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Second time buying from Jeff. Animals were all beautiful. Communication is A+. Would definitely buy from them again without a doubt !!!
Rating by t***e for MOCHINO TITANIUM Maker Pair! Reticulated Python ($1,300.00)
The seller was quick with his responses as well as willing to work out the best shipping day for both me and the animal. The animal arrived safely and looked amazing,even better than in the pictures.Would definitely buy from again in the future.
Rating by k***8 for Lavender Platinum Sunfire Golden Child Albino Reticulated Python ($800.00)
Rating by e***s for 2021 Hypo Het Granite Het Albino Burmese Python ($350.00)
Great first experience with Morph Market and with Tropical Nevada! She arrived safely and was well packaged. I appreciate the care taken to make sure her journey was safe, shipping was very fast, she was sent within a day of payment. very happy!!!
Rating by d***c for Albino Burmese Python ($350.00)
Jeff is very professional, very quick to get back to me. Very cooperative with sending recent pics and answering all of my questions. Packaging was very good. He worked with me on the best time to ship her. Would definitely purchase from him again!!!
Rating by t***e for 2021 Mochino Tiger Citron Baby Female Reticulated Python ($650.00)
In love with our new baby retic! Excellent communication with seller , same as described, highly recommended! Will buy from you again! Thanks 🤝
Rating by p***o for 2022 Lavender Albino Male Reticulated Python ($250.00)
Jeff was amazing and would answer at a timely manner, my snake is beautiful ❤️ and healthy. Cant wait to do future business through them again.
Glad you guys love her. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. Thanks again and have a great day. Your friends at Tropical Nevada
Rating by n***6 for 2021 Hypo Het Albino Het Granite Female Burmese Python ($350.00)
The snake did not eat yet, but she looks healthy. However, the color looks a bit different. The patterns were gray, not white like the picture showed. She is still pretty though. The shipment was fast, and it came when the seller promised.
Hello Yeajuchang. If you could let her settle in for 3 or 4 days and then she should eat fine. They can get a little stressed out when shipped and in a new environment. We always feed the babies on Saturday. She eats one fuzzy rat a week. Thank you
Rating by y***g for X-Mas Special 2021 Lavender Albino Sunfire Goldenchild Reticulated Python ($700.00)
Beautiful Pearl. Fast shipping, good communication, and complete packaging. Highly recommend!
Rating by s***5 for BLACK FRIDAY!!! 2021 Pearl Het Granite . Burmese Python ($350.00)
I just received my Mochino Citron and all I can say is Wow! Tropical Nevada truly made the experience easy and stress free. Michelle and Jeff are both very responsive and easy to talk with. I highly recommend purchasing your next snake from them.
Rating by m***s for X-Mas Special 2021 Mochino Citron Baby Female Reticulated Python ($550.00)
Definitely recommend this seller. I love the burm I received from them, and the seller was amazing to communicate with!
Rating by b***4 for BLACK FRIDAY!!! 2021 Normal Het Granite Het Albino Burmese Python ($200.00)
I bought a stunning motley platinum Goldenchild from tropical Nevada, they answered all my questions, sent me more photos when I asked, the packaging was very secure which I am happy about, and when I opened her she was gorgeous and healthy.
Rating by a***s for 2020 Motley Platinum Goldenchild Pos Het Albino GC7F Reticulated Python ($450.00)
Great communication and beautiful snake! Would buy from again!
Rating by v***n for 2020 Lavender Albino Motley Sunfire Citron 20-LMSCF1 Reticulated Python ($750.00)
Michelle and Jeff were amazing to work with! Quick communication, super friendly, and my new snake is even more gorgeous than pictured. We will definitely do business with them in the future and highly recommend them as sellers! Thank you again!
Rating by b***z for 2020 Purple Albino Citron Reticulated Python ($450.00)
Very good experience. Transaction and shipping were quick and efficient. Snake arrived exactly as described and perfectly healthy.
Rating by w***6 for Motley Jungle Het Kahl MJ17F Boa Constrictor ($300.00)
OMG!!! I was blown away with the quality boa that I received. She was packed perfectly! Customer service is some of the best customer service I’ve received in this industry. I will definitely be buying again from Tropical Nevada
Rating by 2***s for Christmas Sale!! 2020 Motley Het Kahl M2F Boa Constrictor ($150.00)
Great customer service and a beautiful snake well packed when I received her highly recommend buying from them
Rating by t***6 for Christmas Sale!! Hypo Het Kahl H15F Boa Constrictor ($125.00)
Both my baby girl boas I purchased arrived safe and sound. Communication was clear and response time was very fast. Michel went above and beyond to help me with picking these boas and even gave me advice as a future breeder. Experience was fantastic!
Rating by c***s for Christmas Sale!! 2020 Motley Het Kahl M3F Boa Constrictor ($150.00)
We received our bearded dragon a day later than expected because of the shipping company and a storm. Michelle had great communication with us and had packaged it correctly for "just in case" situations like this. Very happy with Tropical Nevada.
Rating by h***1 for 2020 Translucent Het Hypo Pix13M Central Bearded Dragon ($165.00)
Quick on responses and arrived on the date it was supposed to.
Rating by t***1 for 2020 Translucent Het Hypo Pix3F Central Bearded Dragon ($150.00)
Seller was quick to respond answered every single question I had! Provided me with multiple photos of the boa and the parents. When he arrived he had a heat pad that was still warm and a cool pack along with a invoice with all his info and a sticker!
Rating by m***7 for Christmas Sale!! 2020 Hypo Het Kahl H5M Boa Constrictor ($125.00)
The bearded dragon is skiddish and bites everytime I go to pet it. The item's description said it was 'the perfect' dragon. I spent so much money on something that is so disappointing.
Sorry your dragon was stressed after it's shipment, most new owners let their baby de-stress before handling. Perfect means no nips/blemishes. We offered a return with reimbursement for cost of the animal, he didn't reply.
Rating by q***x for Het Hypo Het Translucent F1F Central Bearded Dragon ($85.00)
Tropical Nevada was the first breeder that would even respond to me. Their customer service was superior in every way. Very thrilled with my new Hypo Boa!
Rating by r***y for Christmas Sale!! 2020 Hypo Het Kahl H10M Boa Constrictor ($125.00)
Awesome retic. Never order online but these guys got back to me and answered every stupid question I had. Shipping went perfect, super grateful for honest people like Michel! Thanks!
Rating by p***n for Black Friday Sale! Save $175! Price Was $350 And Is Now $175! 2020 Goldenchild Platinum Pos Het Albino Reticulated Python ($350.00)
It was a great experience my first time buying a snake through morphmarket thank you tropical Nevada for making it a pleasurable experience. Snake arrived perfectly packaged , calm and healthy. Couldn’t be happier with my baby boa !
Rating by k***1 for Black Friday Sale! Save $125! Price Was $250 And Is Now $125! Hypo Het Kahl H16F Boa Constrictor ($250.00)
Loved everything about it
Rating by k***z for Translucent Het Hypo 2P2M Central Bearded Dragon ($125.00)
Beautiful dragon thanks again Michelle.
Rating by p***1 for Translucent Het Hypo Leatherback 2P13M Central Bearded Dragon ($150.00)
Beautiful dragon!!! Safely shipped and great communication the entire process. Answers all questions and very informed breeder.
Rating by u***n for Translucent Het Hypo 2P5M Central Bearded Dragon ($150.00)
Great seller! Thanks for our new friend!
Rating by t***s for Het Hypo Het Translucent 2P4F Central Bearded Dragon ($85.00)
Michelle and Tropical Neveda were exceedingly accommodating, helpful, and communicative every step of the way. I highly recommend this seller and would certainly purchase from them again if the opportunity arose. Many thanks TN!! You guys are awesom
Rating by h***a for 2020 Ivory Pos Het Albino (Possible Motley, Sunfire, Tiger) I3M Reticulated Python ($850.00)
Amazing snake and great communication. Would buy from again.
Rating by b***s for PRICE DROP!!! Mochino Het Albino M4M Reticulated Python ($400.00)
I am so happy with my Snake! Tropical Nevada has superb communication, superb shipping and has sent me a healthy snake. This breeder is extremely kind and quick to answer any questions. The snake arrived healthy & happy, I couldn’t be more satisfied!
Rating by z***2 for PRICE DROP!!! Mochino Tiger Het Albino M8M Reticulated Python ($550.00)
Great communication and awesome reptile. My bearded dragon came looking very healthy and happy!
Rating by j***i for Hypo Het Trans 20-KK5M2 Central Bearded Dragon ($125.00)
Easy to work with and super nice! Thank you so much!!
Rating by p***y for Lavender Tiger Pos Het Mocha A2F Reticulated Python ($400.00)
Great smooth transaction and snake is awesome. Iv made a few purchases from this seller and everytime has been as smooth as the last. Snakes are all great at a very reasonable price! AAAAA! THANKS!!
Rating by j***a for Platinum Tiger Het Blonde (Caramel) D4M Reticulated Python ($400.00)
My mochino suntiger arrived on time and healthy. He's absolutely amazing. The customer service was great. Any questions I had were answered immediately. I would definitely be a return customer in the future!
Rating by b***e for Price Drop***Mochino Suntiger Het Albino M3M Reticulated Python ($700.00)
Very happy that I decided to do business with them. My snake arrived healthy and curious! They were great at communicating and was packaged very will. Definitely recommend these guys!
Rating by n***s for Price Drop****White Albino Suntiger Pos Het Mocha A10M Reticulated Python ($400.00)
I am very happy with the experience. The seller was great about answering all my questions and the snake arrived in good condition and very well packaged. I will definitely be buying from this seller again.
Rating by e***e for Price Drop***Mochino Tiger Het Albino M6F Reticulated Python ($550.00)
My girl arrived healthy and full of energy! I will definitely buy from her again💕
Rating by h***9 for Price Drop! Hypo 66% Het Kahl And 66% Het Anery 7F Boa Constrictor ($150.00)
Great response time. Worked with us for a shipping date. Great experience.
Rating by s***3 for Hypo Het Trans 20-2KK6F Central Bearded Dragon ($115.00)
Love it
Rating by 0***5 for Mochino Tiger Het Albino M1F Reticulated Python ($600.00)
Amazing retic, absolute stunner. Communication was solid and customer service was wonderful. Smooth transaction, safe and fast shipping, seriously 10/10!! I couldn't be more happy!
Rating by f***s for Mochino Tiger Het Albino M2M Reticulated Python ($650.00)
Communication was great, I few hiccups but they were resolved.
Rating by l***a for Lavender Albino Motley Het Genetic Stripe E3F Reticulated Python ($400.00)
I received my baby and she was just as pictured and even better in person! It was a fast process, I got her so quick!
Rating by k***8 for Hypo Het Trans 20-2KK8M Central Bearded Dragon ($100.00)
Beautiful snake! I placed my order on Friday and it shipped monday. My lavender retic arrived Tuesday morning, safe and sound. Great experience.
Rating by j***r for Lavender Pos Het Mocha A13M Reticulated Python ($350.00)
She is beautiful and my daughter couldn't be happier
Rating by t***s for Hypo Het Trans 20-KK4F Central Bearded Dragon ($125.00)
Cute bearded dragon. Exactly as pictured. Great communication with seller.
Rating by m***x for Hypo Het Trans 20-2KK1M Central Bearded Dragon ($85.00)