Ghost 100% Het Motley 100% Het Sunkissed 66% Het Amelanistic Corn Snake (#HEIG2202-17)

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Description. Parents: Sunkissed Hypo Motley RF het Anery, Amel. to Miami-Okeetee het Hypo, Anery, Amel.
Ghost 100% Het Motley 100% Het Sunkissed 66% Het Amelanistic
Corn Snake Baby/Juvenile
Pantherophis guttatus
Anerythristic 66% Het Amelanistic Hypo 100% Het Motley 100% Het Sunkissed
7th July 2022
Frozen/Thawed Mouse




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Payment Plans: Payment plans are done case by case. Typically, with a 25% down payment and the balance paid in full within 30 days unless otherwise agreed upon. Deposits and payments are non-refundable, and all sales are final.

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*I am not responsible for carrier delays or events outside my control. I cannot refund the shipping fee. Someone must be home for the first delivery attempt, or all guarantees are null and void. If there are any issues, the buyer must notify me immediately within a reasonable timeframe. Photographic evidence of any problems will be required.

Health Guarantee: All animals listed are healthy and eating frozen thawed (unless otherwise noted) at the time of sale. All corn snakes are sexed by popping and guaranteed to be correct at the time of listing. Please be aware that mistakes can happen and if you receive an incorrectly sexed animal or if something else is wrong, please let me know within 4 hours of receiving it. All known genetics will be listed with the animal for sale. Additional pictures or pictures of the parents can be provided per request. Please keep the ID# of the animal for reference information in the future if needed.

I am always open to answering any questions before and after the sale.

Legality: The legality of owning a reptile in your city and state is your responsibility. Serpentine Works is not responsible for knowing what regulations exist in your area. I will not ship corn snakes (Pantherophis guttatus) to the state of GA or WV. Buyers must be over the age of 18 or have their parents’ permission.

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About Serpentine Works. Long time animal lover focusing on small scale breeding of corn snakes located in Southern, Ohio (Pantherophis guttatus) and western hognose (Heterodon nasicus). Primarily focusing on sunkissed morphed cornsnakes.