Dumeril's Boa Ground Boa

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Description. He eats large F/T. Entertaining offers as I am hesitant to let him go. Pictures upon request only because he has a personality quirk and I will not let him go without the interested party knowing this information.
Dumeril's Boa
Ground Boa Adult
Domestically Produced
Frozen/Thawed Rat

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania United States of America flag

75.00-150.00 (Domestic)

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Store policy. **I expect you to have read this in its entirety before contacting me.**

Health Guarantee:
Any animal you receive will be healthy, free from parasites, and eating reliably. Pictures and video are always taken right before boxing (can be sent to you upon your request before shipping). Any defect, injury, and/or personality quirk will be mentioned prior to your purchase. They will be void from refund if it was discussed prior to any monetary transaction.

I accept PayPal and Zelle. Your name must match what is provided. Exceptions may include getting married and not changing your last name, a relative of same last name picking up a package, etc. I will not continue a sale if I do not feel comfortable with any off-putting detail.

Payment Plans:
No extended payment plans under the amount of $300.
If a payment plan were to be accepted, a 25% non-refundable deposit is required to hold an animal. Failure to pay a deposit or complete payments in the timeframe decided upon by both parties will result in forfeiture and the animal may be sold to someone else. Only partial refunds (all money except the deposit) will be available if this were to happen as I expect you to take your purchase seriously. I am reasonable so do not hesitate to let me know if something significant comes up that will burden your ability to pay. However, I expect you to finish payment before purchasing another animal elsewhere. If I see this, I will terminate our deal.
I will automatically post an animal back for sale without notification to you if you fail to pay a deposit within a week AND do not send me any messages in that timeframe. Again, I expect you to take your purchase seriously.

- Will only be done via FedEx overnight for next day arrival
- Shipped on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday
- At your cost unless otherwise specified in the ad
- Weather dependant as I will not ship near a holiday, when weather is too hot or too cold, or if severe storms are expected and could delay delivery
- Sending to your local FedEx hub is preferred
- No refunds nor live arrival guarantee if you are not home to receive your animal, especially in a timely manner
- Exceptions may apply on a case by case basis
- The shipping label must be checked by you to verify correct address. I will send an image for you to review before I pack the box
- You may receive an email stating a package is on its way but disregard it as I print the label in advance of shipping

The price you see listed is the lowest I will accept in 99% of cases unless it is listed that I am open to offers. I am happy to keep my animals if they do not sell, I am in no hurry to "get rid of" any animal.

I am open to trades to receive certain species - Dumeril's boas, Madagascar Ground boas, and pure locality boas. Do not feel offended if I deny your trade as I look for certain traits.

I have the right to deny selling an animal to you if I do not feel comfortable, even after deposit/payments on a plan. This means that I feel you are unable to care for the animal properly, you will not listen to direction if an animal has a certain need (such as picky eating habits or personality quirk), and/or any other reasonable instance that may occur. You will receive a full refund and an explanation as to why I have terminated the sale.

Please contact me on Facebook for the quickest reply in regards to shipping and additional pictures of an animal.