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We're a East Coast based newbie reptile "shop" That's all about providing the upmost optimal care for all of our reptiles; breeders and pets (and your soon to be new companion!) helping to educate while providing the best service we possibly can!

Store Policy
We reserve the right to decline any sale at any point in time wether it be as a result of a gecko being put on hold or any other reason, if you feel an explanation of declination is necessary please don't hesitate to message us to ask! We receive many inquiries daily about our reptiles & there are auto responses that Morph Market has available that is incredibly helpful for us (as a very small 2 person operated family business) with sorting out inquiries. We mean absolutely no ill will if we decline a sale!

An animal may be placed on hold with a 25% non-refundable deposit and then the remaining balance must be paid within 30-31 days.
If you back out of the sale or don't complete the payment by the 30-31 day deadline then the deposit and all payments made are forfeited & the animal will be re-posted for sale.

We take many forms of payment, PayPal being our main (as buyers and sellers are both insured therefore it is the safest platform in our opinions) followed by Navy Federal direct, cashapp, venmo and cash.

Our preferred method of payment is PayPal, In order for correct taxes to be included it would be easier for us to send an invoice to you.

IF YOU DON"T HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT we can accept payment at the following link.

If a buyer wishes to cancel an order it must be done within a 12-24 hour time period for a FULL REFUND. If the order is not cancelled within a 12-24 hr time period the buyer has additional 14 days to cancel the order with 50% of the grand total refunded. If a buyer does not cancel the order within a 14-day time period of initial inquiry then we unfortunately cannot issue any type of refund.(varies case to case)

Discounts are available when multiple animals are purchased.
5% Off for two animals
10% Off for three animals
15% Off for four or more animals
Discount is on animals only and excludes the final cost of shipping and shipping materials.
All reasonable offers will be considered.
Repeat customers get a 10% discount! <3

We require AT LEAST 1 BUSINESS DAY to process any transactions before we are able to ship.
We ship through Reptiles2You, ShipYourReptiles & ReptilesExpress via FedEx Priority Overnight weekly Mondays- Wednesdays and occasionally Thursdays. Holidays & weather can limit when we ship.
A shipping & delivery date MUST be scheduled WITH US to ensure that someone will be home to accept delivery which we require for the safety of the animal.
Shipping fees are extra and are the actual shipping cost from our establishment in Virginia to you. If you’d like a shipping quote just send us a message that includes your zip code!

If in the rare & unfortunate event that your animal(s) is DOA (Dead On Arrival) we are able to reimburse the cost of the animal excluding shipping. To be able to receive a reimbursement in the unfortunate event of a DOA buyers FIRST AND FOREMOST have to have been at the established drop off address (discussed with us prior to shipment) at the time of delivery. Buyers MUST contact us via phone number (text or phone call) Facebook message or Morph Market message with pertinent information; pictures of proof ( please don't throw away anything), within 1 HOUR of arriving on time. Failure to do so will void refund ENTIRELY. If there is/was not someone to receive the package upon arrival time, our guarantee will be null and voided immediately.

We will not ship any leopard geckos under 15g, Shipping leopard geckos when they're too young or underweight is very dangerous for their health and safety and poses significantly less of a risk if shipped around 15g minimum.

There MUST be someone home to receive the package or any and all guarantees are void!
If there are any issues with the animal upon opening the package we require that you contact us within 1 HOUR of delivery with all pertinent information and pictures.

We guarantee that every animal we ship is in great health and will arrive safe and alive ( if there are no complications via carrier), as long as someone is there to receive the delivery! The animal should live a long and healthy life as long as you provide proper care for the species you purchased. However, once the animal is in your care we can not be held responsible as the animals continued health is now your responsibility.

We can not absolutely guarantee the sex of any Leopard Gecko that is shipped under 20 grams, even though we mainly rely on temperature sexing and visuals for assisting in determining gender it is significantly more difficult the younger age of the gecko.

These terms are subject to change and we reserve the right to refuse a sale.

By putting down a deposit that means that you have read and agreed to our Terms of Sale. If you have any questions about our TOS, PLEASE feel free to ask before you buy.