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Couldn’t be happier with my new subadult tegu. She is beautiful and the exact one listed on the ad. Very good temperament, already making tons of progress socializing. Communication and shipping were awesome. I highly recommend using Tropicalreptiles
Update: trying to figure out why my new tegu is not eating, and possibly trying to brumate in the summertime. I guess now that they have their money I’m not important to them anymore. Even though they encouraged me to reach out.
Rating by j***r for Marshmallow Line High White Salvator Tegu ($325.00)
Beautiful animal.
Rating by b***h for Ruby Red Line - Possible Double Het Tupinambis Tegu ($300.00)
Carlos was very responsive, willing to answer all our questions, and went above and beyond to make sure shipping and delivery went super smoothly. The tegu is gorgeous, friendly, and well adjusted. We could not have had a better experience.
Rating by k***v for Super Blue X Red Anery - 66% Possible Het Albino Tupinambis Tegu ($400.00)
Gorgeous and VERY healthy Tegus, even fresh out of Brumation. Immediately took food after warming up. Very satisfied with purchase! Thank you Carlos!
Rating by c***s for Super Blue X Paraguayan Red Salvator Tegu ($500.00)
Great people. Respectful and produced such a great healthy and beautiful tegu. 100% satisfied.
Rating by h***4 for Marshmallow Line High White Salvator Tegu ($300.00)
Great Quality isopods and the quantity is also good. Thank you very much Carlos for your help througout the buying process. Packaging is awesome, too. I will definitely buy again from Carlos.
Rating by r***9 for Cubaris Sp. "Soil" 25CT Isopod ($25.00)
Isopods were packaged well and arrived healthy and healthy! Communication was great too
Rating by g***a for Cubaris Sp. "Soil" 25CT Isopod ($25.00)
He was awesome with communication and sending pictures and everything. I am so happy with this tegu! Everything was great, will definitely buy from him in the future.
Rating by b***j for Black & White Tegu Salvator Tegu ($175.00)
As someone who has never purchased an animal online, they made the entire experience extremely easy and comfortable. They were prompt with messages and polite beyond measure. Very helpful even after the sale was made. Great experience.
Rating by h***k for Red Panther Female - 50% Poss. Double Het Tegu ($325.00)
Had my pods at my home just 24hrs after first contact. Purchased a couple hundred pods (more than this ad), everyone showed up perfectly healthy. Prices are the best on the net for many items too...10/10.
Rating by s***l for Cubaris SP "Shiro Utsuri" 50ct Isopod ($50.00)
I got my orange springtails right when I needed them, and they are beautiful, healthy and shipped well. 10/10 would recommend this seller! Very excited to work wit this species. Communication was perfect, and was very willing to work with me.
Thank you very much. It was a pleasure communicating with you as well and we greatly appreciate the business.
Rating by o***n for Orange Springtails - Yuukianura Aphoruroides 35CT Other Invertebrate ($25.00)
Tegu arrived on time and in perfect condition. Beautiful animal. Highly recommend this seller.
Rating by h***9 for Ruby Red Line - Possible Double Het Tegu ($350.00)
Tegu arrived exactly as described and is in amazing shape! 10/10 recommend this seller! Thanks!!
Rating by 2***k for Red Panther Male - 50% Poss. Double Het Tegu ($295.00)
I have to say Carlos made this transaction simple and easy! He stayed in constant communication with me the whole time! The Ruby Red Line X Anery Albino Cross was exactly as described and pictured! I would recommend Carlos to anyone interested ina Te
Rating by g***9 for Ruby Red Line X Anery Cross Tegu ($750.00)
The overall experience was pleasant and the animal arrived alive and healthy
Thank you very much for being a pleasure to communicate with! We hope you enjoy your new tegu.
Rating by s***3 for Marshmallow Line Pure Blue Salvator Tegu ($250.00)
Amazing experience. Isopods were active and full of life. Everything was packaged quite well and I enjoyed the entire experience quite a lot. Will definitely be returning . All my questions were answered and I was able to make an informed purchase!
Thank you very much, it was a wonderful experience to do business with you and I look forward to further growth!
Rating by m***e for Cubaris SP "Cappuccino" 25ct Isopod ($220.00)
She came in healthy and was sweet as can be when unpacking her to check on her! Defiantly as described and we are super excited to add her to our family!
Rating by r***7 for Pure Blue Salvator Tegu ($275.00)
All my tegu purchases in the future will be with these guys ! This girl is beyond words so happy best birthday gift ever.
Thanks so much for your positive words and your support! We look forward to seeing your girl grow!
Rating by a***8 for Marshmallow Line Pure Blue Salvator Tegu ($250.00)
Item was shipped quickly and seller communicated well. Thanks again!
Rating by b***s for Cubaris SP "Cappuccino" 25ct Isopod ($220.00)
They were very accommodating and patient. All the isopods came look well. Will be buying from them again.
Rating by g***y for Cubaris SP "Cappuccino" 25ct Isopod ($220.00)
Super nice seller, ship in a flash and isopods arrived safe and healthy with extra! 100% recommended!
Rating by s***8 for Cubaris SP "Shiro Utsuri" 25ct Isopod ($25.00)
My tegu came in perfect, he is pretty friendly and healthy
Thank you very much for your support!
Rating by p***m for Marshmallow Line Pure Blue - 100% Het Albino Salvator Tegu ($375.00)
Great guy to work with and perfect isopods!
Rating by j***i for Cubaris SP "Cappuccino" 25ct Isopod ($220.00)
Seller was great everything went smooth and the babies are amazing eating the first day and very active,would differently buy from this seller again.👍👍
Thank you very much for being a pleasure to deal with and making the whole process a breeze!
Rating by c***e for Cb Redfoot Tortoises Red-footed Tortoise ($120.00)
Fast initial response, fast shipping, animal was in good health. Incredibly happy with purchase!
Thank you for being a great customer as well!
Rating by r***2 for Melanistic Red Line X Red/Black & White Cross Salvator Tegu ($275.00)
Great breeder and answers every question very quick and service was smooth
Thank you for being an excellent customer as well!
Rating by l***s for Cb Cherry Head Tortoises Red-footed Tortoise ($240.00)
all expectations were exceeded
Thank you very much for your support
Rating by l***5 for Cubaris SP "Silver Ghost" 50ct Isopod ($80.00)
Working with them was an absolute pleasure! They answered every question I had and were very responsive! I HIGHLY recommend
Thanks my brother
Rating by b***6 for Marshmallow Line Pure Blue Albinos Salvator Tegu ($1,200.00)
Carlos is super friendly an answered all my emails right away. My beautiful tegu was sent on the next available day. She is healthy an active. Her packaging was perfect. I highly recommend tropical reptiles & exotics.
Rating by a***1 for 2022 Super Blue X Red - 66% Possible Double Het Salvator Tegu ($255.00)
Replied a little slow. But everything went well! Would totally recommend
Rating by e***e for Purple Reign ALbino X Anery - Double Het Snowmakers Tegu ($750.00)
Excellent animals and Experiance would buy from TR& E again in a heartbeat.
Excellent customer ethics. I would recommend doing business! Thank you
Rating by g***4 for Glacier Pure Blue "Knobby" X Double Het Cross Tegu Salvator Tegu ($400.00)
Great Experiance
Rating by g***4 for F2 Super Blue X Pink Panther Cross Female Salvator Tegu ($300.00)
She was the delivered healthy and quickly. Communication was ok but could have been better with more timely responses. Maybe in future be sure to put paypal email in the add.
Thank you !
Rating by j***9 for Titanium - 66% Possible Het Albino Tegu ($300.00)
Pods were sent swiftly and all arrived healthy!
Thank you so much for your business!
Rating by j***s for Pied Powder Orange “Orange Cream” 50ct Isopod ($25.00)
Fed ex was the problem. I appreciate Carlos open communication we texted often. I love Grinch he is better then his profile. Thanks will be buying a female in the future.
Rating by d***0 for F2 Purple Reign Line - 66% Poss. Het Albino Tegu ($275.00)
Excellent experience. Would recommend them and would buy from them again.
Rating by w***r for Cubaris SP "Cappuccino" 25ct Isopod ($220.00)
Great experience.
Thank you !
Rating by r***s for Cubaris SP "Cappuccino" 25ct Isopod ($220.00)
Answered questions quickly and had no issues at any point
Rating by t***e for Purple Reign ALbino X Anery - Double Het Snowmakers Tegu ($800.00)
Carlos was super easy to work with and very knowledgeable. Sent him quick and got him quick. Beautiful animal that was obviously well taken care of and well socialized before I got him.
Rating by v***4 for Super Blue X Pure Red - 66% Possible Double Het Clutch Salvator Tegu ($500.00)
Isopods arrived safe. Super pretty!
Thank you we appreciate the positive feedback
Rating by s***9 for Armadillidium "Gestroi" 50CT Isopod ($110.00)
I am extremely happy with my pitches of my sweet Amaya and will 10000% be buying the rest of my gu babies from them!!! All there product is off the charts great and the prices are too good to be true in the best ways!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!
Rating by r***0 for F2 Super Blue X Pink Panther Cross Salvator Tegu ($300.00)
Amazing! Beautiful tegu and great communication!
Rating by b***0 for F3 Glacier Titanium Cross Albino Tegu ($1,200.00)
Great animals and support from the start! Even after the sale he still supports the sale and stands by his word. You set us up for success. Thanks for everything Carlos and God Bless from 210Reptiles!
Rating by 2***s for Ruby Red Line Albino Male - Possible Double Het Tegu ($5,000.00)
Highly recommend Carlos and Nancy! Their communication and response times were on point and the pics/vids they sent were marvelous. The tegu itself was packed very nicely and is wonderful to behold. Perfect, robust lizard from exceptional business.
You were a dream customer❤️ Thank you so much for your support. My family and I forever grateful
Rating by e***n for Super Glacier Titanium X Paraguayan Red Cross Tegu ($300.00)
Overall a great experience. Our little guy got delivered a couple days ago, looks healthy and is doing great. Communication was good, and the shipping process was straight forward.
Rating by d***5 for F2 Super Blue X Pink Panther Cross Salvator Tegu ($350.00)
Best experience I've ever had with purchasing an animal and having it shipped.
Rating by w***m for Super Blue Line Tegu Salvator Tegu ($200.00)
Seller was very patient with me, answered all of my questions, sent me photos and a video, communicated with me through the shipping process and even helped me with care information after the delivery. We are so in love with our new pet. Thank you!!!
Rating by s***6 for Blue X F2 Glacier Titanium Cross Tegu Salvator Tegu ($300.00)
There was a minor hiccup in inventory but they went through a good selection of replacements and matched me a really nice tegu. To say the pictures doesnt do justice to her coloration is an understatement. Extremely pleased with this purchase!
Rating by c***n for Super Blue X Pure Red - 66% Possible Double Het Clutch Salvator Tegu ($375.00)
I had an unfortunate experience with the shipping due to no fault of the seller. The seller went above and beyond to make sure my situation was corrected as much as possible. Seller answered all of my questions. Beautiful animal.
Rating by s***6 for F2 Super Blue X Pink Panther Cross Salvator Tegu ($300.00)