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Very professional, friendly and helpful, offering guidance when needed, cares highly for his snakes and just a pleasure to deal with..
Rating by s***s for Cinnamon Poss Het Toffee Ball Python (GB£75.00)
Fantastic seller with great animals, communication and delivery.
Rating by j***1 for 100% Het Clown Ball Python (GB£49.00)
Absolutely over the moon! The snake is gorgeous and in perfect health. A really stunning example. Rod is a really nice guy ,providing full records from pipping to current weight and bloodline. Will definitely be dealing with Rod again!
Rating by w***7 for Fire Enchi Lesser Pastel Ball Python (GB£395.00)
It was a pleasure to purchase from someone that really cares about their snakes. Very helpful and responds almost instantly. Thank you!
Rating by d***9 for Champagne Poss Het VPI Axanthic Ball Python (GB£225.00)
Healthy snake and lovely seller! He came with his feeding and shedding records and a certificate proving he was bred by the seller and what morphs his sire and dam were. Seller left contact details in case we need any problems resolving in the future
Rating by c***z for Possible Double Het Toffee Pied Ball Python (GB£45.00)
Great seller, very friendly and drove 100s of miles to deliver my snake personally. Could not recommend more
Rating by g***e for Super Phantom Poss Het Toffee Ball Python (GB£450.00)
Couldn’t recommend this seller enough. Brilliant communication through out the transaction. Rod is a guy that truly loves his animals. He drove 6 hrs to hand deliver my snake and she’s even better than the pics. Stunning quality much loved animal 👍
Rating by s***k for Big Proven 100% Hetero VPI Axanthic Ball Python (GB£199.00)
Very recommended, Excellent communication and i will be returning to this seller again.
Rating by c***s for 100% Het Ultramel Ball Python (GB£45.00)
They have a good customer service. The get back to you quickly. And they they have flexible delivery.
Rating by j***c for Normal Ball Python (GB£35.00)
Very professional seller/breeder. A++
Rating by k***k for Enchi Lesser Fire Ball Python (GB£249.00)