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The animal arrived as described, Lamar was on top of everything from telephone contact, delivery, and customer service. We will definitely do some more business again..A+++
Rating by n***3 for Desert Ghost Ball Python ($700.00)
Lamar was amazing. He followed up by email and phone to make sure the snake arrived safely, and thew in an unexpected but much appreciated bonus gene. The snake was healthy and surpassed my expectations. I look forward to purchasing from him again!
Rating by m***m for Blackhead GS Pos Het Hypo Ball Python ($1,200.00)
The shipping was a little fouled up and that was not Lamar's fault. Overall, the snake came in healthy and no problems. I wait to rate to make sure everything IS going well!
Rating by w***t for Spotnose Het.clown Ball Python ($200.00)
Nothing but great things to say about SQR. Lamar took time out to meet for a pickup and give myself, wife and kids a tour of his collection. Really high quality snakes and as my kids put it, fully deserves to be in the nice guy club. 100% recommend
Rating by w***r for Banana Pinstripe GHi Het.clown Ball Python ($500.00)
Very high quality animal and genetics. The boy is flourishing in my care. Highly recommended seller. Well done Lamar
Rating by m***d for Bamboo Pinstripe Blade Banana Het.clown Ball Python ($1,000.00)
Lamar is absolutely amazing, responsive, and very friendly to work with and the quality of the animal is superb! She arrived in great shape. Will definitely do business with him in the future.
Rating by t***n for Bamboo Het Clown Ball Python ($900.00)
The amount of communication was well appreciated for obtaining this snake. Lamar was both professional and friendly!
Rating by m***v for Banana Het Clown 50%het Ultramel Ball Python ($300.00)
Fantastic experience. The ball python is fantastic and appears to be in very good health. Sales rep was also fantastic and promptly shipped her out on time. Would definitely recommend.
Rating by j***f for Pinstripe Ball Python ($89.00)
Very satisfied with the health/quality/packaging and great communication SQR🐍..... till next time.
Rating by g***s for Specter/yb Ball Python ($150.00)
My experience with Statusquo Reptiles was excellent. SQ Reptiles was responsive and courteous. My animal arrived on time and looked great! I appreciated the seller keeping in contact with me and checking to make sure my ball python arrived safely.
Rating by l***e for Pastel Specter/yellowbelly 66% Het Desert Ghost Ball Python ($225.00)
Status Quo Reptiles was very communicative throughout the entire process. There was a shipping hiccup and Status Quo Reptiles ensured that I got my animal as soon as possible.
Rating by m***t for Mystic Potion Ball Python ($400.00)
Beautiful snake very happy. Communication was excellent.
Rating by s***9 for Banana Blade Clown Ball Python ($750.00)
Excellent service snake just as described quick email response.
Rating by m***1 for Pinstripe Pastel Het Clown Ball Python ($400.00)
Great transaction. Everything went smoothly and quickly.
Rating by a***8 for Pinstripe Asphalt Ball Python ($775.00)
Everytime I buy a snake from SQR is a wonderful experience plan on buying more.
Rating by j***3 for Banana Het Clown Ball Python ($250.00)
Love how well business was conducted! Will definitely purchase from again in the future!
Rating by s***_ for Killer Pastel Clown Ball Python ($700.00)
Great seller and communication with seller, No BS and quick turn around. Very happy with both seller n snake. Very quality animals
Rating by d***r for Leopard Spot Nose 66% Hot Clown Ball Python ($475.00)
The seller was professional and worked with me in order to receive my order as quickly as possible. The python I purchased was in good health and as described to me prior to purchase. I am very happy with my purchase and pleased with the seller.
Rating by j***n for Blackhead Genetic Stripe Ball Python ($999.00)
The seller was professional and courteous. He worked with me for same day delivery of the ball python. The python was in great health and seemed well fed and cared for. My overall interaction was very positive. I would do business with him again.
Rating by j***n for Pastel Specter/yellowbelly 66% Het Desert Ghost Ball Python ($140.00)
Very good experience
Rating by b***s for Ultramel Ball Python ($350.00)
Awesome snake and an awesome experience dealing with StatusQuo! Quality animal and they worked hard to get her shipped across country in a super timely matter and while weather permitted. Super happy with the entire deal!
Rating by s***s for Cinnamon Het.ultramel Ball Python ($225.00)
Absolute pleasure to do business with Lamar. Great quality animals and customer service!!
Rating by g***s for Mojave Blackhead Hypo Ball Python ($649.00)
Very professional! The animals are exactly as described and pictured. Very healthy and thriving.
Rating by b***i for Blackhead 66% Double Het Hypo/gs Ball Python ($200.00)
Seller kept in contact and give updates as animal was being shipped. Loved the animal as soon as it arrived!
Rating by c***s for Mojave Ball Python ($125.00)
Very pleased with the high quality animal I purchased and received from Lamar. He took the time to answer all my questions and really stands behind the animals he produces. Excellent experience.
Rating by p***s for Desert Ghost Ball Python ($380.00)
She was beautiful and amazing. The whole experience was wonderful.
Rating by j***3 for Spotnose Blade Het Clown Ball Python ($655.00)
Lamar was excellent to deal with, and the 13ft Lavender Albino Retic "Prince" we purchased from him arrived in perfect health and amazing condition/temperament. I look forward to doing business with Lamar again in the near future!
Rating by s***y for Lavender Albino Reticulated Python ($1,000.00)
Lamar is a good man to do business with his animals are. Beautiful you trust him with shipping. Trust him with your money. He was on the phone as soon as we had a question. He check in with us as soon as our animal. Arrived. Wil do business again
Rating by m***1 for Leopard Spotnose 66%het.clown Ball Python ($450.00)
Both clowns are doing awsome and look great. Lamar was awsome to work with.
Rating by g***s for Pastel Blade Clown Ball Python ($600.00)
Very responsive seller
Rating by p***1 for Superblade Pastel 100%het.clown Ball Python ($300.00)