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Great customer service 10/10
Thank you Francisco!
Rating by s***8 for Pupa X Catto - Phantom Yellow Lilly Crested Gecko ($550.00)
My second purchase with Chase and certainly not my last. Chase is always helpful and communicative. Never disappointed with a purchase!! Thanks again Chase!
Rating by d***9 for Jarvis X Vashti - Cornerstone Tri! Crested Gecko ($750.00)
Couldn’t be more happy with my purchase. The gecko looks absolutely amazing, and arrived in perfect health. Great communication, outstanding packaging. This is what all breeders should strive for. Can’t wait to do business again.
Anytime! It was a pleasure!
Rating by s***i for Jarvis X Mew - Cornerstone High White Tri Crested Gecko ($1,200.00)
Second time ordering and went very smoothly again! Chase is so easy to work with. Highly recommend.
Thank you again Christy!
Rating by c***m for Jarvis X Vashti - Tri Color Crested Gecko ($250.00)
Chase is always on top with his guys they are all amazing!!!
Rating by j***8 for Zydrate X Himiko - Red 😍 Crested Gecko ($375.00)
I’d like to give ZenGex a few more stars! Chase is one of the best guys I’ve dealt with and very helpful ! Great shipping and packaging! It’s nice to see people that care so much for their crested it means a lot! I’ll definitely be back. Thanks Joe
Thank you very much Joe!
Rating by j***8 for Niffin X Fungus - Yellow!!! Crested Gecko ($250.00)
Quick response to my question and very professional.
Rating by j***o for Mylk X Radish - High Coverage Lilly White Crested Gecko ($700.00)
Excellent interaction all around and super easy to work with! Animals arrived healthy and looked even better than their pictures.
Thank you very much!
Rating by r***a for Pupa X Monster - Yellow Lilly White - Sonic Trash Cat Sibling! Crested Gecko ($900.00)
Fantastic as always!
Thank you Jenna!
Rating by g***x for Pack Of 15 ZenGex Productions! Crested Gecko ($900.00)
So happy with the gecko I received. Great communication and WONDERFUL packaging. I will for sure buy from chase again, couldn't recommend him more!
Thank you very much Kelly!
Rating by k***i for Zydrate X Spice - Killer Lineage Red Phantom! Crested Gecko ($450.00)
Love him so much thanks [email protected]
Rating by j***3 for Zydrate X Lupine - ANGRY RED Crested Gecko ($160.00)
So excited to get my new babies to add to our collection 😍
Much appreciated!!
Rating by h***s for Mylk X Sisu - Rough Scale Lilly White Crested Gecko ($2,000.00)
I have purchased purchased 4 geckos from Chase and his breeding program is top notch. He stands behind what he sells and is very fair and reliable -Chase makes makes a point to be available for questions after the sale. A+ breeder smooth transaction
Thank you! You're a pleasure to work with!
Rating by c***i for Zydrate X Spice Pink/Red! Crested Gecko ($1,700.00)
This little man is so gorgeous! The packaging and communication was impeccable 10/10 recommend.
Thanks Vivian!
Rating by v***5 for Pupa X Baguette - Lilly White - 12g - Yellow Crested Gecko ($800.00)
Seller was very responsive to messages, kept us in the loop throughout the process and the gecko arrived well packaged, safe and healthy. We LOVE the stickers, thanks for everything!
Thank you very much!
Rating by m***x for Jarvis X Kumquat - 20g - Lav Male Crested Gecko ($200.00)
When I tell you this boy is a show stopper he is GORGEOUS! Chase has a Super fast response time and was nice to work with! Can’t wait to watch this baby grow and see what he can do when he’s older! 100% recommend purchasing from Chase!
Thank you very much Kiara!
Rating by s***s for Pwykka X Xia - 8g - Tri Color Pinstripe Crested Gecko ($200.00)
Absolutely fantastic communication, geckos and shipping. Zengex is by far the best gecko breeder we have purchased from. We will definitely be back!!!
Rating by n***y for Mylk X Ebisu - Lilly White - Nadja Sibling! Crested Gecko ($700.00)
All I can say is WOW! For many years I’ve been wanting a Zengex gecko, and the gecko is amazing in person! The intense colors and beautiful structure! It was also the best packaging I’ve seen! A+++++++, highly recommend!!
Thank you so much Melissa!
Rating by s***s for Mylk X Severine - 15g - Tri Crested Gecko ($300.00)
Excellent service. Communication was great! Thanks!
Rating by m***l for Zydrate X Enigma - 11g - Port Hole Phantom Red Crested Gecko ($750.00)
Experience was of the highest quality from start to finish. Chase runs an amazing operation with beautiful cresties! Can't recommend highly enough!
It was a pleasure Jason! 😁
Rating by s***a for Niffin X Daikini - 10g - Red Male Crested Gecko ($275.00)
Flawless transaction from beginning to end. We had to wait a little bit for my weather to cooperate and I was informed every step of the way. Gecko as described and exceeds expectations. Will purchase from again! Thank you!
Thank you very much!
Rating by g***s for Niffin X Migi - 14g - Probable Female Yellow Crested Gecko ($600.00)
I couldn’t be happier with my little guy! Absolutely worth the money this kid is so white I named him Paper Towel! He even came with like 20 absolutely gorgeous stickers that are decorating the side of his tank now! Never seen better packaging! :)
Thabk you Katelynn!
Rating by g***4 for Mylk X Severine - Lilly White - 4g - Probable Male Crested Gecko ($475.00)
Seller communicated very thoroughly and answered all my questions to the best of there knowledge. My new addition arrived very quickly and was not showing signs of any stress, I cannot thank them enough! 10/10 Recommended!!
Much appreciated!!
Rating by p***2 for Niffin X Fungus - 13g - Probable Female Yellow Crested Gecko ($500.00)
Amazing gecko. Seller is very prompt with responses and easy to work with. Gecko packaged neatly and very healthy. Stickers included in package is a major plus!
Thank you!
Rating by s***s for Pupa X Monster - 11g - Yellow/Orange Phantom Crested Gecko ($500.00)
Awesome experience. Responsive to inquiries, quick to ship, excellent packaging and beautiful, healthy gecko.
Thank you Rhiana!
Rating by d***s for Niffin X Stoya - 7g - No Pores** Crested Gecko ($900.00)
Seller had wonderful communication, animal was extremely well packed. It looks even better in person, I'm extremely satisfied!
Thank you very much 😁
Rating by l***1 for Zydrate X Epoki - 10g - Pores Crested Gecko ($175.00)
Seller was very responsive answering all my questions. We hope to purchase more from zengex in the future
Thank you 😁
Rating by p***o for Niffin X Siren - 9g - Male Crested Gecko ($1,000.00)
Got a a beautiful gecko at a incredible deal I recommend zengex 120%
Rating by j***9 for Mylk X Mongolian Death Worm - Lilly White - 8g - No Pores Crested Gecko ($800.00)
Everything about this transaction was wonderful, the gecko was extremely well packaged and professional! The baby I received is healthy and arrived safe and sound. 10/10 I highly recommend working with this company!
Thank you!!
Rating by l***s for Jarvis X Fae - 11g - Male Crested Gecko ($600.00)
Chase was very responsive, answered any questions, and kept me up to date on all progress during my transaction. Packaging superb, 'party in a box', with goodies. Will definitely buy from again. Quality geckos! Highly recommend! Will purchase from ag
Thank you very much Diane!
Rating by d***9 for Niffin X Stoya - Lilly White - 5g - No Pores Crested Gecko ($900.00)
Awesome experience. Done with my purchase in minutes! He also sent the same week and my little guy arrived safely! Would definitely purchase here again.
Rating by r***y for Mylk X Bleak - Lilly White - 8g - Male Crested Gecko ($1,000.00)
This is the second time purchasing from Chase, and I received a gorgeous girl. She's arrived safe and healthy. Packaging was awesome. I highly recommend getting gecko from Gengex. Thank you so much, and I'll definitely come again:)
Rating by k***2 for Pupa X Freya - 12g - No Pores Crested Gecko ($550.00)
Amazing gecko. So pleased
Rating by m***t for Pwykka X Amunet - 11g - Probable Female Crested Gecko ($750.00)
This is the best experience I have ever had from a breeder! Communication was almost instant, and they were able to help in any way. Lots of available lineage too! Very happy with my gecko and highly recommended Zen Gex!
Anytime Sean! 😁
Rating by s***s for Mylk X Wyrm - Lilly White - 5g - No Pores* Crested Gecko ($800.00)
It was a phenomenal experience purchasing from ZenGex! Communication, packaging, and swag gifts are absolutely sublime. My crestie traveled well and arrived safely. Thank you Chase for your gecko wizardry!
Anytime Kyle! Thank you very much!
Rating by k***1 for Niffin X Sake - 6 - Male Crested Gecko ($750.00)
A professional breeder and excellent geckos. I plan on buying more from ZenGex in the future. 😁
Much appreciated Christina!
Rating by f***i for Niffin X Sllort - 9g - Pores* Crested Gecko ($500.00)
Everything went smooth! Thank you so much. Beautiful packaging and animals.
Rating by c***m for Mylk X Mongolian Death Worm - 10g - Pores* Crested Gecko ($100.00)
This is definitely a breeder to buy geckos from. The whole experience was perfect and the gecko is way more amazing than the photos, I couldn’t be happier.
Thank you so much!
Rating by f***i for Mylk X Voodoo - Lilly White - 5g - No Pores* Crested Gecko ($1,000.00)
This was a wonderful transaction! I’m super excited to have a Pwykka baby, and there was perfect communication throughout the whole process. Little dude arrived healthy & happy. Love the sticker/magnet swag, too! Will definitely be ordering again!
Thank you Casey!
Rating by g***e for Pwykka X Amunet - 8g - Pores* Crested Gecko ($400.00)
Best customer service I have ever experienced !! Friendly and the care package of stickers is awesome !!
Thank you very much!!
Rating by r***s for Mylk X Severine - 10g - Male Crested Gecko ($400.00)
I've never been this satisfied by purchasing geckos. Chase is an awesome seller!!! Communication was smooth and the gecko arrived safe and healthy. The packaging was professional and honestly speechless. He's super generous!
Thank you so much Kelly
Rating by k***2 for Jarvis X Tegridy - 9g - Male Crested Gecko ($500.00)
Chase was very easy to work with, no complaints on my end and handled everything/updated me constantly. Definitely going to get more.
Thank you very much!
Rating by e***g for Niffin X Fungus - 7g - Male Crested Gecko ($475.00)
This is my second purchase from ZenGex and it did not disappoint! I received a gorgeous gecko with lineage and clear, prompt communication from Chase every step of the way. Awesome sticker & magnet bundle incl. Such a positive experience!
Thank you again Jennifer!
Rating by m***s for Mylk X Mongolian Death Worm - Lilly White - 5g - No Pores Crested Gecko ($525.00)
Wonderful to deal with and a great animal. Will purchase another animal from ZenGex
Thank you Adrian!
Rating by g***n for Niffin X Blessed Be - 9g - Male Crested Gecko ($500.00)
Chase is great and the gecko is absolutely perfect! Very happy!
Thank you!
Rating by s***t for Niffin X Migi - 10g - Male Crested Gecko ($600.00)
No wonder why Chase is a greatly renowned breeder. He's very professional with his business, generous, and super easy to communicate with. I am sad to hav word limits but I couldnt have asked any better experience. Geckos are STUNNING insect killers.
Thank you so much Julie! You're a pleasure to work with!
Rating by a***s for Jarvis X Delphi - 4g - Pores Crested Gecko ($1,500.00)