Female Banded King Snake

California Kingsnake Baby/Juvenile
Lampropeltis getula californiae

ID: (MM-1406816)


Female Banded King Snake

California Kingsnake Baby/Juvenile
Lampropeltis getula californiae


Origin: Domestically Produced
Diet: Mouse

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Shipping: 65.00-75.00 (Domestic)
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Animal ID: (MM-1406816)
First Posted: 01/18/23
Last Renewed: 03/08/23
Last Updated: 03/08/23

North Fort Myers, Florida
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We do all online sales thru pay pal goods and services! This being said our invoices are from pay pal but you do not need a pay pal account to pay off our invoices!We ship next day air thru UPS. Monday thru Wednesday.We use insulated reptile shipping boxes and we use hot or cold packs when necessary. We provide live arrival on all reptiles that we ship! If we ship it we warranty it! None of this the customer is responsible if the temps are this or this!! If it's too cold or to hot we just do not ship the reptile! You must receive your shipment of reptiles on the first attempt or else warranty is void! Our shipping policy is pretty straight forward! If we ship your reptile we will provide you a full refund including shipping if the reptile arrives with any issues! There are no cold temps or hot temps!! If we decide to ship your reptile then we are responsible for getting the reptile to you safely! If for any reason you are not satisfied or do not want the reptile we sent for any reason please contact us within 2 hours of receiving your package and we will send you a shipping label to send the reptile back no questions asked! As soon as we get our reptile back we will issue your refund! In the unfortunate case that a reptile arrives dead on arrival please send us pictures of the reptile as soon as possible! If it is a single reptile we will even refund shipping! If you ordered more than one reptile and one arrived alive we will not refund shipping! We do not guarantee sex on babies but will do our best to get the sex right! We strive for complete customer satisfaction! We always want what's best for the reptiles and our customers! Our phone is always on and you can reach us anytime day or night at 239-233-7585! We all know right from wrong! There are a lot of scammers in this business/ hobby that make it harder for those of us who love this business/ hobby and honestly try to do right by our reptiles and our customers! We are a business that is in this for the long haul! This is our career and we do not plan on retiring any time soon! My name is Keven and my girlfriend / business partners name is Kim! We want to thank you In advance for allowing us to earn your business!! In store prices may vary from online prices!

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We are a reptile only pet store! We specialize in only reptiles! 2 rules we live by here at Reptile Mart 1) The reptiles always come first 2) Never sell or ship a reptile that we wouldn't want to receive ourselves! We keep around 1000 reptiles in store and another 800 reptiles available at another location! We absolutely love this hobby and are beyond grateful to be able to sell our reptiles to like minded people! We opened Reptile Mart 5 years ago but have been in the hobby for over 25 years! We purchased reptiles for years from most of the online stores over the years before we opened our store. I remember how difficult it was to purchase healthy reptiles! It's a shame but with alot of places money comes first then the customer and last the reptiles! The reptiles have got to come first above all else! They deserve the absolute best that we can give them! We also remember trying to get someone that has experience to take the time to lend some advice! It was like the people that I guess you would say we're the old timers felt their experience should be worth something . So if we weren't spending money it was impossible to get help! We always said if we were able to open a store and be in a position to help other people in the hobby we would. Over the past 25 years we have had tens of thousands of reptiles and have trialed and errored every species that we have had to learn how to make the species thrive. Our phone is literally always on and we literally work all the time. So please if you have a questions about any of our reptiles that are available or if you just need some help caring for your reptile regardless if it came from us. Please do not hesitate to text or call anytime! We love this hobby and want other people to love the hobby as much as we do! We just do not feel our experience is worth any kind of money! We are beyond grateful to be able to give our experience to people for free! This hobby is so much better if we all just take a little time to help one another!

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