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We specialize in high end crested geckos (C. ciliatus), M. chahoua (PI and ML), and R. leachianus. Owner has over 24 years of experience with various reptile and amphibian species. We strive to provide top notch customer service and quality animals. We have the ability to ship world wide not just the countries listed as long as a broker/exporter is provided.

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Store Policy

**Failure to read the terms and conditions, albeit accidental or intentional, will under no circumstances be a reason to consider them altered or void.

*Currently only taking zelle or bank wire*
Must be 18 years old or older to purchase. Holds/ Payment Plans, to place a gecko on hold we ask for a non-refundable 25% deposit sent through Zelle. ALL international purchases are to be sent via bank wire transfer. All payment plans are to be sent through Zelle. All in full payments are to be sent as bank wire, Zelle. Paypal & credit card purchases are subject to an additional 8% tax. The deposit insures the gecko is held for you for 2 wks. Payment plans/holds are possible & can be arranged on geckos $250+. A 25% non refundable deposit is required &the gecko is to be paid off within 1 month with a payment plan. Your first payment is due in 2 wks after the deposit has been made, 2nd payment is 4 wks after the deposit was made. Extended payment plans are at our digression, & are for animals $1000+ & require a larger non refundable deposit. 45 days/35% down, & 60 days/50% down. Geckos $199 or less we can offer (at our digression) a 2 wk payment plan, with a 50% non refundable deposit, & the remaining paid off in 2 wks. Do keep in mind of short shipping windows, Ohio has the gets quite cold & extremely hot quickly. If you do wish to set up a payment plan take into consideration the time of the year as shipping may not be available once the gecko is paid off. Payment plans are not eligible for discounts.

Summer/Winter holds are available hiwever not all animals qualify. Holds are available on purchases of $300+ only (not including shipping). Summer/Winter holds can be made in full, or payment plans. Summer & winter holds can range from 2 months to 4 months. Our summer holds generally start in late May/June through to mid September. Winter holds generally start in late October/early November through to late March/early April. We DO NOT ship from 12/12-1/12 due to heavy US mail traffic even if the temperatures are fair. Summer/Winter holds are not eligible for discounts.

Domestic shipping is done through FedEx Priority Overnight. For an accurate shipping quote when inquiring please include your zip code. Most shipping costs start at around $60 (it often ranges from $65-$85) & this is in addition to the cost of the gecko. We try our best to get you the lowest shipping cost, so we will first try actual cost before offering flat rate. In the instance shipping is $85+, we use a flat rate shipping cost of $85 when temps are between 80° - 40°, domestic shipping only. *FREE SHIPPING* when offered only applies to contential US shipping, it doesn't cover exports, Alaska, or Hawaii shipping.

Winter shipping (temps of 40° and below) is a flat rate of $95 due to additional shipping supplies needed (larger boxes, phase 22, and heat pack). We ship Tuesday-Wednesday. We only ship in the winter if the nightly lows are 33F+, do refer to our LAG for winter shipping for LAG temps, we can ship colder but that doesn't mean its covered.

International shipping
Flat rate for domestic (US) shipping is $85 in LAG approved temps, $95 in non LAG approved temps. This flat rate is ONLY for domestic service. You will have to pay for additional services with your exporter/broker.
Regarding delays. Delays are beyond our control, & we do understand it makes exports going out quite difficult. If an export is delayed because of FedEx there is NO LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE UNLESS the box is opened, the animal is verified to be healthy AND NOT immediately shipped back that same day. Shipping is stressful, being delayed a day, then forced to go back into transit and being in a box for 3-4 days IS NOT ACCEPTABLE practice for an exporting business. If you are purchasing and doing an international export, please pay special notice to this and understand I have the best interest of the animal in mind. If you choose an exporting business that doesn't factor in the possibility of holding the animal for a week, or until the next export going out due to a carrier delay, that is a risk you are taking and will loose the live arrival guarantee to the exporter.
Exporters we recommend (we are open to using other exporters) are: Europe- DDI, Reptile International, Northern Lights Reptile Exports, Canada- Reptile International, Reptile Runner, Northern Lights Reptile Exports, Asia- Reptile International.
We are not responsible for carrier delays or any other delivery issues, including DOA due to carrier delays, however we will work with you to keep you informed & help locate any "MIA" shipments.

We do ship above 80° & below 40° however this is at our discretion. We are comfortable shipping when the temperature lows are 35° or as high as 84°, however realize temperatures below 40 or above 80 are not covered under our live arrival guarantee (LAG).

A live arrival guarantee (LAG) if all the criteria is met.
1. Shipping temperature is within 40-80 degrees for both the sending and receiving locations
2. Shipment is shipped directly to the hub for pickup
3. Notification via email, phone call, or text message/private message (preferred method) within 1 hour of the geckos arrival, this includes hub pick ups
4. Proof of DOA, picture of animal and unboxing video (before the box is opened)
5. On time arrival (no carrier delays)

If all 5 of these criteria are met a replacement gecko of equal value will be given, or a credit for the purchase cost to be used towards another animal available from my stock that is available. Tails are not guaranteed upon arrival and not covered under the live arrival guarantee. Although I have never had a gecko lose its tail during shipping, it is at this point out of our control and something that we can not be held responsible for.
IMPORTANT!!! You must be available to notify us within ONE HOUR of delivery time (this includes hub pick ups) by either email, text or phone that the animal has been received! Failure to do so will VOID the Health Guarantee. If you are unable to be home to accept delivery, we can make arrangements in advance for your package to be held at your local hub for pick-up, but in order to qualify for the Health Guarantee, the gecko(s) will still need to be picked up & notification made to us within one hour of delivery to the hub, the guarantee does not cover home or business deliveries. If they reach the hub prior to business hours, "delivery time" is considered to be at the time the hub opens for business. This policy is in place for the protection of the geckos, to help insure they aren't left unclaimed at a hub, or left exposed to the elements on a front porch somewhere.

Health Guarantee: If your gecko becomes ill within 24 hours of arrival, please notify us IMMEDIATELY! You may be asked to provide information about your husbandry practices. If a determination is made that a gecko is covered by our Health Guarantee (must meet requirements 1-3). If any testing is required, we require the testing to be done through a veterinarian office, not in home testing. The gecko may either be returned for a replacement animal of similar value if one is available, or a credit toward a future purchase. All related shipping costs are the buyer’s responsibility.
The following health issues are NOT covered by our Health Guarantee: Conditions that result from poor husbandry, dehydration, tail loss (in shipping or in buyers care), choking/impaction from substrate or feeder insects that were too large, burns, or injury resulting from accidents.

Regarding "possible/probable" males or females, these are not guaranteed to be the sex indicated, but that the simply stand a high probability to be the sex that is listed. There is no refund or exchange if the animal is listed as a possible/probable male or female and it turned out to be the opposite sex while the animal remained here for a payment plan or summer/winter hold.

Remaining in contact:
It is important when doing a payment plan or when you put down a deposit that we do stay in contact. Throughout payment plans I do like to stay in contact, give feedback on development, pictures, ect. If it is time to make a payment or close to the shipping day and we loose contact for longer than 3 days, or you are 3 days late with your payment, it will be assumed that you have backed out of the purchase. At that time we will refund all but the 25% deposit and the animal will be re-listed. So if there is an emergency in which you will be out of contact for "X" amount of days, or will be gone for a vacation, please do relay this information to us so that we can take this into consideration for slow response time.

Additional Information

Discounts: we offer a multiple gecko purchase discount, and WHEN paid in full AND can be shipped immediately. This also can change at our digression on holdbacks, and breeders. Summer and winter holds do not quality for a discount unless purchasing multiples. Animals $199 and under, or even when combined total equals $200+ are excluded from pay in full discounts. Discounts are reserved for multiple gecko purchases where the individual animals are $200+

Refunds: We do not issue refunds for any instance outside of our LAG agreement. If you back out of a sale, you are not eligible for a full refund, this is what the non refundable deposit is for. We DO NOT REFUND OR DISCOUNT because an animal drops it's tail on our possession. This species can drop it's tail for no specific reason, and it does not hinder the animals quality of life, or ability to breed.

MorphMarket's Default Store Policy specifies any terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.

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