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Mar 01, 2017
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The Reptile Barn is owned by two families, who are operating a reptile business in Anchorage Alaska as part of a lifelong dream to work with animals and nature. We started with a breeding colony of ball pythons, and are looking to expand into Dominican Red Mountain Boas, Amazon Tree Boas, Monitors, and several other species we are passionate about. We are excited to grow the hobby in Alaska, where a small but dedicated reptile community has been amazing to work with so far. Check out our Facebook page to see what's new at The Reptile Barn!

Store Policy
Sex and genetics are guaranteed by The Reptile Barn. Every animal shipped will be the exact animal pictured in the ad.

No animal will be shipped until it is eating strongly. We can work with individual preferences regarding F/T versus live, mouse versus rat, etc.
Many ball pythons take a few days or occasionally more to settle in after shipment, and we will continue to be available with advice about animals not eating, or any other concern a customer has throughout the animal's life.

Shipping: We are certified FedEx shippers. We can ship even in the wintertime, because the planes leaving Alaska are heated. Despite living in Alaska, we have not found there to be any delays, extreme price differences, or other challenges related to shipping compared to other northern states.
All sales are final! Be aware before you purchase that during severe cold weather, there may be a significant delay before we can ship to ensure the safety of our animals.

DOA: Any animal shipped needs to be inspected by the buyer upon arrival. Full refund will only be offered if a picture is taken of the animal and sent to us via text or email within one hour of the animal's arrival.

Payment: We currently accept paypal, Facebook pay, and Google pay. Multiple animal discounts, payment plans, and additional photos are available upon request. We respond fastest to emails and texts.

The fastest way to reach us is via email, at

Effective January 15, 2021, MorphMarket's Default Store Policy will specify terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.