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Ryan is fantastic to deal with! This is the 4th ball python I’ve purchased from him, and they are always top notch! Highly recommend. Amazing customer service! Will buy again!
Rating by w***r for Bamboo Firefly Pinstripe Sugar 100% Het Clown (FREE SHIPPING!!) Ball Python ($895.00)
Perfect late season purchase! Thank you
Rating by d***a for GHI Enchi Silverstreak Asphalt (FREE SHIPPING!!) Ball Python ($995.00)
Communication was great. The pictures didn't do justice, he looks even better in person. Such a beautiful snake. Packaging was great, snake is healthy. Everything was great overall. I am so happy and will buy from this person again in the future.
Rating by e***m for GHI Gravel Butter (FREE SHIPPING!!) Ball Python ($495.00)
Snake is beautiful. Came quickly and packaging had no defects. Grateful for the experience and would recommend. I love the little headstand on this guy!
Rating by s***9 for Enchi Ivory (FREE SHIPPING!!) Ball Python ($275.00)
Ryan was a pleasure to work with, very informative and clearly adores his animals and his customers. The fella I purchased from him is gorgeous even if currently in shed, I can't wait to see him all shed out! I couldn't be happier, thanks so much!!
Rating by l***o for Blackhead Super Cinnamon (Pos. Yellowbelly) Lesser (FREE SHIPPING!!) Ball Python ($595.00)
Ryan at superior scales reptiles was above and beyond helpful, communicative, knowledgeable, and friendly! We received our bamboo, GHI pastel ball python as described, healthy and happy with quick secure packaging. Would do business with again!
Rating by b***7 for Bamboo GHI Pastel Ball Python ($550.00)
Wow, this girl is beautiful, and already so full of character. Ryan was an amazing help getting my first snake, and I'll definitely be going to him for the next one.
Rating by s***t for Mystic Pewter 50% Het Genetic Stripe (FREE SHIPPING!!) Ball Python ($225.00)
Avid communication through the entire process and answered every last question I had. Snake arrived quick and still nice and warm. The packaging was amazing annd the snake was absolutely stunning. Can’t wait to order again 😁
Rating by w***s for Normal 100% Triple Het VPI Axanthic Clown Pied (FREE SHIPPING!!) Ball Python ($275.00)
Will definitely buy again from this seller. They are easy to communicate and work with as well as oriented towards the care of their animals through the shipping process and checking up after they’ve been received.
Rating by s***1 for Blackhead Cinnamon Yellowbelly (FREE SHIPPING!!) Ball Python ($275.00)
Great dealing with Ryan, got 3 snakes from him so far
Rating by j***7 for Mojave Pinstripe 100% Double Het Hypo Pied (FREE SHIPPING!!) Ball Python ($485.00)
I love my single genes just as much as my complex morphs. Can't beat the quality coming out of SSR. Don't hesitate, just inquire. You know you want that snake he has listed. You won't be disappointed. Your family might, but you'll be good ;)
Rating by r***s for Chocolate (FREE SHIPPING!!) Ball Python ($145.00)
I picked up this snake locally. Highly recommend this seller! He was great to work with and I ended up leaving with two gorgeous snakes! He has been quick to answer any follow up questions I’ve had! 5 stars!
Rating by r***z for Spotnose Vanilla/Fire 100% Het Clown Ball Python ($550.00)
Awesome place to work with! Answered all my questions, helped me with the shipping process and explained everything to me! Will definitely be continuing business with them in the future! 10/10 rating for sure ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Rating by a***r for Blackhead Cinnamon Lesser Yellowbelly (FREE SHIPPING!!) Ball Python ($375.00)
Answered all my questions on a timely manor, professional, and made this the best experience for my husbands dream reptile and best surprise for my husband
Rating by b***3 for Blue-Eyed Lucy (FREE SHIPPING!!) Ball Python ($345.00)
Great experience working with Ryan! Answered all my questions and provided extra info upon request. Snake looks healthy and was incredibly friendly. Very excited to have my little guy. Everything was fantastic and I would recommend this shop!
Rating by h***y for Super GHI Mojave 100% Het Clown (FREE SHIPPING!!) Ball Python ($695.00)
I waited a year for a female GHI het clown. The wait was worth it. Shes gorgeous and a very chill snake. Thanks again.
Rating by r***s for GHI 100% Het Clown (FREE SHIPPING!!) Ball Python ($295.00)
I had the best communication with this seller! He replied fast, professional , and nice. I'm in absolute awe with this snake, she's so beautiful. I will be doing business again soon! 10 out of 10!!
Rating by p***i for Mystic Pewter 50% Het Genetic Stripe (FREE SHIPPING!!) Ball Python ($225.00)
Such a great experience dealing with SSR. I highly recommend them when buying a snake. Kept in touch with me the whole time, even checked in with me after I received the snake to check on her well being. I really appreciate it
Rating by j***7 for Super Black Pastel Lesser 100% Het Pied (FREE SHIPPING!!) Ball Python ($1,495.00)
Amazing experience! 10/10! Incredible morphs and selections! Ryan was very helpful and patient with my numerous questions. He made the whole experience smooth and very enjoyable! He has certainly earned my business moving forward 👍
Rating by s***0 for Super Orange Dream Yellowbelly Fire Spider Ball Python ($1,250.00)
This is my second purchase from super scales and let me tell you guys Ryan is the best I love buying from him and the snake’s are always in great health!! Thanks again Ryan your the best!!
Rating by c***7 for Clown 100% Double Het Hypo Pied (FREE SHIPPING!!) Ball Python ($795.00)
Female looks amazing and was exactly as described. Packaging was perfect for the weather and Ryan was great throughout the transaction. Would not hesitate to work with him again. Thank you!
Rating by b***s for Killer Acid Ball Python ($1,000.00)
Good communication with seller all the time, and snake is exactly as described 100% recommend.
Rating by p***d for VPI Axanthic 66% Het Pied (FREE SHIPPING!!) Ball Python ($575.00)
Beautiful healthy snake received in a timely matter. Very professional and great to work with. Definitely recommend superior scales
Rating by j***t for Enchi Lesser Calico Ball Python ($900.00)
Number 21 for us, figured we might as well go big or go home. She's stunning and we are thrilled to have her in our collection. 5+ as always with SSR.
Rating by r***s for Nuclear SpinnerBlast Calico Ball Python ($1,200.00)
Purchase a ball python from Ryan made it so easy and 100% satisfied with my purchase he will have a great home!!
Rating by b***6 for Blackhead Cinnamon Lesser Yellowbelly (FREE SHIPPING!!) Ball Python ($850.00)
Fantastic seller to work with, quick responses and a gorgeous animal
Rating by s***s for Blackhead Disco Mojave Pewter Yellowbelly Ball Python ($550.00)
He was fast to answer all my questions, saw this animal at an expo and couldn’t buy but he allowed me to come pick her up for the same price which was $150 less than posted on morph market, overall was a very postive guy and was eager to help 24/7.
Rating by b***8 for Crystal Spider Ball Python ($500.00)
Ryan was an absolute pleasure to work with. This was by far the most pain free transaction I have had. Will definitely be back and recommend you check him out!
Rating by b***m for Pastel Leopard Desert Ghost 100% Het Clown (FREE SHIPPING!!) Ball Python ($4,900.00)
Amazing experience, amazing snake and amazing communication. Would do business again.
Rating by h***s for Super Cinnamon (Pos. Mahogany) Ball Python ($850.00)
Beautiful snake, it’s very well fed and healthy looking, packaging was done well, I will definitely be back in the future to buy more!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!
Rating by c***1 for Butter Gravel Ball Python ($325.00)
Always a pleasure to work with Ryan. Top quality animals!
Rating by m***y for GHI Asphalt/Yellowbelly GeneX Pied (FREE SHIPPING!!) Ball Python ($1,295.00)
Best experience I have had buying a reptile. Communication was top tier. Beautiful animals and went out of his way to make delivery possible. I Would not hesitate to do business in the future.
Rating by m***t for Firefly 100% Double Het Hypo Clown Ball Python ($500.00)
Beautiful snake. Awesome communication from the seller. Arrived perfect and healthy. Thank you Superior Scales!
Rating by k***3 for GHI Lesser 100% Het Clown Ball Python ($600.00)
Absolutely best experience I've ever had. Stayed in communication from beginning to arrival. Highly recommend SSR!
Rating by j***1 for Super Black Pastel 100% Het Pied Ball Python ($1,500.00)
Ryan has been very cooperative with my concerns and questions very likable person ! I appreciate a seller taking time to help when the buyer is investing in a quality animals and not just after your💰 Thanks Ryan Thomas I’ll be back for more !
Rating by n***n for *PAIR* - 1.0 Bamboo Fire 100% Het Clown & 0.1 Vanilla 100% Het Clown (FREE SHIPPING!!) Ball Python ($525.00)
Great delivery....My new addition is even more amazing than the pictures!
Rating by b***1 for Bamboo Gravel (FREE SHIPPING!!) Ball Python ($575.00)
Very knowledgeable, Can't wait to get a
Rating by s***5 for Lesser Vanilla 100% Het Hypo Ball Python ($200.00)
Ryan has always been great to deal with. I will continue to invest in quality animals from him.
Rating by i***s for Stranger Spotnose Yellowbelly 66% Het Clown (FREE SHIPPING!!) Ball Python ($4,900.00)
Great customer service and send me a healthy animal.
Rating by w***5 for Bumble Bee Ivory Ball Python ($600.00)
Everything was smooth and the snakes were amazing.
Rating by o***a for 100% Het Desert Ghost (FREE SHIPPING!!) Ball Python ($485.00)
Snake arrived alive and healthy. Very nice snake.
Rating by o***a for Black Pastel Enchi Asphalt Ball Python ($1,000.00)
Reptile Jesus is an amazing breeder who produces high quality animals, takes the time to talk with customers and goes above and beyond with customer service. Thank you Ryan!!
Rating by m***s for *PAIR* - 1.0 Blackhead Vanilla Lesser Hypo & 0.1 Enchi Vanilla Cream 100% Het Hypo (FREE SHIPPING!!) Ball Python ($995.00)
Ryan is one of the best in the biz. I'm sure this won't be the last snake I get from him
Rating by j***5 for Champagne Cinnamon Ball Python ($375.00)
Great communication and service
Ryan is a great guy and has some amazing bps
Rating by d***7 for Gravel Butter Ball Python ($450.00)
Ryan is always amazing to work with and to just talk to. His animals are always top notch! Highly recommend doing business with him.
Rating by c***s for Mahogany Clown Ball Python ($2,000.00)
Very professional and great business experience with Ryan … definitely recommend and will be buying from him in future
Rating by f***3 for *PAIR* - 1.0 Gravel 100% Het Clown & 0.1 Yellowbelly 100% Het Clown Ball Python ($600.00)
Ryan was very helpful, and remains available for advice.
Rating by d***l for GHI Mojave Ball Python ($350.00)
Great experience I got my beautiful ball python from him and I would definitely recommend I'll be buying from him again
Rating by t***4 for GHI Super Mystic Ball Python ($900.00)
All my questions were quickly answered. Beautiful animal. Will not hesitate to buy from again!
Rating by d***s for Redstripe Spotnose Yellowbelly 100% Het Clown Ball Python ($1,350.00)