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Seller could have communicated a little but other then that,received a beautiful tegu.Had a little bit of rawness on their mouth which I believe came from The tegu biting at the cloth bag.Little neosporin is fixing it up though:)
Rating by b***k for FREE SHIPPING Black & White Tegus Argentine Tegus ($225.00)
Seller accommodated all my requests and the communication was great! I got my gecko the same week and he was well packaged and exactly as pictured and healthy. Thank you, A+++ seller.
Rating by l***i for Tiger Stripe Brindle With Portholes Crested Gecko ($150.00)
5 stars across the board. Received the exact snake in the pictures and he was as healthy as can be. Even roaming around his new enclosure on the first day. I will certainly be purchasing from them again. Thank you SoFlo Reptiles!
Rating by 6***e for Striped Hypo Possible Het Palmetto Corn Snake ($125.00)
Great service and willing to do right by the animal and customer.
Rating by j***2 for Snow Corn Snakes ($76.50)
Thank you for a smooth and easy transaction!
Rating by g***y for Black Pine Snake Baby Pine Snake ($295.00)
AAAAA+++++++ Great guy, knows his stuff.
Rating by o***s for Anery Tessera Het Scaleless Corn Snake ($250.00)
Great guy to work with and get to know. animals are top notch.
Rating by o***s for Coral Ghost Babies Corn Snake ($125.00)
Good experience overall
Rating by g***4 for Albino Stripe Male Pos Het Palmetto Corn Snake ($100.00)
Seller was very professional and diligent! Snake was as described and in good health! Def Recommend
Rating by r***e for Pueblan Milk Snake Babies ($99.00)
Great business, easy transaction. A+
Rating by l***s for Desert Kingsnake ($84.15)
Purchased 3 corns snakes and they are amazing.
Rating by f***n for Pair Of Heliconia Tessera Corns Corn Snake ($400.00)
I received my crested geckos today and they look amazing. They arrived alive and well. Very pleased with the good buying experience. I would definitely recommend SoFlo Reptiles. Thanks Again.
Rating by h***s for Lavender Dalmatian Crested Gecko ($350.00)
fed ex screwed up but seller took care of everything. awesome!
Rating by j***1 for FREE SHIPPING Black And White Baby Tegus Argentine Tegus ($225.00)
This was the best experience overall. The snake arrived in such a timely manner and just as healthy as could be. The seller was awesome to work with and always filled me in on all the details. Highly recommend!
Rating by f***r for Albino Western Hognose Baby Female ($340.00)
My li'l danger noodle is so cool! Also Mark is pretty cool too. He did a great job at getting back to me in a timely manner, and had good answers to any questions I had, the snake arrived in great condition.
Rating by b***a for FREE SHIPPING Leucistic Texas Rat Snake Western Rat Snake ($199.00)
I loved purchasing from this seller! Shipping was protected and she seemed happy in there, had a delay but definitely not their fault just glad they boxed her up well enough to survive! She is exactly like what I expected and shes so sweet!
Rating by l***t for FREE SHIPPING Snow Corn Female Corn Snake ($145.00)
I am head over heels for this girl! She is stunning, healthy and so friendly. So Flo Reptiles is amazing! Very knowledgeable, professional and friendly. All of their animals are clearly well taken care of. Thank you Ethan. You’re the best!!
Rating by r***9 for RTB Phantom Eye Red Blotched Gargoyle Gecko ($1,200.00)
Ethan was very kind and quick to reply. Everything was done in a timely manner and my snake arrived well packaged and healthy the day after I inquired. Thank you Ethan!
Rating by m***t for FREE SHIPPING Leucistic Texas Rat Snake Western Rat Snake ($199.00)
Customers for life!It was a pleasure working with Ethan and Mark at SoFlo Reptiles.Ethan listened to what we were looking for & matched us with the perfect male! Gorgeous!! We learned so much and had a great time doing it!I recommend you to everyone!
Rating by r***9 for FREE SHIPPING Super Light Base Stripe Gargoyle Gecko ($500.00)
Communication was A+, snake was as described, and packaged beautifully. My questions were answered promptly. Seller couldn't have done anything better!
Rating by d***d for FREE SHIPPING Snow Corn Corn Snake ($145.00)
Absolutely no complaints. Mark's communication was excellent and very helpful.
Rating by m***i for Het Hybino Female Honduran Milk Snake ($150.00)
She arrived healthy and happy!! Thank you so much!! Will be buying from you again!!
Rating by u***y for Pure Pine Island Female Leachianus Gecko ($650.00)
Great colors and arrived quickly and healthy. Would purchase from soflo reptiles again.
Rating by k***8 for Vieillardi Subadult Male Chameleon Gecko ($250.00)
Responsive & fair! Thank you!
Rating by k***e for Scaleless Texas Rat Snakes Western Rat Snake ($200.00)
10 out of 10. So Flo Reptiles is as legit as it comes. Just recieved our corn snake and it's MAGNIFICENT!!!
Rating by b***m for Tessera Diffused Ghost Corn Snake ($100.00)
Perfect transaction. Thank you!
Rating by a***s for Toffeebelly Western Hognose ($350.00)
Fantastic people to work with. I purchased a male house snake from them and they let me know the progress of the animal thruout the transaction. Great Communication. Liked the experience so much I purchased a female from them.
Rating by m***y for T-Albino House Snake ($250.00)
Great seller, great communication, animals pack as well also. Wouldn’t hesitate to buy from again
Rating by s***s for Red-footed Tortoises Red-Footed Tortoise ($125.00)
Great breeder and great animal.
Rating by k***o for T-Albino Florida Kingsnake ($250.00)
Received the snake, exactly as described and in good health. Communication from seller was great, and seller worked with me to get the snake shipped safely. Would definitely do business again and recommend this seller!
Rating by j***8 for Black Milk Snake Males ($450.00)
Beautiful animal, arrived healthy in great packaging! Have to say that this was some of the quickest responses I’ve gotten from a seller on MM! Keep up the great work and I hope to come back soon, thank you!
Thank you so much for your business! I am very happy we could get the snake to you quickly and safely. Thank you for your rating and let us know if you ever have any questions!
Rating by m***s for Scaleless Het Anery Corn Snake ($375.00)
Great seller, healthy animal, good experience all around!
Rating by m***4 for Apricot Pueblan Milk Snake ($125.00)
Snake arrived and packaging was great. The snake is so beautiful, exactly as pictured and described. Wonderful seller!
Rating by z***e for High White Albino Nelson's Milk Snake ($225.00)
Another great snake from this incredibly professional breeder and seller. Thank you so much!
Rating by s***x for Albino Everglades Eastern Rat Snake ($200.00)
Awesome experience and a beautiful animal. Highly recommend purchasing a quality animal from them
Rating by m***0 for Extreme Hypo Tangerine Honduran Milk Snake ($300.00)
Snake was lovely and in great health. Good packing job, quick shipping, and great communication from the seller.
Rating by t***a for Baby Children's Pythons ($150.00)
There was great communication and I received a beautiful and healthy snake in a very timely manner. I hope to do more business with South Florida Reptiles in the future.
Rating by s***x for Apricot Pueblan Milk Snakes ($125.00)
Great service and snake looked better in person. Well packed.
Rating by f***s for High Red Brooks Kingsnake Brooks' Kingsnake ($125.00)
Great seller, beautiful snake. Would not hesitate to purchase from them again!
Rating by g***3 for Extreme Hypo Tangerine Honduran Milk Snake ($300.00)
I don't live far so I offered to come pick it up. The seller was going ti be in my area so I picked it up 20minutes from my house. Quick easy exchange. Exactly as pictured and healthy.
Rating by m***w for Holloween Pueblan Milk Snake ($150.00)