Solomon Island Ground Boa (#F19)

Description. Well started captive born Candoia Paulsoni from a imported female.
These snakes will undergo a orthogenetic color change, what they look like now will change as they mature.
All of the baby's from the litter being offered for sale have fed 10+ times on FT day old pinkies off tongs. These baby's were started on mouse tails assist fed until large enough to take pinkies. Never scented or given minnows lizards etc! More pictures and videos can be taken upon request. All of our animals come with there complete records showing all feedings and sheds. Group Pricing is available. Videos of them feeding on rodents available on request.

Locality: Santa Isabel Island
Sex: Female
DOB: Dec 17th 2020
Sheds: 2
Weight at birth: 5g

Message on here or text us at 248-934-0904 with any questions or to purchase.
Solomon Island
Ground Boa Baby/Juvenile
Domestically Produced
17th December 2020
Frozen/Thawed Mouse




Livonia, Michigan United States of America flag

30.00 (Domestic)
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