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Mar 25, 2018
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Hi I'm a hobbyist breeder and as such often have surplus snakes available. I'm competitively priced as I like to make room for my next hatching clutch. I've been keeping snakes for around 25yrs I have a YouTube channel ihognose-snakes and also a Facebook page.

As well as western hognose I have Honduran milk snakes.

I have many satisfied customers, a great following on social media platforms and have made many friends through the hobby.
Buy with confidence.

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Certain parts of the UK are not covered by courier.

Shipping overseas is welcome but can be expensive we suggest contact with Dutch Dragon Imports (DDI)


Overseas shipments are the responsibility of the buyer to organise and pay for.

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Payment can be in cash, bank transfer or Friends & Family PayPal, also crypto by arrangement.
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A 30% deposit is required for reservation, unless another amount is agreed.
The deposit is refundable for the first 14 days thereafter it becomes non-refundable
The seller reserves the right to terminate the contract and keep the deposit if the buyer fails to pay for the animal within the agreed time period.
Animals must be paid for in full before collecting or shipping.
You are expected to have fully researched the husbandry required for the animal you are buying and provided the right conditions for it before it's arrival.
You must be 18+ years to purchase
We have no connection with the courier other than it's a service we use
Courier price is for one and often two snakes
Once paid for and booked into an appointed courier, collection and delivery can oftentimes be between days and a number of weeks as such no refund is given if awaiting collection by the courier. This overrides MorphMarkets default store policy
UK and EU animal couriers override the USA transportation as regulations and logistics are very different. Once the animal leaves the premises it becomes the lability of the courier as they are health checked before acceptance by the courier.
If wrong animal is shipped out then a refund will be issued once animal is returned. Seller will pay for collection but not liable for any additional costs. Unless buyer and seller agree an alternative arrangement. Claim period is seven days from date of receiving the wrong animal and three months for wrong sex from date of receiving.
Animal health and weight; if buyer collects then buyer is responsible for carrying out their own health checks. The courier is responsible for picking up healthy animals as they are checked before acceptance. Weights can vary but are often over the advertised weight due to the length of time they are advertised. Animals that are not healthy or grossly underweight or not feeding are not shipped.
Seller is not responsible for animal temperament
Animals are always shipped in a healthy mite free condition

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