Hypo Het Blood Boa Constrictor (#2022L01-M)

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Description. This big beautiful hypo boy is 100% het for blood. A reasonable price to get into the blood gene as this boy will be ready to breed come November of 2023
Feed him good and watch what he produces. Pairing was a bloody super salmon female to a motley jungle het blood.
Hypo Het Blood
Boa Constrictor Baby/Juvenile
Boa constrictor imperator
100% Het Blood Hypo
30th April 2022
Frozen/Thawed Mouse




Lake Mary, Florida United States of America flag

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45.00-65.00 (Domestic)
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All I Ask: I take great pride in producing my animals and want the best homes possible. I do not produce a large volume so I make sure my babies are handled regularly and used to feeding off of tongs.
Please enjoy owning them as much as I enjoyed producing them.
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