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May 11, 2017
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We guarantee all genetics (except on possible hets or unless stated), animals are sexed correctly, healthy, eating and otherwise fit for sale.

   SHIPPING: We ship Monday thru Wednesday via FedEx priority overnight right to your door or the nearest FedEx ¹hub. Shipping is a flat fee of $65.00 (which includes an insulated live animals box, heat/cold packs as needed, snake bag/deli cup, packing material, appropriate labels, residential fees and taxes. Live arrival shipping insurance is extra and is $2.50 per $100. We ship anywhere in the continental USA. Animal purchase(s) totaling ²$1,000 or more ship for free! Animals are shipped year round ³weather permitting usually arriving to you/hub by ⁴10:30am. Package(s) must be signed for/received on the first delivery attempt or picked up at a fedex hub within 3 hours of arriving at the FedEx facility or live arrival guarantee is void. It is the buyers responsibility to be present to receive/pick up the package or designate somebody to be present to receive/pick up the package once a shipping date has been agreed upon. The live arrival guarantee will be void if we are provided the ⁵incorrect shipping information. We are not responsible for carrier delays, weather related accidents and/or other acts of god. (Although optional, purchasing shipping insurance is recommended). We must be notified of any DOA within the first hour of arrival/pickup. It is your responsibility to provide us with photographic proof the animal is DOA so that your live arrival guarantee is not void. In the unfortunate event of a DOA a replacement will be offered. If an acceptable replacement is not available to your liking, a full 100% refund including the shipping will be issued. It is your responsibility to research any/all laws in your area.
   PAYMENT: Payment is sent via PayPal, ⁶money order or personal check. Payment plans are available on any animals over $200. Which require a 25% non refundable deposit and $50 per week on balance until paid in full. (There is no added fee for starting a payment plan). If you need a different payment plan arrangement just ask. We will be glad to work with you to help you get the animal you want. Failure to stay current with the agreed upon payment schedule will result in a loss of 25% of the total deposit and any remaining money left will go towards a ⁷credit on a future purchase. Unfortunatly due to the nature and care required of live animals there is only a 24 hour health guarentee as we cannot be responsible for the ⁸care of the animal(s) once they have left our care. All sales are final. Animals must be paid in full before shipping.

  ¹First time customers paying via PayPal, may be required to pick up package(s) at their closest FedEx hub due to a steady rise in charge backs.
  ²Customers purchasing $1000 worth of animals [or any amount we feel validating a cause of potential concern] may be required to show a current state ID. [This may also apply to first time customers and is only to deter scammers].
  ³We do not ship in extreme weather conditions [<30℉ or >100℉]. We will hold the animal(s) for free until weather conditions are acceptable for shipping.
  ⁴Shipping arrival times vary based on location. [Remote areas may have arrival times as late as 3pm].
  ⁵Shipping info required: [please double check to make sure all info is correct as it may delay shipping and ultimately void any/all guarantees].
•Mailing address (including apt/suite #)
•City/state and zipcode
•Email address
•phone number [optional]
  ⁶Money orders and checks must clear in full [may take up to 2 weeks] before any shipping arrangements will be made.
  ⁷Any credit issued due to a payment plan termination because of non payment/buyer cancellation will expire in 1 year of date payment plan was originally started.
  ⁸Please research the care in-depth of the animal, way before you buy the animal.

   ▪Please note that failure to read our policy/terms and conditions, whether intentional or accidental will under no circumstances be reason to consider them altered or void.

Effective January 15, 2021, MorphMarket's Default Store Policy will specify terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.