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Working with Vanessa was a breeze! She replied quickly, was very straight forward and kind. I received a beautiful and healthy animal. I would highly recommend them to anyone
Rating by d***2 for Big Black Throat Black-Throated Monitor ($1,475.00)
Great communication and a lot of follow up after arrival.
Rating by s***z for ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ BLUE Cyclura Lewisii Hybrid Other Iguana ($3,275.00)
Snake arrived in great condition and exactly as pictured.
Rating by t***e for Out Of Calico DMRBs SALE!!! More Boa ($575.00)
Perfect transaction! The snake looked even better in person. Would highly recommend and will certainly do business with again
Thank you much for your business ๐Ÿ™ looking forward to future transactions โค๏ธ
Rating by m***o for Pure Gorgeous Diamond Carpet Python ($3,500.00)
Vanessa takes the same pride as her father. They are legendary pioneers of the industry and always deliver excellent service.
Rating by m***7 for CBB Peruvian True Red-tailed Boa Constrictor ($1,075.00)
Thanks ๐Ÿ™
Rating by a***k for Suriname ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ True Red-tailed Boa Constrictor ($750.00)
Seller was easy to work with and transaction went smoothly. Received a healthy tortoise.
Thank you ๐Ÿ™
Rating by g***7 for Beautiful Golden Greek Tortoise ($675.00)
Took a little bit to get ahold of
Rating by n***4 for Beautiful Diamond Carpet Python ($1,475.00)
I love my new monkey tailed skink, she is so precious!
Rating by _***e for Beautiful Monkey-tailed Skink ($875.00)
Was aold a probable female monkey tail skink- had delays due to inclement weather, they kept me updated and shipped her ASAP. Healthy girl, and I love her to bits. Thanks again!!!
Rating by c***7 for Beautiful Monkey-tailed Skink ($875.00)
The Crutchfields are great people from the time of inquiry to time of shipping. Answered all questions. Animal arrived flawless and beautiful. So happy and will definitely be purchasing more animals from them In the future.
Thank you ๐Ÿ™
Rating by d***9 for Cyclura Lewisi Hybrid Other Iguana ($1,175.00)
As I expected perfect transaction, shipping and animal quality. Will definitely buy from again and again. You can trust this seller!
Thank you ๐Ÿ™
Rating by m***1 for ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ Cherry Head Redfoots Red-footed Tortoise ($575.00)
The boa constrictor was as described and they know how to pick nice ones for sale. Great animal. Great transaction.
Thanks ๐Ÿ™
Rating by b***g for Guyana - FREE Shipping!!! True Red-tailed Boa Constrictor ($650.00)
Great communication and the roughneck was in perfect condition. Great sale.
Rating by r***e for LTC Black Roughneck Monitor ($750.00)
They did an excellent job raising this iguana and were very helpful through the whole process! I had a great experience :)
Rating by t***x for Crutchfield Strain Key Lime Albino Central American Iguana ($1,700.00)
Overall the best online reptile experience I have ever had. These yearling iguanas are incredibly friendly right out of the box and are super healthy and have beautiful coloration. Excellent customer service and communication highly recommended!
Rating by p***c for Green 66% Poss Het For Albinos TAME Central American Iguana ($100.00)
Greta experience with purchasing a beautiful iguana from the wonderful Tom Crutchfield. Very responsive to questions and answers. Bought on Tuesday and arrived on Wednesday. The box was taped,labeled , and packaged. Iguana was in great condition!
Rating by c***o for Crutchfield Strain Key Lime Albino Central American Iguana ($1,700.00)
Itโ€™s absolutely beautiful it was great shopping with mr Crutchfield
Rating by k***รธ for European Legless Lizards More Lizard ($375.00)
I bought 3 iguanas and they are tame and gorgeous. They took care of where they could be shipped until I was able to pick them up after work. They were well packaged and perky. As soon as they were offered food, they ate without hesitation. A+ selle
Thank you so much ๐Ÿ™. You were very easy to deal with as well. Your business is much appreciated.
Rating by k***a for HIGH WHITE Crutchfield Strain Albino Central American Iguana ($975.00)
Purchased 2 iguanas from crutchfied farms he responded within 24 hours and was very helpful answering questions on arrival the iguanas were well packaged they were very heathy and took well to there new environment it was a great experience
Rating by g***0 for Green 66% Poss Het For Albinos TAME Central American Iguana ($100.00)
Stacey was super helpful and responded fast. I bought one of the key lime albinos I can't wait to see what it looks like full grown. Came perfectly healthy pooped the first day I had it and it's eating like a champ!
Rating by j***k for Crutchfield Strain Key Lime Albino Central American Iguana ($1,750.00)
Vanessa went absolutely above and beyond with everything from the beginning of me just asking questions to the purchase and shipping. Every part of the process was smooth even when fed ex made a mistake she was quick jump on it! Best service ever!!!
Rating by r***5 for HIGH PINK Crutchfield Strain Albino Central American Iguana ($975.00)
Wonderful people, great with communication and awesome iguanas
Rating by a***3 for 1.4 GROUP 100% Het For Albino Other Iguana ($6,750.00)
Purchased an Iggy from Tom, awesome little dude super sweet like promised! Arrived warm and happy in his box seems to be enjoying his new enclosure and head scritches.
Rating by h***s for Beautiful Red 66% Poss Het Iguanas Other Iguana ($275.00)
The seller was responsive, helpful and knowledgeable. It was a smooth, and professional transaction. It was a pleasant experience. I was so pleased with my new little one and the care and quality
Rating by v***y for CBB Redfoot Tortoises Red-footed Tortoise ($275.00)
I couldnโ€™t have asked for a more perfect experience. Pics donโ€™t do their iguanas justice. Gorgeous and quick to adjust to their new surroundings. Vanessa answered any questions I had. I have always wanted a Crutchfield Iguana. My family is so happy.
You were a great buyer as well. Thank you ๐Ÿ™
Rating by s***z for CS Super Crimson Other Iguana ($3,500.00)
They responded on time and the animal is way more beautiful then the pictures. I am absolutely in love with her
Rating by a***3 for Crutchfield Strain Crimson Albino Other Iguana ($2,750.00)
Most beautiful reptile I've ever owned! Excellent customer service! I will definitely purchase again!
You did exactly as you said as well. Much appreciated. โค๏ธ
Rating by w***s for Crutchfield Strain Crimson Albino Other Iguana ($2,500.00)
Super fast transaction from start to finish! Vanessa worked with me on payment and answered any questions I had! The skink we securely packaged and arrived very healthy. Would absolutely recommend dealing with them!
Rating by b***t for CBB Monkey-tailed Skink ($1,075.00)
Beautiful, healthy iguana, doesn't mind being handled. Held after purchase until I was ready. FedEx lost him, and Crutchfield Farms spent hours calling and getting him tracked down. Lots of emails back and forth between us, always answered promptly.
Thank you. You were a pleasure to work with as well. โค๏ธ
Rating by s***s for Well-started Crutchfield Strain Albino Other Iguana ($975.00)
Hand picked the perfect Iguana for me. And it was less $ than the Reptile I inquired about!!Great people to work with.
Rating by r***t for STRIKING CS 66% Poss Het Other Iguana ($275.00)
You really couldnโ€™t ask for a better experience then you get when dealing with Crutchfield Farms. Incredible people and amazing animals.
You have been amazing as well, and very kind. It's been a pleasure doing business with you.
Rating by z***r for Crutchfield Strain Albino Other Iguana ($975.00)
My husband has dreamed of a Crutchfield iguana and we were finally able to get him one. Mr. Crutchfield was always responsive, took good vetting measures, and he sent me the sweetest, most gorgeous baby we could imagine. We love him. Thank you!!
Thank you very much ๐Ÿ™
Rating by t***1 for Crutchfield Strain 66% Poss Het For Albino Other Iguana ($175.00)
Excellent communication..excellent quality animal..very easy to work with ๐Ÿ‘
You as well.
Rating by h***s for Gunalen's Snakeneck Turtles Side & Snake-necked Turtle ($275.00)
I just received my Iguana. He is a BEAUTY! Mr. C went above and beyond to answer all my questions. He gave me so much useful info. Buying a live animal online can be a scary thing. Not with Mr. C , it's Worry-free!
Rating by x***x for Crutchfield Strain 66% Poss Het For Albino Other Iguana ($175.00)
They did a great job in making me happy. The iguanas I received were healthy and very active. Overall very beautiful! I will purchase from these breaders again.
Thank you!
Rating by j***y for Red CS 66% Poss Het Other Iguana ($375.00)
Seller is polite, professional and answered all my question/concerns. Animal arrived healthy and active. Itโ€™s a gorgeous animal and was the same animal that was pictured in the add. I would definitely do business with Tommy again.
Thank you!
Rating by b***d for 66% Poss Het For Albino Other Iguana ($175.00)
Very smooth transaction. Received superb information and had great communication with the seller. And of course the iguanas are INCREDIBLE. Thank You!
You are very welcome! You were a pleasure to deal with as well. Vanessa
Rating by b***3 for Crutchfield Strain - 100% Het For Albino Other Iguana ($2,500.00)
My husband and I have made two purchases (three iguanas total) now from the Crutchfield family and have been extremely happy both times. They are absolutely beautiful, and extremely grateful to get the opportunity to work with such awesome people.
Rating by k***9 for Crutchfield Strain Red 66% Poss Het Other Iguana ($375.00)
Seller answered all of my emails within hours. Transaction for the purchase of a 2020 Crutchfield albino iguana went perfectly smooth. Shipping took a few days as the weather was too cold. I received a healthy, beautiful, plump little eating machine.
Rating by g***5 for Crutchfield Strain Albino Other Iguana ($975.00)
I got the $175 green iguanas 66% het for albino and asked them if I could get a male and they sorted the males out for me and let me choose which male I wanted. I received the exact one I saw in the photo and it is looking very healthy right now.
Rating by s***6 for Crutchfield Strain Red 66% Poss Het Other Iguana ($375.00)
Will gladly do business again.
Rating by a***0 for Crutchfield Strain Albino Other Iguana ($975.00)
Always wanted an iguana from the legend Mr.Crutchfield finally got the chance to find one now that he is finally on Morph Market, and oh my this iguana is absolutely Beautiful! my wife doesnt like lizards and she been taking pics of him non stop LOL.
He is stunning. Iโ€™m glad you love him!!! Told ya ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Rating by h***9 for Crutchfield Strain Albino Other Iguana ($1,475.00)