(CB) Hourglass Tree Frog
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Description. Juvenile Hourglass Tree Frogs. Lay date Feb 26 2021. Metamorphis between March 15-30. Measuring about .5-.75 inches. Voracious eaters and very active/alert. Be aware that shipping is between $50-85 using shipyourreptiles in the U.S. I prefer local pick up unless you are buying multiple frogs due to the cost of frog versus shipping +gas money right now. Box fees are typically $6 and heat/ cold packs for certain climates might require additional fees. I ship to FedEx hubs either Tuesday or Wednesday to ensure the safety of the animals and live arrival is also guaranteed when this method is used.
Hourglass Tree Frog Baby/Juvenile
Dendropsophus ebraccatus
(70 available)
26th February 2021
1.8 cm (snout to vent)
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Store policy. I prefer in person/local pick up. I will ship at buyer's expense. I do not do wholesale but prices can sometimes be negotiated when purchasing multiples to a degree. All animals are healthy and eating for several weeks before sold. Please reach out via MM message before texting/calling me for purchase inquiries.

Shipping- U.S. only or through courier service (Northern Lights Imports in Canada).
Buyer is responsible for shipping and material costs ($6 box fee and $4 thermal/cool pack).
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About Cincinnati Captive Bred Herps. Ecologist and Herpetologist. Studied the eco-toxicology of tropical frogs. I have created and worked in natural history collections with herps and currently work in zoos and aquariums. I breed red-eyed tree frogs and hourglass frogs.
I started a program (see Facebook page) dedicated to the captive-breeding of exotic herps (reptiles and amphibians) and finding forever happy homes for our beloved pets. Dedicated to ethical rearing and distribution of animals, we aim to provide the healthiest animals.

I ship but do charge for shipping materials (box fee and heat/ cool pack) and only when weather permits safe transport. I prefer to ship FedEx hub to FedEx hub for the safety of the animals and for live-arrival guarantee. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are typically the best days to ship.

Box fee- $6
Heat/cool pack- $4
Shipping- depends on area and day shipped
I prefer to ship Tuesday or Wednesday to avoid delays and currently use Shipyourreptiles.com.