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Jordy is the BEST! He’s super communicative and informative and so knowledgeable! The gorgeous gecko we bought from him is amazing and we will definitely purchase from him again!
Rating by c***k for Super Giant Blood Emerine Het Tremper 66% Het Eclipse Leopard Gecko ($350.00)
Was exactly what seller described. Gecko was healthy with bold colors. Seller was at meet up location on time.
Rating by m***5 for Giant/ Super Giant Tremper Albino Eclipse Leopard Gecko ($200.00)
Flawless transaction. You can trust the seller to be up front, honest, and ship with care. Would definitely purchase from again.
Rating by b***7 for Giant W&Y Tremper Redstripe Eclipse Leopard Gecko ($425.00)
Jordy exceeds my expectations as a seller & my super giant gecko is amazing! Jordy responds to all my questions in a timely manner; he is upfront, honest, reliable, & genuinely cares about his animals. Shipping packaging was on point. 100% Recommend
Rating by b***n for Super Giant Blood Leopard Gecko ($300.00)
The seller communicated quickly around all questions. He also let me know when our gecko shipped, along with tracking information. He followed up to make sure our gecko arrived safely. Excellent service
Rating by c***n for W&Y Mack Snow Dbl Het Tremper Eclipse Leopard Gecko ($75.00)