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Store Policy
***Regional Shipping Only. PayPal accepted. Listed prices do NOT include shipping charges.***

Guarantee & Buying Policy
SGBReptiles guarantees all animals purchased from us to be in perfect health upon arrival (showing no physical signs of illness), have the stated genetics upon purchase, and are correctly sexed. All 100% heterozygous animals are 100% guaranteed with paper work.

Please save the shipping box - In the event you receive your animal incorrectly sexed, we're happy to provide a shipping label to return the animal. A replacement animal will be sent at no cost to you the buyer. If an acceptable replacement is not available then a full refund will be issued once the animal is returned alive and healthy back to SGBReptiles and incorrect sex is confirmed.

Please open shipping boxes and inspect all animals immediately upon receipt of shipment. SGBReptiles wants you to be happy with the animal(s) you receive. In the off chance there are any problems outside of stated guarantees, we need to know about them right away. If you have any valid concerns regarding your order, SGBReptiles must be notified (email, text, or phone call w voice mail) within 24 hours of receipt of your shipment to qualify for replacement or credit. All sales are final within the stated guarantees; credit will be awarded in exchange of a refund. We do NOT give cash refunds outside of the stated guarantees. If the animal cannot be replaced, credit towards a similar type or similar value future purchase may be considered. We reserve the right to refuse sale (Ex. If we feel selling an animal to you is not in its best interests or the ball python trade in general). Prices are subject to change without notice with exception to animals for which we have already received a deposit.

SGBReptiles does NOT guarantee animal temperament, nor offer refunds due to customer dissatisfaction of an animals temperament. All down payments on a payment plan are non-refundable. No refunds are given on incomplete payment plans due to customer reneging on payment obligations. Though we are happy to help with any care issues you may have (feeding, breeding, husbandry, etc.) we make no guarantee beyond 1 week post live arrival of a healthy animal as we cannot control its environment and husbandry once an animal leaves our care.

Shipping Policy
Your Ball Python will NOT ship until the order, payment, & ALL required shipping information is confirmed. This WILL include the buyers full name & shipping address, the full name of the person signing, and the best contact phone number & email (this information will only be added to the required shipping information and used for that purpose ONLY). You the customer are responsible for knowing your state and local laws for owning the selected reptile prior to purchase. We will not intentionally break those laws. ALL orders will require a signature to receive your Ball Python. Buyer must be 18 or older.

Shipping is done Monday - Thursday and ONLY during proper weather conditions via FedEx overnight shipping. We prefer and suggest shipping to a FedEx hub but we're happy to ship to your door! If you are not there to sign the first time then all live arrival guarantees are nullified. When picking up your new ball python from a FedEx hub you must do so within 2 hours or the live arrival guarantee is nullified. If the incorrect shipping information is provided, live arrival guarantees are nullified.

In the off chance your Ball Python is DOA, you must contact us within two hours upon receiving your Ball Python. The receiving time will be determined by the delivery time provided by FedEx delivery tracking. An email or text message with a photo of the exact Ball Python must be received within the 2 hour time frame or all guarantees are nullified. You must provide us with photographic proof that the animal is dead, and we may request that you ship the body back so we can submit the animal for a necropsy.

Feeding Policy
Herpetoculture takes patience! All of our snakes are guaranteed to be feeding at the time they are shipped. None of our hatchling Ball Pythons are shipped until they are feeding well on their own (no assistance) and have eaten at least 4-5 meals at our facility.

***When you purchase from us you understand and are agreeing to the terms above***

Thank you for your interest!