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Beautiful, healthy, and calm snake. They worked with us payments and hold. couldn't be more happy.
Rating by s***e for Super Pastel Clown Ball Python ($1,700.00)
Snake arrived on time, carefully packed & secure. Sergei was patient & accommodating; his communication was prompt, informative & courteous. You can tell he takes pride in his animals & customer service. Would purchase from him again! 😁👍🏼🐍♥️
Rating by p***e for 100% Het Leopard 66% Het Kahl Albino Boa Constrictor ($150.00)
Would have reviewed sooner but my sister passed and we had a super busy horrible time. Absolutely flawless snake. I'm in love. Wonderful eater. Best snake around i am thrilled
Rating by t***s for Hearts Cinnamon Possible Fusion Ball Python ($100.00)
Great communication, professionally packaged, and the boa arrived alert and healthy. Highly recommend.
Thank you for being VIP customer!
Rating by w***8 for Big Sale!!! Arabesque 100% Het Sharp Red Dragon Boa Constrictor ($700.00)
Nice and healthy little male , I'm so happy 😊
Rating by g***c for Mojave Possible Fusion Ball Python ($150.00)
Love the snake.. 2nd from vip .. bless up!!!
Rating by r***8 for Orange Pied Possible Shatter Sibling To 3 Smiley Faces Ball Python ($400.00)
Good experience
Rating by j***1 for 100% Het Clown 100% Het Tristripe 66% Het Albino Ball Python ($1,200.00)
Thank You BP came safely even though Fedex was delayed , great seller !!
Rating by t***4 for Scaleless Head Pastel 100% Het Clown Ball Python ($700.00)
I am absolutely in love with my new girl! She is just as pictured! I really appreciate the seller and their communication with me. I've tried contacting many other breeders and no one got back to me. Communication was very timely!
Thank you very much for quick transaction!
Rating by b***n for SUNGLASSES SMILEY FACE Orange Pied Possible Shatter Ball Python ($600.00)
Great communication, everything was exactly as I'd hoped for my purchase. My snake is even more beautiful in person. Healthy, active, and I'm 100% satisfied with the seller and my purchase. I hope to do business with you again in the future.
Rating by s***m for Orange Pied Possible Shatter Ball Python ($350.00)
Snake came as advertised and healthy also she was shipped out the same day we bought her!
Thank you very much. Please doing business with you!
Rating by s***s for Glowing Lesser Batman 900Gr Ball Python ($5,000.00)
She arrived on time and in great shape. Heat pack kept her nice and warm. Overall a great transaction and communication was quick and responsive.
Rating by a***6 for Hearts Cinnamon Possible Fusion Ball Python ($100.00)
Very professional breeder was what I expected and was able to hold snake and take care of her until weather was good for shipping
Rating by r***8 for 100% Het Magma (Redstripe Het Clown) Ball Python ($1,000.00)
VIP my guy. Beautiful snake
Rating by r***8 for Possible Confusion Pastel Clown Ball Python ($500.00)
Beautiful snake. Would definitely buy from VIP again.
Rating by a***y for Nr Mandarin 66% Het Albino Ball Python ($800.00)
Great communication, nice and healthy animals.
Rating by a***1 for Clown Pied Ball Python ($7,000.00)
Good communication. Animal arrived as described.
Rating by b***p for Pastel Confusion Possible Super 100% Het Batman Ball Python ($8,000.00)
Great experience. Sergei gave me the VIP treatment as promised. Very professional and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.
Rating by b***a for Clown Blade Spider Ball Python ($1,999.00)
My 2nd purchase from VIP Constrictors. Sergei is a gentleman and very pro. You will get the VIP treatment when buying from him. I know I did! Thanks, again, Sergei! -Dan
Rating by b***a for Clown Pinstripe Pastel Ball Python ($2,200.00)
Shopping from VIP constrictors was fun and easy and I found found the ball pythons that I wanted, after lots of looking. The breeder responded quickly and answered all my questions. Defiently a good experience!
Rating by d***s for Pastel 100% Het Clown Ball Python ($200.00)
great communication. only issues was fault of fedex delivery. will and would recommend to others. will be watching to see if something catches my eye again
Rating by c***y for Possibly New Gene Dinker 66% Het Pied 66% Het Albino Ball Python ($450.00)
Awesome communication and customer service! Quick shipping and delivery and exactly what I was looking for. Will definitely do business with them again
Rating by s***s for Dinker Reduced Pattern 66% Het Pied 66% Het Albino Ball Python ($200.00)
From the first interaction VIPconstrictors was very responsive. They always responded within minutes. Despite nervousness on my part regarding FedEx having delays in shipping, the order came in perfect time and with no problems! Thanks Sergei!
Rating by d***5 for Mandarin 66% Het Albino Ball Python ($450.00)
Very positive experience. Was very pleased to be able to see a youtube video of the animal about a month after hatching, how he's handled, etc. VIP worked with me on setting up a good delivery time base on my schedule. Communication was great.
Rating by w***r for Very High Pattern Pied Ball Python ($275.00)
A really good company and got what I wanted on time!
Rating by p***e for 66% Het Pied 66% Het Albino Ball Python ($150.00)
Extremely efficient and effective communication! Experience was great and very pleased doing business here!
Rating by t***u for Mandarin 66% Het Albino Ball Python ($450.00)
My ball python was as described and the seller had great communication. Shipping was a lot faster than I expected and she (The snake) was packaged extremely well. Highly recommend this shop!
Rating by r***e for SMILEY FACE Pied 66% Double Het Albino & Caramel Albino Ball Python ($450.00)
Great communication. Fast shipping. Overall great experience with this seller.
Rating by m***s for 66% Het Albino 66% Het Pied Ball Python ($120.00)
Great seller snake arrived safe and on time. She looks better than I thought she would. Highly recomend.
Rating by e***s for Breeding Size Clown Spider Ball Python ($1,200.00)
Received a big healthy friendly snake. Very pleased.
Rating by s***s for 2016 BIG PROVEN BREEDER 66% Het Pied 66% Het Albino Ball Python ($250.00)
Received an absolutely stunning snake. Very calm and healthy. Very pleased with my purchase.
Rating by s***s for Very High Pattern Orange Pied Ball Python ($275.00)
The snake died on the way here unfortunately but they were are really quick to either send you a replacement or giving you a refund which I greatly appreciated.
Seller BEWARE! Went above and beyond. 1. This is under $200 snake. Took a deposit and held the snake for her. 2. Refunded immediately WITHOUT box opening video to the customers satisfaction. Those are live animals and things do happen.
Rating by g***a for Pastel 100% Het Clown Ball Python ($150.00)
Snake arrived healthy, packaged well, and is absolutely lovely!
Rating by c***e for High Pattern Pied 100% Het Caramel Ball Python ($300.00)
I would love to see better packaging in terms of your marketing; stickers, Etc. Great balls though, thx for fixing the shipping error.
Thank you very much for your purchase. As for the marketing materials, from our experience they go directly to trash in our digital world. So we save the environment by not purchasing them and transfer those savings to our customers. Thanks again!
Rating by c***s for 100% Het Pied Ball Python ($100.00)
Definitely recommend VIP Constrictors. Communication was great, and the snake I got is healthy and looks amazing.
Rating by m***4 for Het Pied Ball Python ($65.00)
Great seller. Really responsive, shipping time was amazing, and packaging was great. Only wish they would also supply a phone number(sorry if I missed it) so you can ask about the history and full care of bought animal.
Rating by s***g for Mojave Possible FUSION Ball Python ($55.00)
I bought early expecting shipment on same day and spoke with him prior to the sell. I appreciate the fact the seller put the safety of the animal before anything. He informed me it was raining in his local area so he was going to ship the next day.
Rating by m***s for Bright Medium Pattern Pied 100% Het Caramel Ball Python ($300.00)
Good looking snake. Fast shipping. Thanks
Rating by d***p for Bumblebee Ball Python ($300.00)
The seller is informative, professional and cares so much about their animals. Our new baby ball python is beautiful, healthy and has a wonderful disposition. We're so happy with our purchase; this seller is excellent! :)
Rating by w***r for Pied 100% H. Caramel Albino Ball Python ($300.00)
Love her she's a beautiful pied female.
Rating by g***r for Very Orange Pied 66% Double Het Albino, Caramel Albino Ball Python ($300.00)
The animals were exactly what I was looking for and arrived next day at a fair price. Will for sure do business again
Rating by m***d for READY TO BREED ADULT Dreamsicle Ball Python ($3,000.00)
It’s always great working with local breeders.
Rating by h***n for Asphalt Enchi Ball Python ($1,000.00)