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Will T Moroz
Campbellford, ON, Canada Canada flag
Mar 08, 2017
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Here at Royal Canadian Reptiles (RCR), we have been striving to produce some of the most rare and beautiful Ball pythons around. Our policy is simple, lets make snakes that look great as ADULTS. Our collection leans towards the "higher end" mutations, but our prices do not always reflect that. We have hand chose our breeding stock from the most reputable breeders across North America.

I started at a young age collecting reptiles, Anoles, Geckos, colubrids, and a few ball pythons. It was not until many years later, during my university years, that I found myself browsing a pet store and came across a female ball python with a bad burn on its tail. I spoke with the shop keeper and he agreed to let me take her home. It was then that my passion for reptiles was reignited. I went home and discovered how many beautiful mutations had sprung up in the Ball Python industry. I was hooked. It was not long before I had multiple animals. Things seemed to just take off from there, whether is was learning about genetics, or how specific genes interacted with each other. Have grown the collection to about 100 breeding females currently. The female I rescued from the pet store still remains in our collection, and has proven to lay eggs for us. I am very excited about the future of the ball python industry and look forward to speaking with you.

Will Moroz
Royal Canadian Reptiles

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