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Very happy with my purchase
Rating by j***7 for Yellow Phase Desert Red Jumping Spider True Spider ($40.00)
These guys are badass! And they were very helpful with all of my questions. Will use them again and again!
Rating by s***2 for 9 - 11 Inch Veiled Chameleon ($50.00)
Thank you great service received exactly as explained
Rating by a***d for Jackson's Chameleon ($70.00)
Ordered a male but received a female by accident, they corrected the order quickly and let me keep the female at half price for the mixup. Everything was packed well.
Rating by i***e for Giant African Millipede ($150.00)
Animal was delivered promptly and was as described.
Rating by a***l for High Contrast Monkey Tail Skink Monkey-tailed Skink ($600.00)
The initial inquiry took a while to get a response. I sent a second and they answered quickly and it was a great experience from there . I would buy from them again. I would recommend them to my friends ,too .
Rating by c***s for Giant African Trio Millipede ($360.00)
I purchased this viper boa and he arrived the next day in great health! Despite being a big dealer, UGR was also willing to answer questions about his individual temperament. I will definitely purchase from them again in the future!
Rating by j***1 for Red Belly Viper Boa Ground Boa ($200.00)
This frog arrived quickly and is healthy and active in my dart frog terrarium. My only slight downside would be that it was only shipped with a bit of wet paper towel for moisture, which could have dried out if the shipment had been delayed at all.
Rating by j***1 for Nicaragua Strawberry Pumilio Dart Frog Other Dart Frog ($50.00)
Adorable hognose snakes arrived healthy just as advertised. They kindly answered my questions and went above and beyond to ship to me!
Rating by k***n for Tri-color Hognose ($250.00)
Beautiful snake, exactly as pictured, and arrived at my front door about 26 hours after I placed my order.
Rating by t***e for Peaked Saddled Guyana True Red-tailed Boa Constrictor ($275.00)
Beautiful specimen and a healthy eater
Rating by r***2 for BIAK Green Tree Python ($350.00)
Rating by t***d for Albino Red Ear (Split Scute) Slider Turtle ($50.00)
I purchased Esmeralda Tarantula and it’s so beautiful and healthy he/she Devour 10 Small Cricket 🤣😂 that’s why i was so happy
Rating by a***o for Esmeralda Birdeater (2”) Tarantula ($100.00)
Vary happy with the seller and he or she came healthy and a happy.
Rating by j***2 for Peter's Banded Skinks Other Skink ($45.00)
Great experience! Thank you so much!
Rating by -***- for Emerald Swift Other Lizard ($25.00)
Customer service was responsive. The snake arrived on time and seems to be in good health. I would’ve liked to have seen a heat pack in the package, seeing as the high was 72 on the day it was delivered, but package was well insulated.
Rating by a***0 for Egyptian False Cobra Other Colubrid ($100.00)
great service nice healthy milk snake
Rating by t***1 for Stuart's Milk Snake ($175.00)
Nothing but happy :) amazing seller
Rating by d***s for Regal Jumping Spider True Spider ($30.00)
Everything came safe and sound they even called to reschedule shipping date to make sure Temps were good. Would buy from again for sure!
Rating by g***r for Eastern Tiger Salamander ($30.00)
All three arrived, were sexed and seem to be thriving.
Rating by j***s for Giant African Trio Millipede ($360.00)
Awesome shipping time turtles wee healthy and are doing great I will definitely be using this website for everything thank you
Rating by s***e for Mississippi Map Turtle ($20.00)
Purchased an ETB from underground even after hearing negative complaints. Had 0 issues with the order. Communication was quick and prompt. They sent pictures of the exact ETB that I asked for. All in all they are a great company. 5 stars
Rating by j***2 for Emerald Tree Boa Northern Emerald Tree Boa ($350.00)
I recieved my garter. She's perfectly heathy and eating well, so I'm happy!
Rating by s***5 for Florida Blue Garter Snake ($125.00)
I love my Macrothele SP, she definitely came live, healthy and very active. Im happy with my purchases I have gotten from this seller.
Rating by r***e for Thai Funnel Web Spider (1-2″) True Spider ($80.00)
Snake is awesome. Their responses and communication was perfect !
Rating by h***6 for Gray-banded Kingsnake ($250.00)
They arrived perfect. I am so so pleased. I would definitely go through them again
Rating by r***1 for Redfoot Tortoise Pair Red-footed Tortoise ($375.00)
Love my new babies
Rating by d***2 for Baby Red Uromastyx Other Lizard ($125.00)
Very responsive and professional. Thank you
Rating by d***n for African Blue Tailed Skink Other Skink ($7.50)
Underground Reptiles was exemplary. They have an amazing person on the other end of that phone. Very helpful and informative and answered all my questions. Got a beautiful Hognose from them. Beautiful people over there. May God bless them.
Rating by m***1 for Axanthic Het Albino Western Hognose ($500.00)
Absolutely the best and most efficient purchase and service. Most important is that my skinks are the healthy and not stressed and already socialized. My Vet and reptile specialist was impressed. These skinks are domestically breed reptiles;Super
Rating by r***9 for Monkey Tail Skink Monkey-tailed Skink ($450.00)
Incredibly efficient. Like ordering from Amazon.
Rating by j***1 for Northern Black Racer Other Colubrid ($25.00)
I have no complaints, my turtle came to my house perfectly safe, and the turtle also came out to be healthy and happy.
Rating by a***e for Eastern Painted Turtle ($25.00)
Excellent vendor, healthy animals, fast shipping, thanks
Rating by b***n for Marbled Newt ($100.00)
No complaints, she's beautiful!
Rating by s***e for Het Granite Carpet Python Irian Jaya Carpet Python ($300.00)
The packaging was perfect and well done.
Rating by h***n for STRAWBERRY PINEAPPLE Pacman Horned Frog ($30.00)
Bought, shipped and received in less than 24 hours. Fantastic
Rating by p***4 for Russian Tortoise ($80.00)
Seller was excellent. The little critter arrive alive, in Good health, and has a healthy appetite. Would highly recommened
Rating by p***8 for Frilled Dragon Other Lizard ($250.00)
Nice little frogs
Rating by l***x for PINK LEMONADE Pacman Horned Frog ($50.00)
Great costumer service
Rating by s***o for Albino Western Hognose ($800.00)
Great seller, would purchase from again. Linked to their website where I was able to complete the transaction with PayPal and the animal arrived alive and well.
Rating by o***d for Striped Gargoyle Gecko ($175.00)
description of species is uncertain, sold as anolis aeneus, not sure of accuracy. i bought five one female is sickly, and may not make it. not disappointed or anything but be aware that you're buying from a pet store and not a hobbyist, *worththerisk
Rating by p***7 for GUYANA Anole ($20.00)
Easy to order. Email and text notifications and quick shipping
Rating by d***4 for Stinkpot Musk Turtle Mud & Musk Turtle ($25.00)
Prompt fast delivery of item as described.
Ordered more armadillo lizards from them because they worked with me in getting the sex and coloring I was looking for.
Rating by c***s for East African Armadillo Lizard Other Lizard ($50.00)
Ball python arrived on time and in great condition, I was very pleased with Underground Reptiles and plan on purchasing from them in the future!
Rating by c***e for Banana Enchi Spider Yellowbelly Pos Orange Dream Het Pied Hypo Ball Python ($300.00)
Excellent service, highly recommended
Rating by a***8 for White Throat Monitor Other Monitor ($750.00)
Bought the snake at 12:00pm ton a Thursday it was in my doorstep the best day at 10am. Highly recommend
Rating by s***4 for Emerald Tree Boa Northern Emerald Tree Boa ($350.00)
All four turtles arrived in great shape. No delays or problems.
Rating by m***m for Ouachita Map Turtle ($25.00)
It's been a few days and he's doing great.very helpful concentrate business,awesome purchase
Rating by l***o for Frilled Dragon Other Lizard ($250.00)
Asked for additional pictures and received in a timely manner. I placed the order and received my new buddie the next day at a UPS facility. (due to extreme heat they couldn't do home delivery). He was packaged well and is healthy.
Rating by t***g for Axanthic Halmahera Blue Tongue Skink Halmahera Blue-Tongued Skink ($400.00)
Very good communication. My turtles and black racer were in excellent shape and alert. My order was shipped fast very well pleased. I highly recommend UG.
Rating by h***7 for Black Racer Snake Other Colubrid ($35.00)