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Great communication. Animals arrived on time and alive. Packaged very well.
Thank you so much! Enjoy your beauties!
Rating by f***a for Green Belly Skinks Other Skink ($25.00)
Charged my credit card twice for the same order, Charged a $20 service fee to process my credit card. Promised 3 specific snakes, colors and sexes over the phone and then they shipped me the wrong order.
I changed this to a neutral rating because they did end up refunding my money after they admitted to shipping me the wrong order and they did not have what they promised to correct the order.
Rating by i***7 for Colored Amazon Tree Boa ($100.00)
I was very surprised to find small print after receiving my dragon that read purchases are not the same as pictured. I searched for 2 days for what I thought was a great looking dragon and then let down when it was a basic dragon no dif than Petco.
Rating by g***t for Hypo Leatherback Bearded Dragon Central Bearded Dragon ($100.00)
Had a decent time ordering my geckos
Rating by k***r for Leucistic Mack Snow Leopard Gecko ($40.00)
Could have been better at answering questions. I was just given a website link for the most part. I didn't feel like my purchase mattered to the seller.
Rating by g***1 for Tunisian Fat Tail Scorpion ($35.00)
The Tiger Leg Tree Frogs were fine but the Cane Toad I bought in addition is extremely underweight.
Rating by w***r for Tigerleg Monkey Tree Frog ($30.00)
Purchased a Citrus Silky. She came packaged in a tiny container with a bit of bedding, no heat pack. Stuck shed all over her head and feet, practically unresponsive due to how cold she was. Once warmed up, she's much better.
Noticed her tail had the beginnings of tail rot. Took her to the vet and they had to amputate her entire tail. She's also going to lose one of her toes any day now because it's necrotic. I would guess her tail got nipped. Not impressed at all.
Rating by l***n for Silky Inferno Bearded Dragon Central Bearded Dragon ($100.00)
Overall I'm happy I would have liked to know the sex of the iguana even if it was not sure Being able to choose sex before purchasing would be great Still the iguana came on time and seems to be healthy though it's missing a toe more communication
Rating by i***a for 3-4 Foot Green Iguana ($30.00)