(Male, 2020, Dual Orange Line) Brazilian Rainbow Boa (#2020-B-07)

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Description. Born on September 21, 2020 to Picasso (a unique dual-orange male of undetermined age) and Peridot (an August 2013 dual-orange female who is his daughter), this marks the second pairing of these two animals. The litter was a bit in the small side (Mom delivered in the water bowl, and a few drowned), but the surviving babies had an almost perfect gender split of six boys and five girls. The litter exhibits the dual orange of their parent lineage, frequently sports black dots along the sides of their necks, and has limited dorsal chaining. All of these babies are time-tested at 19 months old, with numerous successful meals and sheds.

This particular snake is 2020-B-07, a male. He has small back dorsal spots, many with small black dots in the center; and shows several linked “mickey” chains.

All Living Gems babies come from a disease-tested facility, and have had dozens of handling sessions to acclimate them to humans.
(Male, 2020, Dual Orange Line)
Brazilian Rainbow Boa Baby/Juvenile
Epicrates cenchria
21st September 2020
Pre-Killed Mouse




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