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Transaction was flawless and animal arrived perfectly. Definitely would do business again.
Thank you, Jarrod! I hope she thrives with you and you enjoy the little cutie!
Rating by t***1 for Dumeril's - Pet Only Dumeril's Boa ($120.00)
He arrived in excellent health, and was packaged perfectly for the weather he was going to be put through. Excellent breeder, and amazing communication.
Thank you, Cole! It was great doing business with you!
Rating by t***y for Dumeril's Dumeril's Boa ($400.00)
Extremely great experience purchasing my Dumerils boa from Sonja K. Reptiles. The response was very quick and the entire transaction was very well communicated on their end. Definitely will be purchasing another boa from them in the future!
Thank you, Tyler! It was great doing business with you! I hope you enjoy him!
Rating by t***n for Dumeril's Dumeril's Boa ($300.00)
Great Communication! Fast Delivery! Great seller!
Thank you, Terry! It was a pleasure doing business with you!
Rating by s***2 for Dumeril's Boa (Pet Only) ($200.00)
Rapid smooth stellar transaction. Sonja answered all my questions and was very accommodating with a shipping date. My snake is absolutely adorable and was packaged well. Definitely recommend this breeder.
Thank you, Jason! It was my pleasure! Hope you enjoy him!
Rating by b***9 for Roughscale Python Rough-Scaled Python ($1,200.00)
Sonja provided great communication from the start and delivered an even more beautiful animal than expected. Will definitely be ordering from her again! Thanks so much!
Thanks so much, Kaiden! It was my pleasure!
Rating by s***r for 🍁SALE - Longicauda Peruvian Long-Tailed Boa Constrictor ($370.00)
Hands down one of the easiest transactions I've ever had while purchasing an animal. Sellers like Sonja make this hobby go 'round. Highly recommended!
Great doing busy with you, thank you!
Rating by b***o for EBV Salmon Hypo Jungle Monstertail Boa Constrictor ($300.00)
Provided all information I wanted to know about the ball python. And was very flexible with me when I wanted to pick it up!! Super happy with my python she loves her new home!
Awesome to hear! Thank you!
Rating by l***1 for FALL SALE - BEL Super Mojave Ball Python ($350.00)
No complaints, responsive seller and beautiful healthy animal.
Thank you so much!
Rating by c***9 for FALL SALE - Super Pastel Champagne Enchi Ball Python ($270.00)
A FANTASTIC PURCHASE!!! Sonja was very communicative and straightforward. She informed me of her genetics and passion in the hobby. I’m looking forward to many generations from her stock and will definitely purchase again in the future.
Rating by m***d for FALL SALE - Sunset Boa (Aka Super Hypo Hog) Boa Constrictor ($370.00)
Sonja is excellent to work with, professional, and communicates promptly. This is my second snake from her and they are both fantastic. Healthy with great temperaments! Thank you!
I'm so happy they are both with you!
Rating by l***i for FALL SALE - Pet Quality Olive Olive Python ($650.00)
Communicative and responsive! Packaged with care and seller worked with me to find the best shipping date for my schedule while also making sure that the temperatures were safe. Animal seems in good health upon arrival, active and inquisitive.
Thank you! I hope you enjoy her!
Rating by p***d for Pure Hog Island Boa Constrictor ($500.00)
Wonderful experience from beginning to end. It’s very clear that she is incredibly passionate about her animals. I love my new girl.
Thank you! I'm so glad you're happy with her!
Rating by n***1 for FALL SALE - Tarahumara Boa Constrictor ($670.00)
Professional, patient, courteous and compassionate seller. All questions were answered promptly, extra photos were provided. Animals were as described, healthy and beautiful.
Thank you, Carrie! I hope you enjoy keeping them!
Rating by s***s for FALL SALE - Bolivian Boa Short-Tailed Boa Constrictor ($620.00)
Beautiful boa and Sonja was a delight to work with.
Thank you, Marcus!
Rating by j***a for Suriname Boa True Red-Tailed Boa Constrictor ($700.00)
Great seller always willing work with you
Thank you, Jordan! Hope you enjoy him!
Rating by j***3 for Olive Python ($450.00)
Sonja was excellent to work with. This is my first snake, she was very helpful with all my newbie questions, helped trouble shoot some things with my enclosure and was very responsive with communication. It was a local pickup and that was great too!
Thank you, Kit! I hope you're enjoying her!
Update: she is taking food like a champ and I catch her cruising around the enclosure at night. I'm going slow with handling but she relaxes very quickly. Happy, healthy, beautiful ball python! Thank you Sonja!
Rating by k***t for FALL SALE - Pied Ball Python ($290.00)
Ordered an ivory ball python and she exactly as shown and she came to me happy and healthy
Thank you! I hope you enjoy her!
Rating by j***s for Ivory Ball Python ($225.00)
Excellent experience. Sonja and the animal I received are wonderful. Highly recommend. Will definitely purchase again!!
Thank you so much, Candice! Please let me know if you have any further questions about him.
Rating by c***r for Tarahumara Boa Constrictor ($500.00)
Great customer service and an exceptional animal!
Thank you, Joey! I hope you enjoy him!
Rating by j***o for Het Hypo Baird's Baird's Rat Snake ($175.00)
Sonja was very helpful and responsive. She even did some additional research to answer my (many) questions. The animal arrived securely packaged, and exactly as described. If I get another snake, I'm starting my search with her.
Thank you, Rich! It's been my pleasure. I hope you enjoy her!
Rating by r***z for Sunset Boa (Aka Super Hypo Hog) Boa Constrictor ($500.00)
A great experience buying through this breeder! I inquired late at night and the animals was beautifully packaged and in the mail the next day! Gorgeous animal and great informative timely responses from the breeder.
Thank you, Caleb! Pleasure doing business with you! I hope you enjoy your first Boa!
Rating by s***7 for Normal 66% Het Anery Boa Boa Constrictor ($170.00)
Excellent seller, highly recommend
Thank you, Henry! I hope you enjoy them!
Rating by c***4 for New Photos - Bolivian Boa Short-Tailed Boa Constrictor ($1,000.00)
Prompt communication and a great animal! Pleasure doing business with you!
Pleased to hear you are happy with him!
Rating by s***s for New Photos - Bolivian Boa Short-Tailed Boa Constrictor ($1,000.00)
Love my olive Python and Sonja was so helpful!
Happy to hear! Thanks, Ian!
Rating by b***y for Olive Python ($550.00)
She was an absolute delight to meet and buy from! She's so insightful and kind and I can't wait to buy another snake from her in the future!!
Thank you, Briana! It was so nice to meet you, too! Enjoy your little cutie!!
Rating by r***s for Mojave Ball Python ($100.00)
Very easy to communicate with! I would do business again!
Thank you, Justin!
Rating by h***s for Cave Dwelling Ratsnake Beauty Rat Snake ($500.00)
Great communication and on time shipping. I love the Ridleyi I got and hope to do business again with them in the future. Highly recommend!
Thank you so much!
Rating by t***t for Cave Dwelling Ratsnake (Orthriophis Taeniurus Ridleyi) Beauty Rat Snake ($500.00)
Amazing seller! Great communication and healthy animals. Very knowledgeable and friendly. Could not recommend her more!
Thank you! It was nice to meet you today!
Rating by j***9 for Olive Python ($525.00)
couldn't have gone smoother and the seller was so friendly :)
Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy her!
Rating by h***6 for Anery Stripe Sand Boa Kenyan Sand Boa ($100.00)
Sonja is a pleasure to deal with! Very responsive and professional, and she produces beautiful animals.
Thank you so much! Glad you came back for another Olive! There's just nothing like them. : )
Rating by j***t for Olive Python ($600.00)
My best experience on MorphMarket yet! Wonderful seller. Very knowledgeable and responsive and willing to work with you. The snake I received is beautiful. I would highly recommend!
Thank you, Natalie!
Rating by n***n for Female Roughscale Sand Boa Rough-Scaled Sand Boa ($320.00)
I had an excellent experience communicating with Sonja, and am super happy with the snake. He arrived safely packaged for transport, healthy, alert and active. Sonja was great about answering all of my very specific questions. Would work with again.
Thanks, Lori! Hope he's settling in well for you!
Rating by l***i for Macklot's Python ($525.00)
Such a kind person and seller! Very accommodating, going to love watching this guy grow up!
Thank you so much, Megan! I hope you enjoy him!
Rating by r***e for Hypo Baird's (Pet Only) Baird's Rat Snake ($100.00)
We love our new girl!! Everything went great. She arrived healthy and we have had no issues. :0)
It's wonderful to hear that you are happy with her and all is going well!
Rating by g***9 for Crystal Ball Python ($270.00)
Sonja was wonderful to work with! Very knowledgeable and definitely cares about her animals. Such a positive and wonderful experience!
Thank you! It was no nice meeting you both! I hope you enjoy him! Please reach out with any questions you may have. Sonja
Rating by m***a for Pied Ball Python ($320.00)
Sonja is extremely professional.Her response time is second to none.I received exactly what was pictured and described. If you want high quality animals,quick response time and a courteous interaction I highly recommend Sonja for your next purchase.
Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy him! Please reach out if you have any other questions!
Rating by u***y for Olive Python ($475.00)
She came perfectly and just as described… thank you again for quick communication and shipment both!
It was my pleasure! Thank you!
Rating by e***s for Proven Breeder Striped Anery Female Kenyan Sand Boa ($400.00)
I bought my first ball python from Sonja and she was wonderful. :) She gave very helpful tips and seems very caring towards her animals. The snake itself is beautiful and so far has a great temperament. Would definitely come to her again.
So glad you're happy with him! Remember, feel free to reach out if you have any other questions.
Rating by w***o for Pewter Fire Ball Python ($225.00)
Very easy purchase. Received a beautiful and healthy snake. Highly recommended 👍
Thanks, Jordan! Hope you enjoy her!
Rating by b***t for Sunset (Aka Super Hypo Hog) Boa Constrictor ($450.00)
Easy to work with and beautiful animals will do business again!
So glad you're happy with them! Thanks again!
Rating by r***s for Longicauda Peruvian Long-Tailed Boa Constrictor ($500.00)
A great transaction and an awesome animal. I would definitely buy from again if the need arises.
Rating by r***b for Sunset Boa (Aka Super Hypo Hog) Boa Constrictor ($450.00)
Sonja is fantastic. She clearly cares about all of her animals and wants to be sure they’re going to healthy homes. She helped a lot to be sure my daughter would be successful with her first snake. Cannot actually vouch for shipping because I’m local
It was great to meet and talk with both of you! Let me know if I can help in any way.
Rating by m***0 for Disco Inferno Ball Python ($250.00)
Arrived healthy and was shipped as requested. Eazy purchase and I am pleased with her temperament out of the box!!!!
Great to hear she made it safe! She was more of a runner than a fighter here. Hope that continues for you. : )
Rating by r***e for LTC Northern White-Lipped Python ($630.00)
She was in good condition and packed correctly. Thank you!
Rating by h***m for Longicauda Peruvian Long-Tailed Boa Constrictor ($500.00)
This was a flawless transaction and a flawless animal. I would highly recommend Sonja to others. Her passion for the animals is very apparent and he response time and communication is top notch. Thanks so much
Thank you! It was great talking with you today!
Rating by j***5 for Pure Jungle Carpet Python ($395.00)
Sonja made this experience so easy and she was very accommodating I love my new boa and will definitely be buying from her again in the future!
Awesome to hear you're happy with her! Enjoy!
Rating by j***6 for Hypo 66% Het Kahl Albino Boa Constrictor ($130.00)
Sonja was incredibly helpful and communicative during the process of getting my Ball Python, and I cannot recommend her enough!
So glad to hear you are happy with him! Enjoy the little cutie!
Rating by a***x for Fire Ball Python ($100.00)
She spent a lot of time explaining the pros and cons of buying a macklots vs an olive python so we can make an informed choice. I am very happy with my olive python!
It was great meeting and talking with you both! Love hearing you are happy with him!
Rating by s***4 for Macklot's Python ($400.00)
Both animals were better looking in person, arrived healthy and super solid. Thanks for a great pair to add to my collection!
So glad to hear you're happy with them!
Rating by s***s for Proven Pair Of USCBB Solomon Island Ground Boas More Boa ($1,000.00)