Charity GFP Melanoid Axolotl (#CH2)

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Charity GFP Melanoid Axolotl
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Description. Hello everyone. A past customer messaged me a couple weeks ago to ask me to take in her axolotls. This is pretty normal but when she told me why it broke my heart; she was diagnosed with cancer. As of the time of this listing she has had her surgery to remove it and she is recovering in the hospital. Her gofundme has plenty of details I will link it below. All help will be appreciated. Normally I charge less for pet-only axolotls but I am keeping this one at the same price as the others for the sake of charity. Message me for shipping quotes. Thank you for reading and your generosity.

GoFundMe: [Link Removed]

This axolotl is one she bought from my Ron/Fatima clutch; breeder quality
Charity GFP Melanoid
Axolotl Subadult
100% Het Copper 50% Het Leucistic 100% Het Axanthic Melanoid Gfp
12th January 2022

Hubert, North Carolina United States of America flag

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About Deluxe Dragons. Hi I’m Aaryn and I run an ethical axolotl breeding program based in Hubert NC. All of my babies are separated at birth to prevent stress and ensure quality. Feel free to contact me with any questions