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Fantastic experience. Snakes at Sunset were incredibly communicative and worked incredibly fast to get the snake shipped. He arrived in perfect condition and looks very healthy. The packaging was obviously done with care. Would purchase again.
Rating by m***e for Albino Super Conda Western Hognose ($500.00)
My hog nose came in nice and well packed she wasn’t the exact shade I thought but she’s healthy and eating so I’m happy with everything overall thank you.
Rating by j***7 for Het Axanthic & Albino Western Hognose ($300.00)
Good service and communication.
Rating by v***s for Hi- White Solomon Island Ground Boa ($250.00)
Entire purchase was smooth. Snake came healthy and eating with no concerns.
Rating by v***y for Het Pink Pastel Albino Western Hognose ($225.00)
In love with our new edition. Thank you again!
Rating by j***9 for Super Arctic Western Hognose ($800.00)
nice seller
Rating by h***k for Solomon Island Ground Boa ($200.00)
good transaction
Rating by h***k for Hi- White Solomon Island Ground Boa ($200.00)
Animal came in healthy, and as described! Seller communication was fantastic.
Rating by f***s for Yearling Merauke Blue-Tongued Skink ($275.00)
nice animal, good transaction
Rating by h***k for Yearling Merauke Blue-Tongued Skink ($250.00)
Very fast response. The sand boas I purchased are beautiful and healthy. Couldn't be happier. Will definitely purchase from Snakes at Sunset again. Loura
Rating by l***a for Normal Kenyan Sand Boa ($150.00)
all great
Rating by m***y for Ghost Western Hognose ($750.00)
Seller was very communicative with the process of the purchase, shipment and extra questions I had. Beautiful corn snake, excellent condition just as photographed. 5⭐️
Rating by e***a for Snow Motley Corn Snake ($150.00)
Planned to ship on 8/10…Shipped 8/8 had to call off work to be there to sign for gecko. Just a communication mishap on their end. Gecko arrived fine and is gorgeous! :)
Rating by k***s for Striped Albino Hourglass African Fat-Tailed Gecko ($150.00)
He came exactly when promised and alive !!!! Packed well!!!
Rating by r***e for Banana Ball Python ($250.00)
Fast communication lightning fast shipping awesome animal very happy thank you so much!
Rating by m***4 for Axanthic Conda Western Hognose ($600.00)
All was great and both Libyan Greeks look great. I would though use more air holes in the shipping box. The staff working at Snakes at Sunset were great.
Rating by c***a for Pair Of Liberian Greek Tortoise ($750.00)
Perfect experience! This beautiful little gal arrived healthy and active, safely and securely packed, and has already eaten a meal and looking ready for a healthy shed. Very pleased!
Rating by l***w for Nice Normal! Corn Snake ($100.00)
Gecko was as described/pictured. Shipping went well and arrived safely. Comms overall was good and precise.
Rating by c***y for Baby Gargoyle Gecko ($300.00)
Great seller, super fast shipping, & beautiful, healthy hognose! Shipped the same day payment was made & arrived the next day. The snake is gorgeous & active, adjusted very quickly, & has already eaten, only 4 days after arrival. Will def be back!
Rating by i***4 for Albino Conda Western Hognose ($350.00)
Snake arrived on time and in perfect health. Thank you again. Will continue to do business.
Rating by d***s for Toffee Super Conda “Candy” Western Hognose ($700.00)
Seller answered all my questions promptly.package was sent and received on time. Packaging was good. The snake itself is alive healthy and beautiful. Look forward to using seller again and will definitely recommend to others!
Rating by d***8 for Fire! Corn Snake ($175.00)
Not my first time buying from this sell and I am sure not my last. Everything is great.
Rating by o***s for Chocolate Lavender California Kingsnake ($350.00)
Perfect transaction as always.
Rating by o***s for Pastel Western Hognose ($250.00)
another flawless transaction. Thank you so much.
Rating by o***s for Axanthic Conda Western Hognose ($700.00)
SAS "forgot" to ship this snake at first, then refunded me after ghosting me on the second ship date saying they "couldn't" ship it. They have refused to reply to me since or offer any explanation as to why they can't ship the animal.
Rating by j***1 for Red Het Albino Bullsnake ($200.00)
Everything was great!
Rating by r***e for Granite Sunkissed Het Lava Corn Snake ($200.00)
great experience, thank you
Rating by o***s for Neon Toffee Belly Conda Western Hognose ($600.00)
Fast shipping. Great communication. Baby is alive and healthy. I am a very happy customer. Would highly recommend this breeder.
thanks for the support! that one is a SCREAMER!
Rating by w***n for Baby Gargoyle Gecko ($300.00)
Great experience. Would definitely revisit if I am looking for another snake in the future.
Rating by d***e for Apricot Normal Mix Pueblan Milk Snake ($150.00)
The snake arrived very healthy and active, no issues at all with the transaction. Seller did an amazing job with communication and shipping. I could not be happier with the snake, looks even better in person.
Rating by r***d for Neon Toffee Belly Conda Western Hognose ($400.00)
Gorgeous snake transaction went smoothly and was shipped out and arrived promptly and was packaged well.
Rating by d***0 for Funky Pueblan Milk Snake ($150.00)
Awesome breeder to work with! Answers all questions in a timely matter and amazing communication. My beautiful little milksnake arrived on time healthy and happy! So thankful! I would definitely work with this breeder again!
Rating by c***c for Hi White Albino Nelson's Milk Snake ($150.00)
I am very happy with my purchase! The packaging was excellent! The snake arrived in perfect condition!
Rating by s***7 for Jungle Boa Constrictor ($350.00)
Great looking snake. Thank you!
Rating by r***s for Super Arctic Conda Western Hognose ($1,500.00)
Awesome service and great animals.
Rating by b***t for Hypo Amel Brooks' Kingsnake ($200.00)
The only thing that could have been better would have been my FedEx in town delivering before noon, otherwise everything was great and snake is more beautiful in person than the picture. Thank you 🙂
Rating by b***r for PPA Western Hognose ($800.00)
I have purchased 3 different hognose from them and all 3 times have been great experiences! Always fast for shipping , answers immediately, always what you pay for , just amazing all together. Thank you 😊
Rating by b***0 for Het Lavender Western Hognose ($350.00)
They told me they were going to ship her multiple times but never did , after I asked when she would arrive after the ship date had already passed twice , 2 days later they replied that I would have to wait another week. Horrible customer service.
not sure why, but usually its regarding weather, if not it would be due to it missing a meal and us making sure it was still feeding well. If it wasnt, then we would refund it, we dont want to send animals that dont eat well, or weather issues
Rating by m***d for Albino Banana Cali Kingsnake California Kingsnake ($200.00)
Purchased a gargoyle gecko from them about 4 days ago. Received it and come to find out the gecko has a big bump right next to the neck. That wasn't in the description. There completely ignoring me about it. Careful purchasing from them. Bad business
This was refunded, so no idea what you mean you were ignored.
Rating by l***s for Gargoyle Gecko ($200.00)
Beautiful gecko with a wonderful temperament
Rating by t***i for Gargoyle Gecko ($200.00)
Outstanding customer service. Beautiful animal as well. There were multiple complicated weather delays and they worked through them wonderfully with me. Snake arrived healthy, hissy, and just as described (visually and personality wise).
Rating by k***r for Axanthic Conda Western Hognose ($650.00)
SAS is not super quick to respond, it took me four days to give them my money. They did send me a picture of him before shipping. I got the exact animal I wanted healthy and alert, he took a week to adjust, has taken two meals from me, and in shed.
we try! just everyone wants our animals, and tons of messages!
Rating by r***d for High White Anery Sand Boa Kenyan Sand Boa ($275.00)
Was a very pretty bullsnake
Rating by d***s for Red Bullsnake ($400.00)
Beautiful healthy sand boa arrived on time.
Rating by j***n for Splash Sand Boa Kenyan Sand Boa ($400.00)
Beautiful, healthy snake. Professional service.
Rating by l***e for Super Speck Mex Mex Kingsnake Speckled Kingsnake ($250.00)
When using seller's preferred method of communication very responsive and forthcoming with information. The pictures didn't do the animal justice and the packaging was very professional. Would highly recommend.
Rating by k***s for Sharp Sunglow Jungle #3 Boa Constrictor ($650.00)
Seller worked through text messaging to make sure everything was as it needed to be. Have purchased multiple items from SAS and would do again.
Rating by s***k for Snow Honduran Milk Snake ($300.00)
Seller was very responsive to my questions and shipping was fast and uneventful. My little guy arrived bright and active right out of the box and I'm super happy with him. Would definitely purchase from SAS again in the future!
Rating by j***m for Paradox Snow Kenyan Sand Boa ($400.00)
Bought this male snow Honduran from here and he came super quick and the communication was great. Much better quality than NERDs staff that’s for damn sure!
Rating by c***o for Snow Honduran Milk Snake ($300.00)
Very pleased. Will definitely do more business with them!
Rating by w***4 for Red Albino Bullsnake ($400.00)