Hypo Jungle Het VPI Poss Key West Boa Constrictor

Hypo Jungle Het VPI Poss Key West Boa Constrictor
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Description. 2019 male hypo jungle het VPI T+ poss Key West from a Key West Het VPI X Visual VPI T+ Sunglow Jungle white panther. Currently slamming weaned rats and priced at a major discount. Someone is going to score a major deal with this guy.
Hypo Jungle Het VPI Poss Key West
Boa Constrictor Baby/Juvenile
Boa constrictor imperator
Jungle Hypo Key West 100% Het Albino (VPI)
Domestically Produced
September 2019
Frozen/Thawed Rat




Phoenix, Arizona United States of America flag

At Least 65.00 (Domestic)
Will Consider
Will Consider
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