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They made the process of buying super smooth! Responded quickly to my inquires. I was worried about shipping during winter, but my snake was well packed & arrived safe and healthy :)
Rating by s***t for Albino Conda Western Hognose ($250.00)
Amazing healthy baby snake . All they do is sell amazing babies.
Rating by r***7 for Spotnose Clown Fire OR Vanilla Ball Python ($650.00)
Purchased 3 snakes! All came in quickly, and are absolutely beautiful! Thank you for providing top notch reptiles!
Rating by c***s for Blue Motley Corn Snake ($100.00)
Great snake, easy to work with and order. Will shop again with TWR.
Rating by a***s for Coral Snow Motley Corn Snake ($100.00)
Seller was fantastic to work with and went above and beyond to answer my questions and set me up with some nice snakes for future projects! Snakes arrived happy & healthy and utterly stunning! Recommend 💯, and I'll likely be a repeat customer!😁
Rating by g***a for Striped Butter Corn Snake ($80.00)
Seller was very easy to work with and shipped the Boa promptly. Boa arrived on time and well packaged. Would definitely buy from TWR again. Great snake. A+ seller
Rating by c***e for Peruvian Long Tail Peruvian Long-Tailed Boa Constrictor ($200.00)
Little snake is cute asf.
Rating by o***y for Albino Conda Western Hognose ($250.00)
John and Jud answered all of my questions promptly and the pythons are beautiful, healthy and active!
Rating by j***d for Children's Python ($125.00)
Beautiful snake delivered healthy and active. Would certainly buy from here again in a heart beat!
Rating by g***6 for Sinaloan Milk Snake ($120.00)
Everything was great! Exactly as described.
Rating by g***s for Mexican Black King Mexican Black Kingsnake ($150.00)
Travis Whisler was a pleasure to work with. Always had super quick communication and answered any and all questions I had about shipping, etc. Our snake (Onyx) is beautiful, the exact one from the photo. 100% will purchase from them again!
Rating by e***n for Mexican Black King Mexican Black Kingsnake ($125.00)
Excellent snake. Will certainly purchase again from TWR.
Rating by w***h for Patternless Colombian Rainbow Boa ($300.00)
Beautiful snake! Very healthy and friendly. Ate for me right away.
Rating by j***x for Gray Band Gray-Banded Kingsnake ($400.00)
Great communication. Would not hesitate to purchase from this seller again.
Rating by m***7 for Deckert's Rat Snake Eastern Rat Snake ($400.00)
Great transaction. Very happy with the snake I bought.
Rating by c***e for Albino Trans-Pecos Rat Snake ($500.00)
Amazing seller this is my second snake from Travis whistler reptile. I had the privilege to tour thier facility and it extremely clean and animals are taken great care of.
Rating by r***7 for Red Blood Blood Python ($450.00)
Amazing breeder with amazing healthy animals
Rating by r***7 for Lava Amel Corn Snake ($180.00)
Highly recommend! Wonderful customer service, snakes arrived safe and healthy. Even added a few extra snakes! Will definitely do business with again.
Rating by c***e for Wholesale Lots Corn Snake ($500.00)
Little guy arrived nice and healthy and on time. John answered any questions i had about the animal. Would definitely recommend doing business with TWR, Thanks again for the beautiful pied pleasure doing business with you!
Rating by r***d for Pied Het Albino Reticulated Python ($500.00)
my 1st purchase with these guys & got a gorgeous snake we were looking for. very open to our special shipping needs, A+++ all the way!!! very healthy beautiful sub adult with awesome color & pattern, very pleased!!!
Rating by h***r for White-Sided Bullsnake ($350.00)
Sent me all the information and photos I asked for and sent me a great gecko!
Rating by c***y for Pine Island Chahoua Chahoua Gecko ($500.00)
Fast responses and super easy to work with online. Snake shipped next day and received looking exactly like photos. I would recommend Travis.
Rating by j***n for Dumeril's Dumeril's Boa ($500.00)
Quite literally the best buying experience I’ve ever had in over 25 years in the industry. These guys know how to do it right!!
Rating by n***e for Black Milk Black Milk Snake ($800.00)
Amazing snake affordable too. Definitely a good all around experience.
Rating by m***s for Snow Conda Western Hognose ($1,000.00)
John was very communicative and easy to work with. FedEx had a shipping delay and he was quick to let me know and keep an eye on it. Received female corn snake in perfect condition and couldn’t be more pleased with her.
Rating by h***6 for Palmetto Corn Snake ($400.00)
Awesome snakes..great breeder..would reccomend highly to anyone
Rating by r***3 for Palmetto Corn Snake ($400.00)
The snake I received looks amazing and is healthy and in great condition. The shipping was fast with only a minor FedEx delay. I would purchase from this seller again.
Rating by l***l for Palmetto Corn Snake ($325.00)
Thank you John! Good communication. Easy to deal with even when I made a change to my purchase. Fast shipping and very well packaged! Highly recommended!
Rating by s***7 for Palmetto Corn Snake ($400.00)
Seller was great to work with. No problems. Got back to me with response fast
Rating by b***4 for Palmetto Corn Snake ($400.00)
I will always buy from Travis. I have bought 20 snake's from him already and i will keep buying from him the snake's are healthy and looking good . thank you again buddy
Rating by s***8 for Butter Het Palmetto Corn Snake ($125.00)
I will always buy my snake's from Travis they are healthy and always look good . i will not buy my snake's from someone else but him . Thank you again buddy.
Rating by s***8 for Spinner Blast Het Clown Ball Python ($400.00)
I will always buy my snake's from Travis
Rating by s***8 for Anaconda Het Axanthic Western Hognose ($250.00)
I bought 14 teen snake's from Travis whisler and i will keep buying snake's from him .
Rating by s***8 for T+ Albino Nelson's Nelson's Milk Snake ($200.00)
I will always buy reptiles from Travis whisler i am a repeat customer i have bought so many snake's from him . thank you buddy
Rating by s***8 for Mexican Black Mexican Black Kingsnake ($120.00)
Great person to do business with! This was my first time purchasing from TWR and it was definitely a positive experience! The communication and shipping was great, the packaging was very secure. The snake I purchased came healthy and ate immediately!
Rating by n***_ for Albino Super Conda Western Hognose ($400.00)
TWR is great to work with. Truly professionals. Thanks for the awesome snake. Will do business with again in near future. Easy and smooth transaction.
Rating by p***8 for Pewter Corn Snake ($160.00)
Beautiful snake and professional service
Rating by j***g for Sunkissed Ghost Motley Corn Snake ($180.00)
Great communication and fast shipping. Little beauty arrived healthy and exactly as expected. Great experience and would highly recommend!
Rating by l***n for Charcoal Corn Snake ($120.00)
Excellent timely communication and service
Rating by j***g for Corn Snake ($100.00)
Excellent timely communication and service
Rating by j***g for Sunrise Corn Snake ($220.00)
Had great communication with John. Unfortunately my snake was DOA, by no fault of TWR. FedEx had a meltdown due to weather. He was very quick upon giving me my refund. I will be back to purchase a snake soon!
Rating by j***1 for Spotted Spotted Python ($150.00)
Great transaction. Quick shipping. Good communication and animal arrived safe and sound.
Rating by m***s for Anerythristic Corn Snake ($150.00)
Really cool snake ! Everything went perfect !
Rating by h***6 for Super Conda Het Albino Western Hognose ($500.00)
Great communication, fast shipment, and exactly as ordered! This is my second purchase from this seller, highly recommended!
Rating by s***s for Mexican Black Mexican Black Kingsnake ($150.00)
Great communication, fast shipment, and exactly as ordered! This is my second purchase from this seller, highly recommended!
Rating by s***s for Scaleless Anerythristic Corn Snake ($500.00)
Travis Whisler Reptiles quickly shipped my Children's Python and the little guy came in healthy. Overall, the process of purchasing from them was phenomenal.
Rating by b***1 for Children's Python ($150.00)
TWR is a very reputable company and I always check with them first when I am looking for new snakes. They are professional, have the best shipping packaging I have ever seen, and produce some amazing quality animals! They are genuinely great!
Rating by p***d for Coral Ghost Corn Snake ($400.00)
Amazing responsed quickly and the snake came safe 10 out 10!
Rating by t***4 for Het Miami Axanthic Bullsnake ($100.00)
I received a health and active lil bugger.Very satisfied. The seller was very quick I'm responding and also met me halfway since we were both in same area . If I was to buy again I would definitely buy from him.
Rating by e***s for Children's Children's Python ($150.00)
Beautiful animal as advertised , thank you
Rating by j***s for Axanthic Het Whitesided Brooks' Kingsnake ($150.00)