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They sent me a sick snake. I sent them photos and they’ve just been ignoring me. My other snakes could get what this snake has bc of the people who sent it to me. I would like to warn y’all they had no communication with shipping and even with compla
Rating by a***n for Solomon Island Tree Boa Other Tree Boa ($80.00)
Gecko arrived with injury on back and head. Large scab-looking injury.
Rating by j***7 for ALBINO Leopard Gecko ($40.00)
Item was not as described. Ordered a subadult and received a baby. Never purchasing from them again.
Rating by z***a for Mack Snow Leopard Gecko ($40.00)
My only complaint is that the seller provided me with zero care information about the animal prior to or with the shipment. I requested info 2 days ago and still haven't gotten a response. I received the axolotl within 24 hrs of ordering
Rating by a***m for Leucistic Axolotl ($40.00)
figured i would give then one last try ,should have known better,wont waste my time again,sad the staff really doenst care
Rating by k***s for Monkey-tailed Skink ($800.00)
They came in super hot! Am in Florida and the weather was very hot. These are tortoises that don't withstand high temperatures. They did not use a cool pack at all nor even recommend one. I assumed it would be automatically included.
Rating by f***e for Speke's Hinge-back Tortoise ($150.00)
I got three. One was DOA witch they replaced and another one died 6 days letter. They told me my setup was wrong because of the required amount of tank/water that it needed to be in. Smh. They are giving people sick turtles do not buy.
Rating by s***0 for Pinkbelly Sideneck Turtle Side & Snake-necked Turtle ($45.00)