due on the 6 week mark, and the 4th due on or before the 60-day mark.

Animals purchased this way will be shipped once the balance has been paid in full.
Failure to fulfill the predetermined payment schedule decided when the payment plan is started will result in a loss of the 25% non refundable deposit and any money on the balance after the 25% will go towards credit on a future purchase. No cash refunds will be given under any circumstances.

Any variation of the set payment plan schedule is on a case by case situation so don't hesitate to Contact Us if you have any questions or would like to further discuss your payment plan options. Please note, when doing a payment plan there will be no refunds on any money collected throughout the payment plan. We will gladly extend you credit toward another animal we have for sale or future offspring.

Shipping is done by Fed Ex Priority Overnight, in a properly insulated box, using Ship Your Reptiles. Please contact me so I can give you a proper price quote. Orders over $1000 ship for free. I guarantee my snakes to be healthy, feeding, and properly sexed unless otherwise agreed upon. Once an animal leaves my facility, I have no control over the care you offer, or that you fail to provide to your animals. I guarantee my animals to be in perfect health upon arrival. All sold animals will have proper body weight and showing no physical signs of illness. If properly acclimated and cared for, my animals should do excellent for you. It's difficult to put a longer term guarantee on my animals because once you receive them, I have no way of controlling how they are cared for. If I do not hear from you, I will consider our transaction complete. I must be notified IMMEDIATELY upon arrival (within 1 hour) if there appears to be an issue with your snake. Any issues arising after 24 hours will be handled on an individual basis. You will be treated fairly, and I ask the same in return.

Know your state/county/city laws. You must be at least 18 years of age to place an order from Rehker Reptiles.