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Jan 05, 2018
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Rated 10 times as a seller in a transaction
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Gained 10 followers on their store profile
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The Boaphile is your source for captive born cutting edge Boa Constrictors going back 34 years to 1986 when he produced his first litter of baby Boas. Nearly everything that we know about Boa Constrictor reproduction was first discovered and/or written about by The Boaphile himself... Jeff Ronne Sr.

Store Policy

To purchase the animal, please send me three things;

Your email address
Your name. First and Last
Your phone number

For straight pay, I will email you an online invoice for you to make a payment. That or if you are familiar with sending money through the PayPal system, simply make your payment to Then send me a message with the three items I requested above.

If you would like to set up a payment plan, please call me during the day and we’ll talk about how to do that. 507-263-7289.

Once I send you a reply requesting you send an email address for an invoice, that animal is no longer available for anyone else to purchase for 24 hours. I’m holding it for you for 24 hours * till you send your email address. Once you send your email address and I confirm that I have sent the invoice, I’ll hold the animal for you for 48 hours * for you to actually make your payment.

* Your prompt response is required for an animal to be held for you. After the 24 hour hold or the 48 hour hold time has passed, the animal asked about may be sold to anyone else who inquires about it. So please follow up within the stated period with me to be sure I am aware that you in fact want to go forward with your purchase. If for any reason you cannot complete either of these two tasks within the allowed period, I can certainly be flexible. However, you will need to make arrangements with me so that I am fully aware of your intentions. I want to hold animals for folks I know are interested in obtaining them. But a failure to communicate will necessarily make me think you are no longer interested.

2. Shipping on animals is via FedEx Priority Overnight. This shipping is FREE for any purchase over $500!!! Otherwise shipping is a flat $50 per box. I ship on Monday through Wednesday to ensure safe arrival before the weekend. I will not pressure you to ship ASAP. A scheduled shipping date must work for both of us.

3. Live arrival is guaranteed, all Boas are guaranteed to be sexed properly, healthy, and flawless. You will be happy with your purchase. My continued good reputation depends on it. Any problems or issues arising within a reasonable amount of time will be addressed accordingly. When I do ship, you MUST be at the ship to address waiting for arrival. NO EXCEPTIONS except when I ship to a business or FedEx Hub location.

4. A non-refundable 25% deposits will hold your purchase. It is possible to purchase Boas from me using a payment plan or "Lay away" plan if you will. Simply make a proposal and I will decide if your offer is one that I can live with. Make your payments as agreed and I will hold the animal for you. I will mark it "On Hold" on the web site. I rarely turn down offers for a payment plan. Any animals purchased this way will not be shipped until they are paid for in full.

5. Email is the worst possible way to try to communicate with me. Messaging through the site works. Questions are also answered by me through my direct daytime phone number of 507.263.7289. This by far my preferred method for communication. Call between 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Central time Monday through Friday.

Boaphile Payment Plans

Nobody is more open to payment plans than The Boaphile. Most animals are available on long term payment plans. The potential exceptions are the animals that I have very very few of and or those that are on the very high end. That being said, I do not have every animal that is available for sale posted on the site. You will not be able to determine on your own if your choice will work or not. I'd say 98% of the time I can do a payment plan. So please call to discuss it with me OK? 507.263.7289

- 25% Deposit holds the animal for you.

- Six month payment plans are common and in most cases welcomed. I am a working stiff just like most of you and am very understanding and flexible regarding payment.

- No animal will be shipped prior to being paid for in full.

- I do not charge any maintenance charge of any kind while I clean, feed and care for your animal till you complete your payment plan.

- I might be interested in a trade from time to time, but that trade is going to have to be something that I have an interest in. Relatively rare Boas might interest me. Other Reptiles probably are not going to interest me unfortunately. However, many other items of value might interest me as well. Do not hesitate to ask.

Payment plans for me are an essential part of business and a part that I welcome. I do not consider a payment plan any burden whatsoever and value your payment plan order just as much as someone who is straight paying for an animal from me. So please do not hesitate and ask if you have any question whatsoever.

Effective January 15, 2021, MorphMarket's Default Store Policy specifies any terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.