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With over 25 years experience, we at Underground Reptiles pride ourselves on the quality of our animals and knowledge of our staff.
We breed several select animals including Tegus, Geckos, Cyclura sp. Iguanas, Green Tree Pythons, and more

Store Policy
*Note that your failure to read our terms and conditions, whether intentional or accidental will under no circumstances be a reason to consider them altered or void.

* Underground Reptiles ships during the week Monday-Friday with the exception of holidays.

* Underground Reptiles has a no refund policy for all retail and wholesale orders. However we will offer store credit.

* In some instances, if a refund is granted, a 15% cancellation fee may apply.

* Underground Reptiles does not guarantee live arrival on inverts or amphibians.

* Underground Reptiles will do their best to sex your animal using our experience but we cannot guarantee the sex on any animal unless otherwise specified.

* Underground Reptiles ships Next Day Air with UPS. We do not ship venomous snakes with UPS. Please do not ask. Mammals are shipped airport to airport via commercial airlines according to IATA regulations. Airline rates do apply. There is sometimes an additional fee for boxing and/or health certificate.

* The buyer must be present to receive the package on the first delivery attempt or all guarantees are void.

* Live and visibly healthy arrival is only guaranteed when shipping temperatures at both ends are between 35° – 90°F for home delivery and 25F° – 99F° for having the animal shipped to a UPS Customer Center for pick up. We will still guarantee the animal if you opt to have the package held at a UPS Customer Center for pick up however the animal must be picked up within 4 hours of arrival at the UPS Customer Center or all guarantees are void. Otherwise, we can hold the animal(s) at our facility until temperatures are safe for shipping.

* We are not responsible for carrier delays or mishandling resulting in DOA* animals.

* All animals have a live and healthy arrival guarantee. We cannot offer any guarantee after the arrival.

* We cannot be held responsible for shipping charges incurred for upholding our guarantee; they are the responsibility of you, the buyer. We do not offer credits or refunds on shipping for replacement animals.

* If the animal(s) is dead or not visibly healthy upon arrival the customer must notify Underground Reptiles of the deceased or unhealthy animal immediately upon receiving the animal(s). The arrival time will be determined by the tracking information UPS provides online of the delivery. If the first attempt of delivery is missed then all live and visibly health arrival guarantees are null and void. An email with a photo attached of the actual animal must be emailed within one hour of arrival or all guarantees are null and void.

* We reserve the right to refuse sale to any buyer, for any reason. Sorry, no sales to minors. Proof of age may be required at our discretion.

* Underground Reptiles is not responsible for any veterinary expenses or costs incurred by the buyer for any animal. If you take any animal to a veterinarian, you do so entirely at your own expense.

* Photos and requests: The animals pictured on our web site may or may not be the actual animal available. The photos do represent the species, and the health and quality of the animals we ship. We can send more pictures of any animal you are interested in by contacting us.

* Photos, descriptions and care sheets posted on our web site are the exclusive property of Underground Reptiles, and may not be used or reused without our specific, written permission.

* In accordance with FDA regulations, turtles and tortoises less than 4 inches listed on our web site are offered expressly for educational, scientific or export purposes only. They are not sold for use as pets.

* You can contact us either by phone (954-428-8005) or email ( info@undergroundreptiles.com) If you have specific questions/requests, feel free to ask; we will respond accordingly. We can be reached Monday through Saturday from 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM.

* Please be aware of your own local wildlife laws and regulations. No shipments will be knowingly sent in violation of any state or federal laws. Please do not even ask.

*Underground Reptiles reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions at any time and in its sole discretion.