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we couldn't be happier w our purchase! The customer service was impeccable and thorough follow ups to ensure we received our snake and that it was in good health. I will definitely purchase through morph market and underground reptiles again
Rating by c***2 for Florida Blue Garter Snake ($200.00)
Everything went pretty smooth with this purchase.
Rating by b***2 for 2021 Special Het Clown Ball Python ($200.00)
I like underground reptiles I always shop with them
Rating by m***4 for Super Red Tegu ($100.00)
I like underground reptiles I always shop with them
Rating by m***4 for PURPLE Tegu ($100.00)
Perfect little ETB. As described and shipped out faster than originally expected.
Rating by s***b for Emerald Tree Boa ($350.00)
My questions were answered right away, I ordered 2 at my convenience. Froggies arrived healthy, were brightly colored, integrated that night and the male started calling the second night. Thanks!
Rating by m***8 for Bird Poop Tree Frog Bird Poop Frog ($35.00)
Very happy with purchase & customer service!
Rating by m***r for Moroccan Greek Tortoise ($500.00)
Nice gecko.
Rating by r***r for Malaysian Cat Eye Gecko Other Gecko ($125.00)
My only complaint is that the seller provided me with zero care information about the animal prior to or with the shipment. I requested info 2 days ago and still haven't gotten a response. I received the axolotl within 24 hrs of ordering
Rating by a***m for Leucistic Axolotl ($40.00)
This was a great experience and will pass your services on!
Rating by s***1 for Albino Anaconda Western Hognose ($350.00)
Very easy to order and the questions I did have were answered very quickly! Great experience and will order from these guys again!! Thanks
Rating by e***1 for Nicaragua Strawberry Pumilio Dart Frog Strawberry Poison Frog ($50.00)
Asked my questions here and purchased a pair via their website.. got exactly what I was hoping for and couldn’t be happier with them..
Rating by c***s for Russian Tortoise ($80.00)
Add used stock in the photos of a baby snake and I received a sub-adult, which is fine by me. The snake was definitely wild caught (which I new going in) but was otherwise in good shape. Quick shipping and good communication on their part.
Rating by w***t for Calico Snake Other Colubrid ($450.00)
Thanks guys I am very happy to be a new costumer.👍
Rating by n***0 for Boa Constrictor ($100.00)
Thank you for the great communication and professionalism.
Rating by m***3 for Peter’s Banded Skink Other Skink ($65.00)
Excellent seller, 5 stars.
Rating by k***1 for ASIAN Water Monitor ($150.00)
Good communication, fast shipping, outwardly healthy ETB. Would purchase from them again. The follow up phone call from Rachel a few days after it arrived was a nice touch. Great customer service.
Rating by s***b for Emerald #1 Tree Boa ($600.00)
The Tiger Leg Tree Frogs were fine but the Cane Toad I bought in addition is extremely underweight.
Rating by w***r for Tigerleg Monkey Tree Frog ($30.00)
Bought 2 of the Baby Dumpy Fogs. They were shipped out on Monday and I received them Tuesday. Both are eating and so far are doing well. Underground Reptiles got these babies to me fast. Very happy with them. Kudos
Rating by j***l for Australian Blue Dumpy Tree Frog Other Tree Frog ($25.00)
I am in love with my baby he’s so adorable. I’ve ordered two from this company they are definitely IMO the best to go to for beautiful yet inexpensive beardies! The only thing that was super strange I’m sure it was UPS he was out of his container ☹️
Rating by e***e for Translucent Hypo Leatherback Dunner Bearded Dragon Central Bearded Dragon ($175.00)
Due to a computer glitch the animal was no longer in stock when order was processed...refund was issued...
Rating by m***s for Sonoran Gopher Snake ($100.00)
Impressed with the customer service and very professional
Rating by p***g for Hypo Leatherback Bearded Dragon Central Bearded Dragon ($100.00)
She is beautiful. Just like the pictures that were sent at my request. Great customer service.
Rating by a***0 for Flying Gecko Other Gecko ($25.00)
My axanthic blue tongue arrived in perfect condition, just as nice of the picture. I appreciated being called and emailed asking how he was doing after arrival. He is thriving and has a voracious appetite. I would recommend this seller.
Rating by f***s for Axanthic Halmahera Blue Tongue Skink Halmahera Blue-Tongued Skink ($550.00)
Underground reptiles always comes through! I’ve been a customer for years!
Rating by j***3 for Pink Belly Swift Other Lizard ($15.00)
As always great experience
Rating by f***1 for Russian Tortoise ($80.00)
I received quick replies and was able to purchase exactly what I was looking for. My Pacman frogs shipped out quickly and were in good condition when received. Underground Reptiles even called to check up on them the next day.
Rating by b***r for APRICOT Pacman Horned Frog ($30.00)
Everything went perfect and I couldnt be happier with our new babies.
Rating by t***8 for 3-4 Foot Green Iguana ($35.00)
Love this seller they even called next day to check on the arrival and assure I was happy and that my T arrived safely. They were very helpful on the phone as well.
Rating by k***w for Stripe Knee Tarantula ($20.00)
Amazing service. They made sure the frogs were safe and comfortable during shipping. D'artagnan is enjoying his new home. And (no name) is enjoying her new home.
Rating by a***m for STRAWBERRY PINEAPPLE Pacman Horned Frog ($30.00)
I requested a Male red head ,I got female green head, heat pack was not activated all the way in corner box Ok but not great
Rating by d***o for Caiman Lizard Other Lizard ($500.00)
Pleasant experience.
Rating by s***l for West African Egg Eating Snake Other Colubrid ($60.00)
The baby was as discussed and looks amazing and thank you guys at underground for the great reptile. Will be doing business again in the near future.
Rating by c***3 for Savannah Monitor ($30.00)
Exceptionally Great communication and customer service! Arrived Happy, Healthy and Ready for the castle we prepared! Thanks again for going above and beyond!
Rating by d***3 for STRAWBERRY Pacman Horned Frog ($30.00)
Got my turtles on time they looked great will be buying more from these guys for sure thanks alot Terry
Rating by t***t for Florida Snapping Turtle ($35.00)
We ordered a male and female pair, spoke to Matain (excuse me if that’s spelled incorrectly) when we made our order, he was extremely helpful and very friendly! Great customer service and we love the snakes, Thank You!
Rating by a***8 for Emerald Tree Boa ($250.00)
Snake received was not white as the ad states.
Rating by v***s for San Isabel Island Ground Boa ($50.00)
Very professional outfit , very happy overall excellent communication and customer service.
Rating by b***2 for 6 To 8 Inch Veiled Chameleon ($35.00)
Thanks again awesome girl!
Rating by m***s for Web Clown Ball Python ($400.00)
Excellent customer service. Email inquiry was answered promptly. This is the first time I have ever had a company to call me the day I received my order to make sure everything was good. Snakes were received in wonderful condition.
Rating by c***y for Northern Garter Snake ($20.00)
I received the animal within 24 hours of inquiring about it. It was packaged safely. It was apparently healthy (and still is). On top of all that, We received a call 1 hr later asking if everything was good and satisfied and call if we had questions!
Rating by c***y for Central American Banded Gecko Other Gecko ($30.00)
Always great!
Rating by j***3 for Pink Belly Swift Other Lizard ($20.00)
I have know the owner for years What a great guy Highly recommended them to all
Rating by t***g for Giant Hatian Galliwasp Other Lizard ($50.00)
figured i would give then one last try ,should have known better,wont waste my time again,sad the staff really doenst care
Rating by k***s for Monkey Tailed Skink Other Skink ($800.00)
Since I live fairly close to them I went and picked up my reptile...very positive experience.
Rating by p***1 for Tangerine Leopard Gecko ($45.00)
My asian water monitor came in. Packing was great he/she was alert and moving instantly. He/she was a little thin/underweight but slight issues like that should be expected when purchasing farm bred/wild caught
Rating by a***e for ASIAN Water Monitor ($124.99)
I received my female juvenile green iguana at 10 am the day after she was shipped. She was in great condition.
Rating by e***y for Green Iguana ($10.00)
Underground Reptiles did a great job with letting us pick out our Helmeted Chameleon via pictures they sent us through email. We live out of state and wanted to have a more personalized shopping experience and they did a great job.
Rating by g***e for Helmeted Chameleon ($69.99)
They came in super hot! Am in Florida and the weather was very hot. These are tortoises that don't withstand high temperatures. They did not use a cool pack at all nor even recommend one. I assumed it would be automatically included.
Rating by f***e for Speke's Hinge-back Tortoise ($150.00)
Seller replied to my inquiry within a couple of hours with a direct link to the purchase and included a discount code. Shipping was quick and convenient with tracking information as soon as my purchase was finalised.
Rating by a***e for Sulcata Tortoise Spurred Tortoise ($90.00)